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Players Allowed To “Fork” A Ubisoft-Backed Blockchain RPG


Nine Chronicles stands as a decentralized, blockchain-driven roleplaying game that has received the backing of Ubisoft, a video game giant. Nine Chronicles has successfully announced the early release of its mainnet just last week.

Blockchain Innovating Everywhere

The game stands as one of the first games of its kind, and is the brainchild of Planetarium, a company based in Seoul. Nine Chronicles is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, or MMORPG. For anyone not aware, what this means is this is a choose-your-own-adventure style of game, with Nine Chronicles, in particular, boasting a touch of fantasy, as well.

Through the launch of Nine Chronicles, it’s the hope of Planetarium to start planting the seeds for a brand new user-driven gaming community landscape within the greater gaming industry.

A New Level Of User Participation

Kijun Seo stands as the founder of Planetarium, and gave a small statement about the game. He explained that many gamers had been frustrated by virtual worlds, due to it being created by corporations instead of the gamers themselves. As a result of this, Seo highlighted that these worlds were made to serve the corporations, generating as much profit as it possibly can.

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Seo highlighted that it’s just one of those facts accepted by the gaming world, but highlighted the concept of modifying the game, or modding as it’s called for gamers, to suit the community’s needs.

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Seo highlighted that when hundreds of thousands, or even tens of thousands, of people, partake in a game, self-organization starts to occur, and the community starts to modify the software to build something it believes in. the main principle behind modding is an elaborate copy-past, where users edit the game to their liking without rebuilding the software from the ground-up.

A Blockchain Of Games

In a very literal way, Nine Chronicles is built by its users. With the use of blockchain technology, forking, or the creation of a brand new blockchain ledger, stands to replace modding altogether. Forking, in turn, makes use of pre-existing node networks to run it. Planetarium stands as just one node, one of many.

Should a creator decide to leave the nodes, the game can still evolve and continue living. Through doing so, it’s the users that hold the power in the game, not the company.

Seo explained that anyone could turn on a node, with these nodes connecting to each other. These nodes communicate with each other, connecting with every PC playing Nine Chronicles. However, a user can just as easily turn the node off, taking their part of the world with them. Through this, the game is made more by its users than the company that conceived it.

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