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Pepecoin’s Surge Hits PEPE Bears with Million-Dollar Losses While Select Traders Made a Fortune


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Pepecoin (PEPE), a newly emerging meme coin, has defied expectations and achieved a remarkable market capitalization of nearly $1 billion shortly after its inception. CoinGecko data indicates that the token has experienced a staggering 500% increase in value over the past two weeks, despite concerns by skeptics who predicted an imminent collapse.

The primary source of concern among critics revolved around the presence of whales, who are individuals or entities that hold substantial quantities of a certain token. These whales swiftly acquired PEPE soon after its release in mid-April, prompting speculations about their potential impact on the market.

Bearish Bets Backfire as PEPE Shorts Face $11 Million Losses

There has been a surge in short interest among futures traders, who were essentially betting against the price of the token. Funding rates for perpetual futures linked to PEPE remained negative, indicating the prevalence of bearish positions in the derivatives market.

A situation where the funding rate is negative is indicative of a prevailing presence of short positions, with traders willing to provide compensation to long positions in order to sustain their bearish bets.

However, the recent 80% surge in price within a 24-hour period has resulted in substantial losses for these traders. Data from CoinGlass reveals that short positions against PEPE incurred losses of at least $11 million across multiple exchanges during the past day. Notably, crypto exchange OKX alone accounted for $5.5 million in losses, the highest among its counterparts.

Huobi saw losses of around $2.2 million, Bybit recorded losses of approximately $3.6 million, and BitMEX reported losses in the hundreds of thousands. These exchanges all introduced PEPE futures trading in the past week, aiming to capitalize on the growing interest in the token.

Interestingly, PEPE futures liquidations ranked third in terms of losses, trailing only behind Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) futures liquidations, which typically represent the highest losses in the futures market.

Liquidation occurs when an exchange forcibly closes a trader’s leveraged position due to a partial or total loss of the initial margin. This action is taken when a trader fails to meet the margin requirements for their leveraged position, indicating insufficient funds to sustain the trade.

Significant liquidations often signal a local peak or trough in a substantial price movement, providing traders with an opportunity to adjust their positions accordingly. Traders can strategically position themselves based on these market dynamics.

Despite the rollercoaster ride experienced by PEPE and the significant losses suffered by some traders, the nascent meme coin continues to captivate attention and generate both excitement and uncertainty within the crypto community. Its future trajectory remains uncertain, leaving traders and investors to navigate the market with caution.

Decrease in Price Linked to Selling Pressure from Whales

Pepecoin (PEPE) has been dominating the cryptocurrency space in recent times with an impressive surge of 400% in its price over the past week. However, the limelight it enjoyed seems to have faded as the coin faced a significant downturn after reaching its all-time high of $0.0000046 on Friday.

The significant decrease in price can be linked to heightened selling pressure resulting from the participation of prominent investors, commonly referred to as whales, who have been capitalizing on their PEPE holdings. CoinGape’s report indicates that the listing of the coin on Binance contributed to the initiation of this whale-driven activity.

Interestingly, as the price of Pepecoin declined over the weekend, some whales who had hastily bought in are now facing substantial losses. Lookonchain, a data provider, reveals that one particular whale bought a staggering 962 billion PEPE coins at an average price of $0.000003122, resulting in paper losses exceeding half a million dollars.

However, amidst this rollercoaster ride, there is a twist in the tale. Certain early whale buyers and believers of Pepecoin view the recent dip as an opportunity to acquire more coins. Lookonchain discloses that four whales, likely the same individual, promptly purchased PEPE within three minutes of its listing and have held onto their investment until now.

These astute buyers acquired a total of 8.77 trillion PEPE coins, equivalent to $22.15 million at present, by spending a mere 0.08 ETH ($166). Their gains amount to an astounding 133,095 times their initial investment.

The crypto market never fails to provide intriguing developments, and Pepecoin’s journey showcases both the risks and potential rewards that come with investing in meme-inspired digital currencies.

Trader Makes Remarkable Profits from PEPE Tokens Amidst Unprecedented Success

Pepecoin (PEPE) has achieved unprecedented market capitalization, surpassing even some of the most prominent cryptocurrencies.

An anonymous trader known as dimethyltryptamine.eth capitalized on this trend by purchasing trillions of PEPE tokens on UniSwap for a nominal sum of $263 just three weeks ago. They have since sold millions of dollars worth of tokens, generating a remarkable profit of $3.8 million.

Despite these substantial sales, the trader still holds PEPE tokens valued at approximately $9 million, as reported by blockchain research firm Arkham Intelligence. Such returns on investment are remarkable and far beyond conventional expectations.

The success of PEPE can be attributed to its association with Pepe the Frog, a meme character that has gained popularity within crypto communities. However, the extent of PEPE’s triumph has surpassed even the most optimistic predictions.

While some analysts express concern about the concentrated ownership of PEPE, with a few traders accumulating significant amounts of tokens since its release in April, early adopters like dimethyltryptamine.eth have reaped significant rewards.

Dimethyltryptamine.eth has been gradually selling smaller amounts of PEPE tokens multiple times per day on UniSwap, converting them into Ethereum (ETH). In the past month alone, they have transferred $3.8 million worth of PEPE to UniSwap, with $2.4 million of that occurring in the last 24 hours.

As with any meme coin, there are inherent risks associated with PEPE. Analysts caution that the current hype surrounding the coin may dissipate, leaving latecomers with potentially significant losses. However, the popularity of Pepecoin shows no signs of waning at present.

Regardless of personal opinions regarding PEPE’s long-term prospects, the astounding rise of this meme coin has captured attention. For one fortunate trader, it has transformed a small investment into an unimaginable fortune.

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