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QLC Chain Unveils Private Router and Messenger

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QLC Chain, a private messaging service, will unveil two of its products at Consensus Signapore this week. During the event, the developers will showcase both components of the system: the Pretty Private Router (PPR) and the Pretty Private Messenger (PPM). Together, the blockchain-based app and router will allow users to send messages and files securely.

A Decentralized Chat App

According to QLC Chain, their Private Communication Service aims to prevent communications from being intercepted. As the company notes, ISPs, device vendors, and hackers can all potentially view your online communications:

“It is no longer a secret that your online messages can be seen by intermediaries such as Telecom providers, Internet service providers, and device vendors. Personal and business data can be misused by the service providers themselves or by hackers through service provider bugs or carelessness.”

The Pretty Private Messaging app, however, is decentralized. There is no centralized storage system or service provider that handles data. The platform’s peer-to-peer network ensures that private data is not stored permanently, and any data that is transmitted is fully encrypted.

Furthermore, the platform can make your messages temporary and hard to redistribute. Data cannot be copied from the messaging app, and screenshots cannot be taken. A conversation can only be retrieved if all the participants agree to display it, and data can be wiped from the network on request.

A Blockchain-Based Router

QLC Chain’s Pretty Private Router uses blockchain technology to encrypt your data before it gets to anyone else. As soon as your data reaches the router, it is encrypted. The router itself is also registered on the blockchain, so that only the user who holds the matching private key can retrieve data from the device.

This approach also provides anonymity by getting rid of the need for phone and email registration, as the router only uses blockchain keys.

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A Telegram Killer?

QLC Chain’s security concerns clearly position the project as a competitor to Telegram, which offers a similar encrypted messaging app. Telegram has become the go-to choice for crypto chatrooms, although it may not hold that title for long.

The crypto community has mixed feelings toward Telegram: although it is one of the few messaging platforms to offer encryption, it does not actually use blockchain technology. Blockchain-based chat platforms like QLC Chain could improve on current options and may attract users who need truly secure apps.

However, the fact that QLC Chain so heavily secures its users’ data could make the platform impractical. Too many security features may inadvertently inhibit communication. It remains to be seen whether the platform will appeal to all but the most diehard security enthusiasts.

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