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Opera Web Browser to Support .Crypto Domain Names

Over 350M Opera Users Can Now Make Direct Bitcoin Payments via Browser
Over 350M Opera Users Can Now Make Direct Bitcoin Payments via Browser

The Opera web browser is now the first significant browser to accept the .crypto domain name, according to a press release.

This is thanks to a partnership with Unstoppable Domains, the release notes. It also notes that Opera is one of the top 5 browsers regarding market share, so this news is significant for the cryptocurrency industry.

In fact, this integration will provide access to decentralized websites for over 80 million users.

Of course, the .crypto extension ensures that users can pay in crypto on top of the previous feature. After all, Opera is a blockchain-ready browser.

“Unlike traditional domains, blockchain domains are stored by the owner instead of by registrar companies like Godaddy. Decentralized websites are stored on p2p networks like IPFS, not cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS),” the release notes. Essentially, the owner of the website doesn’t need to rely on the services of bigger companies, much like the traditional web relies on Amazon Web Services and the like for now.

Speaking on the matter is Brad Kam, a co-founder of Unstoppable Domains:

“We believe that tools like Ethereum and IPFS will create a better internet than what exists with DNS and ICANN. It’s just beginning, but this system could replace the old internet entirely. Our partnership with Opera means that users can now view a .crypto website just as easily as a .com website.”

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