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Pepe Price Prediction: PEPE Pumps 6%, But Its Holders Still Migrate To This New Bitcoin Project For Exponential Potential

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Pepe Price
Pepe Price

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The Pepe price jumped over 6% in the last 24 hours to trade at $0.000005244 as of 8:35 a.m. EST as investors re-enter the frog-themed crypto’s charts.

Despite the meme coin’s recent 24-hour gain, it remains in the red over the past week with a 26% plunge, and is also down 21% over 30 days. 

The Pepe Price Stuck In Consolidation

BINANCE:PEPEUSDT Chart Image by StevenWalgenbach

4-hour chart for PEPE/USDT (Source: TradingView)

The Pepe price has been in a consolidation phase between $0.00000455 and $0.00000560 over the past couple of days. This period of sideways trading could be a precursor to a strong move in the upcoming days. Should PEPE overcome the $0.00000560 barrier, the meme coin could have the foundation needed to keep rising. Traders might subsequently push the Pepe price to as high as $0.00000730 in the short term.

On the other hand, the crypto falling below the $0.00000455 support could put the crypto at risk of plummeting in the following 48 hours. In this bearish scenario, PEPE might fall to as low as $0.00000361.

Technicals Suggest The Pepe Price Might Keep Climbing

Technical indicators on PEPE’s 4-hour chart suggest the Pepe price might climb over the next 24 hours. This is after the Relative Strength Index (RSI) line rebounded off of the Simple Moving Average (SMA) line in the last 24 hours. With the RSI positioned above the SMA line, it seems buyers have the upper hand against sellers. Bulls might also be growing stronger, as signaled by the growing gap between the RSI and SMA lines on the 4-hour chart.

PEPE is currently also in a short-term positive trend, as evident by the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator. The MACD is currently positioned bullishly above the MACD Signal line, suggesting a fair amount of positive momentum. In addition to this, the MACD line is breaking away above the MACD Signal line as well. Traders might see this as a sign that PEPE’s positive momentum shows no signs of slowing down.

As PEPE tries to keep its positive streak going, investors are starting to turn their attention to 99Bitcoins and its long-awaited presale.

Offering Investors A Chance To Earn Why They Learn

99Bitcoins is an established crypto and blockchain education platform that was launched in 2013. With over 700k YouTube subscribers and 2 million registered users on its platform, 99Bitcoins has become one of the best educational resources in the Web3 space.

The platform’s team is now looking to grow their ecosystem with the highly-anticipated launch of their own crypto. With this token, 99Bitcoins introduces a pioneering Learn-to-Earn model, which means the platform’s users will soon be able to earn crypto by brushing up on their knowledge.

As users complete courses and interactive learning experiences, they will unlock additional content. This will subsequently give them the opportunity to earn more crypto.

The Next BRC-20 Token To Explode?

99BTC, the native token of the 99Bitcoins ecosystem, will initially be launched as an ERC-20 crypto. But the team plans to bridge the token to the BRC-20 token standard as a core focus of the project’s roadmap.

99BTC will subsequently join the burgeoning ecosystem of decentralized applications and projects built on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Investors are rushing to buy 99BTC during this early stage, with 99Bitcoins already raising over $541k through its presale.

Selling for $0.00101, the crypto can be bought using either ETH, USDT, BNB or bank card. Don’t wait too long to buy if you are interested because the price will increase in less than four days.

Buy 99BTC here to gain access to a staking program offering an annual return of 3,679% returns.

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