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Origins By Axie Infinity Approved for Google Play- Best P2E Game Right Now?

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On Thursday, Axie Infinity announced that Google Play Store approved its game app Origins and this led to the token price increasing by over 6%. The AXS token touched a high of about $7. Axie Infinity was among the top P2E games in the crypto space earlier this year, before Ronin bridge – an important part of the Axie ecosystem – was siphoned for $610 million.

At its peak, players reported having made anywhere between $8 – $40 a day playing the game. These rewards were much better than most other games in the play-to-earn landscape had to offer at the time. An income from a play-to-earn game held such significance in countries such as the Philippines, which constituted over 40% of the game’s user base, that many managed to supplement their monthly income by playing the game. For context, the average annual income in the Philippines rarely crosses five digits when converted to US dollars.

The Axie Infinity hype partially aided by the scholarship system – where well-off users rented out their Axies to those in need – came to a decline as the bear market began to strengthen. Since then, the game has been trying to work its way upward and this approval by Google Play Store is among the much-needed good news the platform wanted to continue ahead.

Axie Infinity’s Origin Gets Google Play Store Approval


After a year of working with the Play store, Axie announced the news in a Twitter thread that read “We’ve worked closely with Play Store over the past year, sharing our learnings as a leading Web3 game developer. This culminated in Origins passing a completely transparent review process – we believe it to be the first Web3 game to do so.”

Adding to this, they also mentioned “We plan to soft launch Origins in the Malaysian Play Store first. This gives our team the chance to continue testing and improving the game. Why? Because our Malaysian community is a perfect mini-model for our international community.”

“Thank you to our outstanding community for pushing the boundaries of gaming with us. Axie is more than a game: we’re a powerful worldwide movement. This is one small step for us, and one giant leap for the future of Web3 gaming”, they added.

In-game Rewards To Be On Hold On Play Store

Although the Origins game will be available to download on the Play Store, users won’t be able to earn tokens since it does not comply with the current Play Store policies. This is said to improve in the near future as web3 play-to-earn games gain more recognition.

Until then, the company promises to continue working on the app platforms and assured that “we remain committed to our vision of a player-owner digital nation” And, “This is the first step towards opening our doors to a new generation of Lunacians.”

Origins is a card-based strategy game where players own and collect a number of creatures called Axies and battle with them. In the adventure mode, players can take down “Chimeras” and challenge other players to rank on the leaderboard.

Origins In For A Tough Competition: Rise of Calvaria, RobotEra and Tamadoge

While Origins has made it to the Play Store, a bunch of other games that have recently entered the market, one with an already successful presale, is about to give tough competition to Origins.

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity


Calvaria is a play-to-earn card-based crypto game where players will each have unique cards, each one representing different characters, which can be used in a strategic manner to ensure a win. The players will have to choose a strategy completely by themselves in order to win a game.

Players who win the game win RIA tokens and the entire game ecosystem is powered by these tokens. The presale for the game is currently live and they’ve already sold 82% of the RIA tokens in phase 5 so far. Investors can get 30.77 RIA tokens in exchange for 1 USDT and they’ve raised more than 2.5 million USDT as of yet.

RobotEra, on the other hand, has only recently begun its presale and they’ve managed to raise close to $600k, trading one TARO token for 0.02 USDT. They’re currently in phase 1 and have a target of $1.8 million, after which the token price will increase to $0.025.


Buy RobotEra on Presale

This is yet another P2E game that has its own virtual world where each player is a robot. In the game, players can purchase a portion of land and build the infrastructure on these properties. The game follows an origin story and is split around seven continents, each one with a different part of the origin story. Everything built on the land will be traded in the form of NFTs. Naturally, users who make progress in the game are rewarded with TARO tokens. If presales for play-to-earn cryptos are to be considered, there’s hardly a better candidate right now than RobotEra.



While the above two games are doing quite well with their presales, there’s one project that has already raised $19 million and successfully completed its presale. The name of this token is Tamadoge.

It is a play-to-earn crypto game where players can own, look after and take care of their Tamadoge pets, and help them transition into being adults. Once these pets are grown up and ready to participate, they will partake in battles and winners of the game will be rewarded with TAMA tokens. All these pets will be visible as NFTs, and the game has already released a collection of 21,100 NFTs on Opensea. These include Ultra Rare, Rare and Common NFTs.

Upon listing, the Tamadoge token managed to give investors gains over 10x and this is just one of the reasons why investing in crypto presales can be super lucrative. Now that the P2E ecosystem is paving a way for itself, there’s no better time to invest in presales than now.

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