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REPv2 Coin Drops 57% In 24 Hours. End Of The Road, Or Just A Pullback?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

REPv2 Augure
REPv2 Augure

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REPv2 faced a significant decline of over 50% within a day, securing a top-two position on DEXTools’ Daily Losers list. Now, the question arises, is this decline the end of the road for the coin, or is it merely a temporary pullback? Let’s delve deeper to assess the situation.

Daily Losers

Augur – Global Betting Platform Faces Declining Prices for REPv2 Token

Augur (REPv2) is an online platform where people can place bets on different activities like sports, elections, and weather outcomes. It maintains a global presence without any betting limits. The platform has been around since 2018 and has become even more popular recently because of changes in Europe’s online betting laws.

Coinbase Delisted REP

On March 16, Coinbase publicly announced the suspension of REP token trading on its platform. The US-based exchange explained that they regularly review the assets listed on their exchange to ensure they meet their listing standards.

After conducting their assessment and subsequent reviews, Coinbase concluded that the trade of REP tokens no longer fulfilled their requirements. As a result, they decided to suspend trading of the REP token on their platform. This means that users could no longer buy or sell REP on the Coinbase exchange.

REPV2 Could Further Decline Amid Augur’s Criticism

The Augur platform has faced criticism due to its association with potentially illegal activities.

This has significantly impacted the declining prices of the REPV2 coin. The platform has drawn the attention from law enforcement agencies, as transactions conducted on the blockchain can be traced. This raises concerns about the security and legality of activities in Augur.

Furthermore, major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Coinbase have delisted the REPV2 coin, further exacerbating the downward pressure on its price. This indicates a loss of confidence from these prominent exchanges. Such developments can substantially impact the coin’s trading volume and market demand.

In addition to these delistings, there is the potential for Augur’s REPV2 coin to face delisting from Korean exchanges. The Korea Digital Asset Exchange Association (DAXA), among other authorities, intends to jointly delist Augur. If this were to happen, it would intensify the pressure on the REPV2 coin.

Given the combination of illegal activity concerns, delisting from major exchanges, and the potential for more sidelining, the REPV2 coin is poised to face further significant pressure.

REPV2 Price Analysis

REPv2 price
TradingView: REPV2/ETH 1-Day Chart

REPV2 token experienced a significant decline of over 57% within the past 24 hours. This continuous downward trend began in March 2023, primarily driven by delisting the REP token from Coinbase. The situation worsened when the Korea Digital Assets Association Exchange (DAXA) revealed plans for a potential delisting of Augur, the platform behind the REPV2 token, leading to a massive drop in its price.

While REPv2 might not look like a promising coin right now, there is another coin that can offer great growth potential.

Alternative to REPv2

The yPredict ($YPRED) presale is gaining momentum as it approaches Phase 7, having raised a total of $2.93 million. It has emerged as one of the most promising crypto start-ups of 2023.

Traders can seize the current $YPRED price of $0.09 before it rises to $0.10 upon reaching the $2.98 million mark. Participation in the presale allows traders to secure potential profits of 33% even before the coin’s listing on exchanges at $0.12.

Presale buyers of yPredict are granted lifetime access to the Backlink Estimator and future models, which would otherwise require a fee of $99 per query. Furthermore, introducing a new model called Alt_Pump_001, designed to predict price increases in specific cryptocurrencies, adds further value. Presale buyers enjoy complimentary or discounted access to these models, aligning with yPredict’s goal of providing affordable AI tools.

yPredict Grants Presale Buyers Lifetime Access to AI Models

yPredict facilitates the buying and selling of AI signals, with 10% of the tokens used for subscriptions allocated to a shared pool. Token holders stand to earn up to 45% of their tokens every quarter, surpassing the average staking returns typically ranging from 5% to 10% annually.

The cutting-edge AI-powered trading platform developed by yPredict has the potential to revolutionize the trading landscape. Leveraging machine learning models, the platform conducts comprehensive analyses of price data, identifies trends, and delivers valuable predictions. Through AI-driven trading signals, automated pattern recognition, and market sentiment analysis, yPredict empowers traders with powerful tools to navigate the complexities of the market.

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