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Pepe Coin Makes Memes Go Wild, But Is Wall Street Memes Set to Redefine the Market?

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Just when the meme coins frenzy seemed to be fading, a peculiar newcomer emerged, grabbing the attention of both investors and meme enthusiasts alike.

Pepe Coin has reignited the fame and excitement surrounding meme coins. Harnessing the viral power of memes, Pepe Coin has swiftly become a sensation, propelling numerous investors into the realm of crypto millionaires

However, a new entrant is waiting in the wings, potentially poised to redefine the market.

Wall Street Memes, a nascent platform, is already causing ripples within the online investment community.

This startup aims to harness the viral momentum of memes for entertainment or satirical purposes and as a key driver for market dynamics.

So, can Wall Street Memes redefine the market and do what Pepe could not?

After its launch, Pepe gradually began rising as more investors started buying in, despite some investors who had bought in the presale shorting it. Pepe’s growth from its support level price of $0.0000007876 was inevitable, leading to PEPE’s 7000% rise to an all-time high of $0.000004838.

Over the past month, the price of PEPE has surged by 40%, attracting the attention of numerous investors and traders closely monitoring its price fluctuations.

This rise has also invigorated meme coins, leading to their remarkable performance and rampant growth in the market.

Pepe coin chart

PEPE Shows Potential for Rebound, Forming Double Bottom Pattern on Support Level

Pepe Coin price 7/10/2023

After a series of lower lows and lower highs, Pepe finally showed a willingness to recover, as indicated by the sharp rise in price from its support level of $0.0000008339.

The bulls swooped in and pushed the prices up gradually, eventually gained ground.

However, PEPE is currently trading sideways in a consolidation range between the $0.0000014059 support and $0.000001895 resistance levels. According to the chart, Pepe is about to rebound off the consolidation cage support level, which could push the price high above the consolidation cage towards its next target of $0.0000030920.

The drop in Pepe’s price has created a support level within the consolidation phase.

Interestingly, this support level has formed at a higher low than the previous support level of $0.0000008339, suggesting an upward trend.

If Pepe rebounds from this consolidation support, it is likely to create a double-bottom pattern, propelling its price to a new high which typically signals a bullish market sentiment and suggests that buyers will have the opportunity to push prices higher.

PEPE Indicators Suggest Bullish Move


Although Pepe’s price shows a decline, breaking the 50 and 200 moving averages at $0.0000014161,  the moving average cross at $0.0000012230 confirms that the bulls have a hold on Pepe’s price.

Additionally, the 200 moving average acts as a support at $0.0000013185, slightly below the new support level.

Furthermore, the relative strength index is now close to the 30 level mark, which indicates that the price will likely rebound as it hits the buy level.

Traders actively seek opportunities in the crypto market, including presales, to acquire promising altcoins at discounted prices before they are listed.

Wall Street Memes ($WSM), has gained attention for its presale success with the likes of Elon Musk mentioning it.

Participating in $WSM’s presale allows traders to acquire tokens at lower prices, potentially leading to profitable returns upon public trading.

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) Raises $13.7 Million in Presale Funding

The Wall Street Memes (WSM) presale launched last month and has already raised over $13.7 million and is still garnering significant attention.

WSM’s success can be attributed to its association with meme stocks, which gained prominence during the GameStop and AMC rallies in 2021. This connection has sparked considerable interest and investment in WSM.

To ensure that the project is robust, the presale allocated 50% of the maximum token supply of 2 billion to investors, while 30% was reserved for community rewards. This strategic distribution ensures that the WSM community remains engaged and incentivized to support the token’s long-term growth.

WSM Promising Investment Opportunity

WSM has shown promising potential as an investment in its ongoing presale, with its price reaching $0.0313. However, a real rally is expected once WSM is listed on exchanges. This anticipation stems from the likelihood of a substantial price increase in the future.

Wall Street Meme

The strength of WSM’s investment proposition lies in its exceptional team of advisors and a well-crafted marketing plan. The advisors bring valuable expertise and experience to the project, enhancing its chances of success. Additionally, the solid marketing plan ensures that WSM will gain significant visibility and reach its target audience effectively.

Considering these factors, WSM emerges as one of the most promising investment opportunities of the year. Its growth potential, supported by a competent team and strategic marketing, positions it favorably for success in the market. Investors looking for lucrative opportunities should seriously consider WSM as a strong contender.

$WSM Engaged Community & Increased Token Price

Wall Street Memes has amassed a substantial following of over 251.4k followers on its Twitter account, demonstrating strong community support. This engaged sizable community sets it apart from other meme tokens that often face difficulties sustaining their initial momentum.

Additionally, WSM tokens are currently being offered at $0.0313 per token. As the presale progresses through its 30 stages, the token price will increase to $0.0337 during its exchange listing. To participate in the presale, interested individuals can find detailed instructions on how to get involved on the Wall Street Memes website.

Investors can also exchange their existing tokens for $WSM by visiting the $WSM token website and connecting their wallets for swaps. Swaps acceptable on the website are for ETH and USDT. Investors can also buy WSM tokens directly using a bank card.

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