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NFT Signals Trades Nakamigos To Make its Members $1,136 Each Over 2 Days of Trades

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

NFT Signals Trades Nakamigos to Make its Members $1,136 Each over 2 Days of Trades
NFT Signals Trades Nakamigos to Make its Members $1,136 Each over 2 Days of Trades

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NFT Signals, the top NFT Alpha group, has delivered profitable trades for its members. Recently, NFT Signals traded Nakamigos, a coveted NFT collection with bold designs and rares, selling above the floor price.

Nakamigos comes with no royalties making it an ideal option for NFT trading. The company minted 24 honorary NFTs paying homage to lead NFT projects. NFT Signals spotted the potential in the Nakamigos collection and signaled at 0.022 ETH ($30). 

The collection is worth 0.3 ETH ($540), a massive profit ($1,136 in two days) for investors. NFT Signals have traded Nakamigos on three occasions that turned into profitable ventures.

Why Choose NFT Signals?

With many companies offering unrealistic assurances, users might wonder why NFT Signals stand out. NFT Signals has a track record that speaks for itself, with a 93% success rate driven by the desire to produce reliable trading signals. Users get access to buy and sell signals to calculate entry and exit times for profitable trades.

NFT Signals Trades Nakamigos To Make its Members $1,136 Each Over 2 Days of Trades

Also, users can access round-the-clock support on Discord, where they can access expert advice. For a smooth process, payments to join the platform are made in both fiat and crypto. Identifying the right NFTs with the potential to yield rewards is not an easy task. However, NFT Signals are simplifying the process with advanced and reliable techniques. 

The platform’s mission is to provide users with NFT Signals at affordable rates. Once users subscribe, they have full access to high-quality trading signals through Telegram and Discord with a high success rate.

It might not be easy picking winning trades for new traders. However, NFT Signals can give a user profit regardless of skillset or experience. For instance, the team recommends traders open small positions that do not exceed 5% of their total balance.

Trading of any form carries risks, and the NFT Signals team’s valuable recommendations will help minimize losses. Also, there is a rich and educative blog on the official website users can maximize to their advantage. 

Pricing Plans

You can access VIP packages on the platform starting at $56 a month with perks such as access to trading signals and support. The quarterly subscription fee is $83, and the yearly fee is $277. Other benefits include access to at least five signals weekly, free mint alerts, and information on the whitelist for upcoming projects.

What Are NFTs?

NFTs are unique records of digital files with vital information stored on a blockchain. The fungibility of a token has to deal with its uniqueness since there is no other identical token anywhere in existence.

Ownership of NFTs is recorded on a blockchain that serves as a public digital ledger for transparency.

Where Is The Best Place To Trade NFTs?

NFTs trade on NFT marketplaces that match buyers and sellers automatically. A buyer can browse through several NFTs listed on the marketplace before choosing. The digital artwork is saved on the blockchain, and the NFT buyer will receive a unique token to represent the artwork.

This token serves as a medium for trading the artwork. NFT marketplaces are helpful and offer users a wide variety of NFTs, including the best NFT to buy

Several NFT marketplaces exist and differ on several terms, such as mode of payments and NFTs listed. Here are the top NFT marketplaces you can buy an NFT. 

  1. OpenSea

This platform launched in 2017 and is the largest NFT marketplace in existence. It hosts several NFTs, such as sports, trading cards, and virtual world NFTs. Also, it accepts cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, AVAX, SOL, DAI, and USDC. It is the best marketplace for new users unfamiliar with NFTs.

  1. Rarible

This is a multi-chain NFT marketplace where users can mint, buy and sell NFTs on several blockchains. It supports Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Flow, and Tezos blockchains transactions. More blockchains will be added as the marketplace grows. Rarible charges the buyer and seller 1% each for every sale. 

  1. SuperRare

This marketplace operates on the Ethereum blockchain and is a great location for buying NFTs. ETH is the only accepted form of payment, and a transaction fee of 3% is charged on every purchase and paid by the buyer.  

SuperRare has a strict NFT acceptance policy, with meme-styled NFTs off-limits for users. It offers high-quality NFT art based on a classy style. 

  1. NBA Top Shot 

NBA Top Shot is more suitable for basketball fans with its NFT features capturing historical moments in basketball. Although they are expensive, users can buy videos and art for NBA and WNBA. The NBA team developed the platform and owns exclusive rights to video clips. 

What Are The Best NFTs To Buy And Trade?

Here is a list of the top NFTs that will reward users as they have shown tremendous growth potential. 

  1. CryptoPunks

This is an NFT collection created by Larva Labs and launched in 2017. Yuga Labs owns the collection of 10,000 unique NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain. 

CryptoPunks are unique 24×24 pixel portraits inspired by Cyberpunk. These NFTs serve as avatars on social media and have a floor price of 63.50 ETH, thus accounting for some of the most expensive NFTs sold. 

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

BAYC is a popular NFT collection housing 10,000 NFTs formed like cartoon apes. It is a profile picture (PFP) NFT project and is an avatar on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Bored Ape Yacht Club has attracted the interest of celebrities such as Eminem and Justin Bieber, who own at least one from the collection. It has a floor price of 60.54 ETH.

  1. Autoglyphs

This is another popular project released by Larva Labs in 2019 and a reliable NFT to buy in 2023. It features 512 unique digital pieces hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Autoglyphs are categorized as a generative-art project. It is based on advanced algorithms that can generate billions of unique art wrapped inside an ERC-721 standard. The floor price is currently 329.00 ETH.

  1. Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC)

This is an NFT spinoff series from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection. It comprises 20,000 unique Mutant Ape digital images. BAYC NFT holders created half of these NFTs sold in public auctions and the remainder by exposing their original Bored apes to a mutant serum.

Each mutant share similar traits to the original ape but have some differences. MAYC NFTs have a floor price of 13.13 ETH.

  1. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a play-to-earn Metaverse project that provides access to earn crypto tokens as rewards. SAND is the native token used in the ecosystem to trade lands and other valuable assets in the Metaverse. The Sandbox has a floor price of 0.65 ETH.

  1. Decentraland

This virtual real estate platform enables users to trade virtual plots, referred to as LANDS. The platform is fully decentralized and ideal for users with knowledge of crypto and augmented reality who want to go into the virtual world of the Metaverse. Decentraland tokens have a floor price of 0.718 ETH.

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