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Opera Pushes Crypto Wallet Top-ups To Europe And Beyond

Over 350M Opera Users Can Now Make Direct Bitcoin Payments via Browser
Over 350M Opera Users Can Now Make Direct Bitcoin Payments via Browser

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Opera, one of the world’s most popular pro-crypto web browsers, has recently announced a significant update to its blockchain-based browser on android systems.

Spreading Across Europe

Opera is well known to be the first browser ready for Web 3, as well as the first one to introduce built-in Bitcoin wallets for both mobile and computer devices. As it stands now, Opera has announced a significant update on regards to the Android version of its browser service.

Through the press release, the Norway-based company will soon add a range of new features to its offering, including the integration of its seamless wallet top-ups to the entirety of the EU, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, and Switzerland. This will allow users to buy crypto directly from the built-in wallet service and has already been available for its users throughout the US.

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A Slurry Of Features Available

By doing so, Opera will give its users access to a decentralized, cloudless web network through the use of the IPFS-protocol. The company claims that this protocol is a game-change in the way that data can be access online. The web browser is also allowing its users to register domain names, particularly those under the .crypto flag, as well as wallet addresses. This will allow for the secure sending and receiving of various forms of crypto. Opera is capable of making this offering through the use of a partnership it has with Unstoppable domains.

According to the press release, Opera is partnering up with the UC crypto brokerage provider, Wyre. This will, in turn, allow for the secure purchase of various forms of crypto through the built-in wallet the browser offers. Through the use of either Mastercard or Visa debit cards, users will be able to buy Bitcoin or buy Ethereum ETH< directly from their respective wallets.

A Dawn Of Crypto Integration

Charles Hame, the head of Crypto at Opera Browsers, gave a public statement regarding the matter as a whole. He stated that the ability to acquire crypto without the need for an exchange, but directly from the wallet instead, makes the process for Opera’s users easy and convenient. He considers the overall adoption of blockchain as reliant on this crucial feature being spread across more regions.

As it stands now, Opera holds more than 360 million in the number of users spread across the globe. The press release, in particular, boasts of an active user numbers increase of 40% when viewed monthly. This was compared over last year’s same month.

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