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Prophet (PROPHET) Price Prediction: Is PROPHET Poised for a 15% Growth?

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Prophet (PROPHET) is a young cryptocurrency that has only been around for about a week. However, it was quite an exciting week for the project, which saw a significant price surge.

On September 16, the token’s price fluctuated between $0.0004 and $0.0006. This remained the case for two full days, until September 18. This was when its price suddenly dropped.

The drop was not massive, but it still took the token to its all-time low at $0.000109. Fortunately, the price quickly bounced back up, above the support at $0.00020.

Later on the same day, the PROPHET price started to grow further, and by the end of September 18, it reached a resistance at $0.0008. During September 19, this level acted as the primary resistance, preventing the token from going further up.

The price fluctuated between a resistance at $0.0008 and a support at $0.0006 for the day. However, it eventually broke the resistance and skyrocketed over September 20, reaching resistance at $0.0014 in only a few hours.


The big move, however, came on September 21. This was when the token’s price saw a sharp surge, from $0.0014 to $0.002486, the token’s current all-time high.

However, the market took a sharp turn when PROPHET reached this level. A new bearish wave took over following the US Fed’s rate hike announcement, which caused Bitcoin to lead a market-wide price drop.

Prophet joined, partially because of the sentiment and partly because it surged too quickly, and its price was rejected by the resistance that it encountered.

Even so, the last 24 hours were marked by solid volatility for PROPHET, and its price eventually reached $0.001278, which is where it sits at the time of writing.

Can Prophet’s price recover?

Experts believe there is reason to be optimistic about the token’s future. It has displayed great potential for growth in its first week, which coincidentally took place during September.

Most people know that September is, historically, the worst month for crypto prices. If PROPHET managed to see such excellent performance at this time, that suggests that its price could soar during the bull market.

Some even expect a 15% surge, which would allow it to recover from the recent losses, at least partially, and carry on from there.

Bitcoin BSC presale hit the soft cap; now it aims to sell out

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies is a BEP-20 token called Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC). This cryptocurrency is not even out yet, so it cannot be found on any exchanges now.

It is a Binance Smart Chain version of Bitcoin from 2011 when its price was only $1. This is why the token is selling for $0.99, seeking to replicate the experience that traders from twelve years ago had seen.

In less than two weeks, the token hit its soft cap of $3.96 million and even raised over $4.2 million as of writing. Those interested in the token have bought it in exchange for BNB, USDT, and even ETH.

The project’s presale will continue until the supply dedicated to the presale is sold off.

Given its fixed price and resistance to volatility, the token will remain available until it raises $6.06 million.

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