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Redditor user locks away 0.003 BTC for 100 years

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The crypto market has been dull recently, but the community continues to stir amusing debates. On February 11, a Redditor stated they had stashed away $100 worth of Bitcoin that would be retrieved after 100 years.

Redditor stashes away $100 worth of BTC

The Redditor known as Optimal-Dentistador created a post on the Bitcoin subreddit saying they wrote a letter, attached the private keys and public keys, and added $100 worth of BTC into the envelope.

The Redditor said that this action was to test how long the Bitcoin network will last in the ever-evolving technological sector. Going by the prices at the time of purchase, the Redditor has left behind 0.003 BTC for his future generation.

Optimal-Dentistador wants the name of the public library where he has stored the Bitcoin to remain anonymous. However, they said that the library held an event that allowed people to leave something stored for 100 years.

“There was an event where you could write something like a letter, poetry or a diary which will be stored for 100 years. If you write some personal info on the envelope, they will try to find some living relatives to give them,” the Redditor said.

Will be BTC be viable in 100 years?

The Redditor said that they would inform their family about the 0.003 BTC. However, he joked that the family would eventually forget about the Bitcoin as there are a lot of events that could take place in the coming decades.

The Reddit community also stated that the $100 worth of BTC could be worth a staggering amount in the next hundred years. The Redditor also joked that the discovery of the BTC in 100 years would be like the recent seizure of $3.6 billion worth of crypto associated with the Bitfinex hack.

One of the comments on the post by Reddit user fontinous stated that it was “sad to think every single one of us will be dead and won’t see the outcome.” The Redditor behind the stash has agreed that while it was a fun experiment, it created a “grim feeling” to know that they might not be alive in the next 100 years.

Bitcoin has gained tremendously in value from being given out for free when it was launched to a peak of $69,000. The 0.003 BTC could be worth a forum in 100 years, and the Redditor’s future generation could enjoy the riches in 2122.

Your capital is at risk.

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