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NFT Sales Rise 36% To $217 Million This Week – Bitcoin NFTs Explode 260%

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NFT Surge 36% This Week
NFT Surge 36% This Week

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The market data shows that the global trading volume of non-fungible tokens has jumped higher this week, despite the recent hype surrounding shitcoins. The NFT market has pumped 36%, recording over $217 million in the past seven days.

Bitcoin NFTs Pump 260% This Week

According to CryptoSlam, an on-chain market data aggregator, Ethereum-based NFTs products have attributed the greatest market share, attracting more than $112 million in the past seven days. During this period, Ethereum NFTs have pumped 15% from last week.

Bitcoin NFTs have followed the second streak this week. The NFT collections have exploded 260% to $56 million in the past seven days. The Mythos Chain, a permissioned EVM blockchain and gaming ecosystem that operates on the MYTH utility token, has taken third place outperforming popular chains like Polygon and Solana. Mythos-based NFTs have recorded a sales volume of $11 million this week.

Non-fungible tokens hosted on Solana have plummeted slightly this week. Solana NFTs are down 21%, recording just $9 million in trading sales volume in the past seven days. Polygon NFTs take the fifth position this week, recording $7.5 million.

Top Five NFT Collections In Trading Sales Past 7 Days

Top 5 NFTs

1. Bitcoin NFTs

Bitcoin NFTs “uncategorized” emerged as the top-selling NFTs this week, amassing $15 million in trading sales volume. In the past seven days, Bitcoin NFT buyers have increased by more than 240%, while NFT sellers increased by 247%.

2. Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs

Bored Ape Yacht Club is another non-fungible token that significantly increased this week. The NFT collection from Yuga Labs, which features a limited edition of 10,000 NFTs, has recorded a trading sales volume of $14 million this week.

3. $ORD BRC-20

BRC-20, an experimental token standard for the Bitcoin blockchain, takes the third position this week. The NFT collection inspired by Ethereum’s ERC-20 has recorded a trading sales volume of $12 million. BRC-20 NFTs have pumped more than 120% this week.

4. DMarket

DMarket is in-game digital assets hosted on the Mythos network. The NFT collection has jumped 65% this week, recording $11 million in trading sale volume in the past seven days. Nonetheless, these NFTs have fallen short in a number of buyers and sellers this week.

5. Milady Maker NFTs

Milady Maker is an NFT collection from digital asset incubation firm Remilia, featuring a limited edition of 10,000 generative PFP NFTs. In the past seven days, the NFT collection has recorded a sales volume of 10 million. It has pumped 120% this week.

Space Pepes was the most expensive NFT collection in the past seven days, selling for $4.5 million six days ago. Different Bitcoin NFTs have sold for head-scratching sums, with the most expensive selling for $4.4 million two days ago.

Elon Musk Launched NFT Rocket This Week

The weather in NFTs has been perfect this week, with good news from established projects, hot tech, a bit of money in traders’ pockets from trading meme coins like Pepe, and a well-timed tweet from the CEO of Twitter, Billionaire Elon Musk.

Mid this week, Twitter Boss Elon Musk created a short frenzy within the non-fungible token market after sharing a meme containing the instantly recognizable avatar of the popular Milady Maker NFT collection.

Milady Maker’s NFT collection exploded more than 50%, carrying the rest of the NFT market with them to a height of $217 million in sales volume this week. Even though Milady Maker NFT collection is consolidating around -6%, the NFT market appears in an upside trajectory.

Binance Created Short NFT Frenzy

Binance, one of the leading blockchain ecosystems for digital assets and non-fungible tokens, has created a short frenzy around NFTs this week. The crypto exchange integrated Bitcoin NFTs into their marketplace, giving Ordinals a new way to reach the masses without needing to be a technical wizard to trade them.

NFTs on the flagship blockchain “Bitcoin” have been red hot following the evolution of a new flavour of Ordinal called BRC-20s. BRC-20s are Bitcoin’s version of Ethereum’s meme coins, but they’re also like an NFT collection at their core.

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