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Nissan and Toyota announce plans to enter the metaverse

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Nissan and Toyota announce plans to enter the metaverse
Nissan and Toyota announce plans to enter the metaverse

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Nissan and Toyota, two of the leading car manufacturers in Asia, are venturing into the metaverse. The companies plan to do this by creating virtual offices and organising virtual events for the community.

The metaverse has attracted some of the top brands across different industries, including banking, electronics, sports, etc.

Nissan and Toyota enter the metaverse

Nissan and Toyota announced their move into the metaverse on April 22. The Japanese automakers are committed to supporting their users’ virtual experiences, organising digital events, and creating virtual customer service offices.

Nikkei Asia, a newspaper publication based in Japan, revealed these details saying that Nissan and Toyota planned to have virtual exhibitions for their cars using virtual reality (VR). The companies have partnered with VRChat for this initiative.

Nissan will provide immersive experiences by creating virtual reality rooms for its clients, while Toyota seeks to create a virtual working environment for its personnel. This will transition Toyota’s work meetings into virtual ones held in the metaverse.

“As more people are working from home because of the coronavirus, we are offering young employees and others communication options within the company,” the announcement added.

Both Nissan and Toyota have not given an exact date for when their metaverse experiences will be launched. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether the two companies will create their own metaverse or they will launch their immersive experiences through established metaverses like Decentraland.

Car manufacturers embrace the metaverse

The past few months have seen giant and established brands move towards the metaverse. Earlier this month, Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz announced launching campaigns related to the metaverse. During these campaigns, fans were given a chance to win rewards, including a PS5 gaming console and driving lessons at Volkswagen.

The marketing director at Volkswagen, Bridget Harpur, said that the experience offered by the metaverse had a major impact on the consumer and it created an opportunity to launch new events and experiences. Due to the opportunities presented by the metaverse, Harpur said that Volkswagen would continue launching new events and experiences for their fans and users within the metaverse.

Despite these developments, reputable luxury automotive manufacturers are yet to join the metaverse. However, Ferrari has already ventured into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) after a partnership with Velas Network. This shows that companies are choosing their own unique ways in which they can interact with new digital technologies.

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