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Remember Pandora NFTs? Another New ERC-404 NFT Series Has Landed In The NFT Market

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The Pandorian NFT Collection
The Pandorian NFT Collection

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Pandora Finance, the digital asset incubation studio behind the recently launched world’s first-ever ERC-404 non-fungible token collection marketplace, has announced plans to launch a new non-fungible token collection known as the Pandorian Hybrid NFT collection on the Sui network. In this article, we shall discuss the upcoming Sui-based NFT project in detail.

Pandora Finance Teases A New NFT Collection

In an April 22 blog post, Pandora Finance confirmed plans to launch a new non-fungible token collection in the coming months or weeks. The digital asset firm has teased its new NFT project just a few weeks after launching the world’s first-ever ERC-404 NFT market platform.

Established in 2021, Pandora Finance is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem that leverages existing blockchain infrastructure and Web3 Space to seamlessly induce liquidity in multi-asset classes. The digital asset platform aims to bridge the gap between off-chain assets and the on-chain ecosystem.

Earlier this year, Pandora Finance announced support of ERC-404 on Express Protocol on the Polygon Mainnet. This strategic enhancement represented a bold stride toward fostering innovation within the NFT ecosystem. Moreover, Pandora Finance support also indicated an expansion of its technological capabilities.

The ERC-404 standard represents a hybridization of the well-established ERC-20 ‘fungible tokens’ and ERC-721 ‘non-fungible tokens’ standards. By merging these two cornerstone technologies, the ERC-404 offers a versatile solution that embodies both fungible and non-fungible characteristics.

The Pandora is a perfect example of an NFT collection created using the ERC-404 protocol. The Pandora NFT collection features a limited edition of 10,000 Replicants hosted on the Ethereum blockchain network. In the Pandora ecosystem, an ERC- 404 token standard equals a Pandora Replicant NFT collection, which can be traded on popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Blur.

Last month, Pandora Finance announced the launch of its world’s first next-generation ERC-404 NFT marketplace, marking a significant advancement in the NFT sector by introducing liquidity into new asset classes. Again, this development highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation within the decentralized ecosystem, leveraging blockchain infrastructure to support the ERC-404 ecosystem.

The NFT marketplace is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of crypto users, including traders, collectors, creators, and projects venturing into the emerging ERC-404 era. It offers a seamless trading experience that is both user-friendly for collectors and traders and simultaneously robust enough to support the creative endeavours of digital creators and projects interested in leveraging the ERC-404 token standard.

Pandorian Hybrid NFT Collection Overview

The Pandorian Hybrid is an NFT collection created on the Sui Layer 1 blockchain network. It blends the fungible token and non-fungible token features and is similar to the recently hyped Pandora NFT collection. The upcoming NFT collection will have a fixed set of 12,222 NFTs, with 3,333 NFTs available at the minting event and 8,889 NFTs for swap at the 404 pool.

Amidst this memecoin season, Pandora Finance has also launched its native token, $PAN, which will have various utilities within the ecosystem. $PAN, the heart of its ecosystem, will facilitate NFT trading and swapping in the 404 pool. The new token will have more utilities in the future, including DeFi apps, rewards, and airdrops.

The Pandorian Hybrid NFTs are expected to redefine NFT liquidity on Sui Blockchain, paving the way for seamless token-NFT conversion. These NFTs were slated to start minting this week, but Pandora Finance postponed to give collectors more time to acquire their whitelist spots.

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