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OrionX Research Releases First CryptoSuper500 List After Bitcoin Halving

OrionX Research, a platform that “more than 65 companies in virtually every technology segment have trusted” to “help position and launch products, identify and serve new markets, and create integrated campaigns for increased market share,” has released another version of its CryptoSuper500 list.

What’s notable about this is that this is the first list to come out after the Bitcoin Halving from May. What this list does, however, is track how many supercomputers mine Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Some results were shared by Dr. Stephen Perrenod, an OrionX Partner and Analyst, had said:

“As expected, Bitcoin’s halving impacted the aggregate annual economic value of crypto production, reducing it by approximately 30% to a bit less than $5 billion. Bitcoin prices, the cost of electricity, and transaction fees will play critical roles in a recovery scenario.”

Only 17 cryptocurrencies have an asset cap of over $1 billion. On top of this, Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake assets are some of the most popular consensus algorithms as well.

Some results from the list:

  • F2Pool, a Global pool, with an AEV of $832 million compared to $1.05 billion in November 2019
  • Poolin in the US and China with an AEV of $614 million compared to $896 million previously
  • Antpool based in China with an AEV of $492 million compared to $768 million on the prior list
  • which is now a global pool but started in China with projected AEV of $442 million compared to $1.12 billion previously
  • SparkPool based in China with an AEV of $370 million. SparkPool came in at #10 with $234 million on the prior list

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