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New Meme Coins Wrapped Pepe, Pepe3.0 Pumping on DEXTools – Shitcoins?

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New Memecoins pumping on Dextools
New Memecoins pumping on Dextools

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New meme token WPEPE has a low community trust of 46% after 400+ votes, and Pepe3.0 has a modifiable tax and other issues, according to DEXTools. Despite these shortcomings, both tokens have received massive pumps within the short time they have been live.

Are these shitcoins signaling a dump is on the way?

WPEPE Surges By 62000% Within 12 Hours of Being Live

The memecoin known as Wrapped PEPE went live on Uniswap on 7th July and went up by a massive 62000% within 12 hours. The surge in price was followed by a correction, but the subsequent slump was not steep. The memecoin is currently accumulating around the $0.0086 mark.

WPEPE Goes up By 62000%

Checking out this token’s DEXTscore, we found it has a full score. However, the community trust factor is only 46 – which has increased to 51 at press time. It has only a 0.01% sell tax, and no buy tax is imposed on investors.

In terms of description, nothing is available. It is clear that WPEPE is attempting to replicate the success of the Pepe token – as indicated by its five-digit increase within a 4-day time frame.

WPEPE’s current RSI indicates that people are slowly veering away from this token. It is likely that investors are trying to salvage any last-minute gains from this asset before the slump sets in.

Pepe3.0 Reclaims Its Growing Path After Long Consolidation

Pepe3.0 is another memecoin whose issues investors have decided to overlook to indulge in their memecoin buying spree. This token, which has no relation with Pepe 2.0 or Pepe – launched on 27th June 2023 and quickly moved up in the chart.

Pepe 3.0 Price chart Falling

A slump set in on 30th June 2023, which pushed Pepe3.0 into a consolidation zone. Dextools show that after consolidating for four days, Pepe3.0 started to move up in the price charts again. It peaked at $0.0000000112 following the same trajectory and has now started to retrace within a tug-of-war going on between bulls and the bears.

The current scenario makes it seem that the Bears will likely win.

Pepe3.0 has a barrage of issues, including modifiable tax, a larger sell tax than usual (1.55%), hidden owner, and pausable transfers. The token is also antiwhale modifiable. This indicates that only the presence of the current greed index – which, according to, is 55% – is driving the value of this token.

Greed Index

WPEPE and PEPE3.0 – Shitcoins Signaling Dump?

With so many red flags in both WPEPE and Pepe3.0’s case, it is clear that they are short-term shitcoins that can dump at any moment. They don’t have any utility or a community behind them. Coinmarketcap and other legitimate websites aren’t tracking them. And no one on Twitter is talking about them.

We did come across an official Twitter page for Pepe3.0, but the community response to it has been lukewarm.

And the last tweet that Pepe3.0’s official Twitter handle made was on May 23rd. Since there hasn’t been any word about the token’s performance on the official page, it is likely that the devs aren’t interacting with the community anymore.

In WPEPE’s case, however, there is not even any Twitter page.

Thug Life is a Much Better Alternative

The problem with WPEPE and Pepe3.0 is not that they don’t have any utility, but their trust factor, their virality, and their imagery also do not present anything that investors would be interested in. The lack of these aspects also removes any long-term profit prospects that these assets might have.

Thug Life is a recently introduced presale memecoin. It takes on the imagery of Snoop Dogg and embraces the “Thug Life” memes to create a thriving community on social media.

Thug Life THUG

Like most memecoins, it also does not have any utility. But the imagery, trust factor, and virality have pushed Thug Life into the spotlight.

According to the official whitepaper, Thug Life is a community-driven cryptocurrency that can help investors turn their past failures into future successes. The paper then goes into how the native token – $THUG – is bringing the strength of the streets into the crypto space.

Coupled with this honest attitude is a unique tokenomics that has also embraced the meme nature of the token. Thug Life has a total supply of 4.2 billion, a wordplay at the “420” meme.

The combined effect of these attributes has pushed Thug Life into being a presale success. Many experts believe that it has the potential to become the next Pepe.

It has already raised more than $700,000, and with the last date of the presale being set – July 17th, 9 am UTC, investors have a limited window to buy THUG tokens at a discounted price.

The current moment indicates that Thug Life may move up explosively once it lands on the listing charts. Visit to take part in this presale.

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