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Quant Price Prediction: QNT Unchanged at $99.92 – What’s Next?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Quant QNT
Quant QNT

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Quant’s price has dramatically plunged in the last 22 days from $109 on August 1 to $99 on August 22. However, today, August 24, shows some signs of recovery.

Within August 18 and 19, Quant (QNT) dropped to $97 and touched $99. But afterward, it increased again to $100 on August 20. Given that its price dropped to $99 in the last two days (August 22), QNT could repeat its previous moves.

QNT Shows Signs of Recovery From Recurring Price Range

Quant (QNT) started moving sideways on August 3, representing its balanced pressure from buying and selling activities. While it strived for significant rallies, the attempts were rejected, retaining its value between $99 and $100.

However, at 6:53 a.m. EST today, QNT boasts $101, a 1.42% increase within 24 hours. Also, its market cap is up, recording over $1.2 billion. Despite the slight 6% dip in the coin’s 24-hour trading volume, it shows potential for significant gains shortly.

Will Quant Hit New Price Levels?

Although QNT’s price has recently declined, there’s an optimistic outlook for a potential turnaround. The growing number of sellers has brought it down to a more affordable price, creating an opportunity for an eventual upward trend.


The indicators on this chart depict promising moves, as QNT is green today. Given its price sitting at an affordable level, there’s now an appealing opportunity for potential buyers. 

The 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) poses resistance for the coin at $102. Should QNT’s rally push it above this point, a short-term bullish trend will be the outcome. 

Also, considering the elongating green candle stick on the chart, the coin’s price is increasing, hinting at growing buying activities in the market today. QNT is enjoying support at $92.12, acting as a safeguard and potentially preventing a steep price drop. 

Furthermore, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) stands at 46.52, indicating a balanced position between the oversold (below 30) and overbought region (above 70). 

If QNT’s price maintains this support level and upholds its upward trajectory, the RSI could surpass the 50 (neutral zone) mark, projecting significant gains to the overbought region (above 70).

Also, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is above the signal line with a green bold histogram bar. The MACD’s position and histogram bar show re-ignited strength for the coin’s bullish momentum. Given the power of the MACD, QNT could record a few gains today.

Considering these factors, there’s potential for QNT to break above its critical resistance level and aim for the next $116.06 resistance. 

However, if another price decline occurs, the next support could be around $76.79. Although this low price level may trigger a rebound, a stop-loss order can safeguard gains and mitigate substantial losses. 

Could Uptrend Commence?

Quant’s market cap of $1.2 billion and trading volume of $13.4 million makes it an alluring asset to investors. Quant (QNT) is an example of a slow and consistently developing cryptocurrency asset in the market with an impressive track record. 

Given the high optimism of its creators by contributing CBDC expertise to Finextra’s global interoperability, Quant is likely to yield abundant promises for its enthusiastic supporters.

While the price is at $100 today, Quant holds the potential to surge significantly as demand increases in the coming weeks. 

Quant’s Participation in Future of Payments Report Could Boost Popular, Token Value

Quant’s founder and CEO, Gilbert Verdian, has contributed to a respected report on central bank digital currencies, which can lend credibility to Quant as a knowledgeable and innovative player in the cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Its active role in an experiment involving multiple banks and payment companies, Project Rosalind, demonstrates its technical prowess and ability to facilitate interoperability and secure smart contracts. 

This involvement can highlight Quant’s value and potential impact in real-world blockchain applications.

Also, the report’s involvement of notable institutions like BNY Mellon, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and others underscores the industry’s interest and engagement in CBDCs. 

Quant contributes to this conversation and positions itself as a participant in a trend with significant industry momentum.

Wall Street Memes $WSM Listing in 33 Days with 198 Million Tokens Staked

Traders searching for low-risk investment options have begun to rush Wall Street Memes token in its final presale stage. According to the presale widget, its listing on tier 1 crypto exchanges will commence in the next 33 days.

Meanwhile, the project’s staking dashboard already records over 198 million $WSM tokens staked ahead of this listing schedule.

Considering the project’s presale success, engagement from prominent figures across various industries, and a massive community, many crypto experts predict WSM will surge drastically after its listing.

Wall Street Memes Growth Trajectory

Wall Street Memes is a low-risk project with short-term, high-reward potential. Also, its low initial market capitalization of $25.9 million makes it a prominent investment option with 10x to 100x growth potential in the meme coin market.

$WSM, in its final stage, is boasting over $25 million raised so far. This shows the massive support and interest from investors across the crypto community, indicating that this tremendous support could uphold its price after listing on the tier 1 exchanges.

As such, now will be the right time for interested investors to buy in at a very affordable price before its listing and subsequent increase.


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