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Novusphere – A Distributed Content Platform (Review)

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Novusphere is a blockchain research project that has been active since 17th April 2017, and it began its work through an ICO that generated $2,309,843. The total token issued as a result were 110,357,343 ATMS out of which 10 million tokens were retained by the developers to be used to finance the work necessary for the project to succeed.

Here’s a screenshot from the moment where the crowdfunding period finalized and the currency started to trade on exchanges.

Atmos is a token associated with a blockchain research project that is creating innovations for a blockchain based internet.

What is the main goal of Novusphere?

Novusphere is focusing on a technological function called the Advanced File Index (AFIX), i.e. a technology that is used to label, search, and access files on the internet. Combined with the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), the Novusphere project aims to create a decentralized blockchain-based network and eliminate any censorship powers that traditional networks have.

The goal is to create an internet content platform that will look, work, and feel like modern cutting-edge explorer networks like Pinterest, YouTube or Facebook, but decentralized and uncensored.

The platform/interface will utilize IPFS to generate File ID hashes, and include them in the blockchain using a command called OP_RETURN. This command allows for regular data to be stored on the blockchain in addition to the transaction. These hashes allow for storing large files using only a reference ID consisting of a string of alpha-numeric characters.

The file references are permanently embedded into the blockchain, which is secured by miners and full nodes. This creates a decentralized database of references to IPFS hashes (files).

Check the video below if you want to learn more about IPFS:

Development Team

The project currently consists of a three people. The main developer is known as “Asphyxia”, and he’s been taking care of development, marketing, and community building for the project all by himself since the project started.

Recently, however, a community manager and a developer joined the team this Monday (the 15th of January) and started assisting in their appropriate segments of the project.

Taking the opportunity to talk with “Asphyxia” about Novusphere on their Discord channel, where I asked him a few of questions that hopefully will enable you, the reader, to better understand the project. If you want to know more, you can always ask a question on their open public-facing channel.

Interview with the main developer

Crypto-News: Why did you start Novusphere?

Asphyxia: I realized there are some real problems in the world such as the abuse of censorship which suffocates the distribution of information in general. Information we have available to us affects our choices and how we feel about certain subjects. Censorship can be used to push a false narrative.

Crypto-News: How does success look like for the project?

Asphyxia: At this time, things look good. Over the last few months a lot of research has been done regarding the approach we plan on taking in terms of developing the platform. With our testnet planned to be launched this year, I think many more people will start to understand what it is we’re building and the impact it will have if successful in terms of how people currently use the internet.

Crypto-News: Can you describe for us the functionality of Novusphere?

Asphyxia: The most important aspect of the Novusphere blockchain is it contains information from which the full node software can derive a local (queryable) database. From that database, content within the p2p network can be navigated. This allows users to share information and use pure client-side interfaces (ie IPFS hosted) to navigate through the content. This has the potential to create platforms that have opt-in moderation in comparison to forced moderation such as on Reddit where a user may have to use a tool such as Ceddit to view the unfiltered content. The overall system utilizes aspects of blockchain technology and IPFS to achieve this.

Crypto-News: Who are you? (He is very humble)

Asphyxia: I am just a person trying to make their contribution to make the world a better place then I found it.

The Token

Atmos currently uses a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm that relies on the state of the blockchain to facilitate transactions, with every user being a part of a “Board”. Placing your vote with Atmos tokens makes you a “Delegate”. The turns keep going in a round-robin kind of manner.

The token was built on a fork of BlackCoin, but the beginning of 2018 is marked by a very important event for Novusphere; The testnet for the new blockchain is being released which will allow for scaling for this type of use as well as a voting mechanism similar to DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake). There will be an entire migration of wallets, tokens, to this new blockchain that will enable the project to continue developing.

The currency will be utilized for bounties and upvotes within the Novusphere platform. Users will be able to request content to be uploaded and filed which will be permanently distributed on the IPFS network. The bounties and upvotes, as well as a blacklist, will help regulate content on Novusphere itself, but IPFS is an open technology that is free to use by anyone.


For many people, IPFS is internet 2.0. Some of them are supporting it vocally, others are actively developing on top of it. Novusphere is a solution to a freedom-based problem, or rather the lack of it. The main developer purposefully stays anonymous, as he claims that he doesn’t want fame or recognition when his system gets used by millions around the world. He just wants to help the world have a censor-free network, where everybody can express themselves equally.

They have a very active community, and if you are interested in learning more about this project you should visit their blog and their Discord channel.

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