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Enigma Securities Partners With Fireblocks Network

UAE-Based Startup Uses Blockchains To Flatten The COVID-19 Curve
UAE-Based Startup Uses Blockchains To Flatten The COVID-19 Curve

Enigma Securities, a self-described “innovative technology for digital asset liquidity,” has joined up with the Fireblocks network, a platform that recently launched what it calls its Asset Transfer Network, according to a press release from the group.

Thanks to this, Enigma can move digital assets throughout a variety of spaces including but not limited to cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and more. On top of this, it can do so while safely abiding by government protocol.

Speaking on the matter is Jordan Ettedgui, the Head of Trading over at Enigma Securities:

“Security practices are a key concern for both Enigma and all of our clients. We are very pleased to be able to officially join the Fireblocks Network and look forward to the high security standard, as well as the increase in operational efficiency, this partnership will bring.”

Also sharing some thoughts is Michael Shaulov, the CEO of Fireblocks, who had said:

“We’re excited to welcome Enigma to the Fireblocks Network to help further bolster the efficiency and the security for their customers. Each time we add a new member like Enigma to the Fireblocks Network, business opportunities for each other member on the Network increase significantly. With over 60 institutions onboarded today, each new member added is a step closer to a fully secure and connective institutional asset trading ecosystem.”

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