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Polygon and Avalanche creators in online spat over Subnet vs Supernet

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Open Supports Polygon and MATIC

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The blockchain space has become increasingly competitive. The so-called “Ethereum killers” have been advancing their networks with superior features to boost user experiences, such as lowering transaction fees and boosting transaction processing speeds.

Avalanche and Polygon are two of the top scalable blockchains, and the leadership of these two networks engaged in an online conflict concerning Subnet and Supernet.

Conflict over Subnet and Supernet

The Polygon network is seeking to boost the adoption of its layer two network and the entire blockchain ecosystem through the launch of Supernet. Supernet is functionality that addresses the challenges of a blockchain ecosystem.

Supernet plans to ease the process of bootstrapping a decentralized and reliable validator set while getting rid of the technical challenges of blockchain networks. Supernet will also address the security issue posed when protocols switch between different architectures. Polygon has dedicated $100 million to the Supernet project.

On the other hand, the Avalanche network is focusing on the launch of Subnet. Subnet is functionality that supports sharding and seeks to boost the scalability of application-specific blockchains. The Avalanche network has committed a $290 million fund to support this project.

Feud between Polygon and Avalanche

The Supernet and Subnet projects focus on scalability. However, despite the good they each seek to offer, the Polygon and Avalanche communities are engaged in a conflict. The Avalanche team has complained that Polygon stole the concept.

The co-founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal, has said that the release of Supernet has spooked the Avalanche team. He added that Avalanche was “aggressively condescending and always trying to gaslight other communities.”

Nailwal even criticized the Avalanche network saying that the transaction fees had become unhealthy, adding that its mainchain was “a complete failure.” The executive said that Avalanche’s Subnet was similar to Ethereum layer two sidechains that have been in existence for years, saying that Avalanche lied about originality.

The founder of Avalanche, Emin Gun Sirer, responded to Nailwal by saying, “You should work on building a chain that doesn’t go backwards every day.” The online spat between the two teams has been faced with mixed reactions from the community, with some calling for professionalism between the two blockchains.

“Sorry Emin, but Avalanche crowd did nothing but ridicule and laugh at Polygon since their supernets announcement. Including you. I would expect a lot more professionalism from the biggest blockchain builders,” one Twitter user said.

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