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Next Cryptocurrency to Pump like Shiba in 2022

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

buy tamadoge today
buy tamadoge today

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For various reasons, Shiba Inu has become a popular meme coin and has been a great option for investors. Yet, investors always seek an option with better utility, as there aren’t many when it comes to the meme coins or the crypto world.

Tamadoge is a new meme coin expected to soar higher than some industry-leading players, such as Shiba Inu, because of its offerings and better utility.

It is a deflationary cryptocurrency where users can compete to move up the leaderboard by earning Dogepoints. The monthly Dogepool winners are the users with the most Dogepoints by the end of every month.

Tamadoge utilizes the most recent NFT and token standards to deliver a token that can breathe life into the Tamadoge pets.

Tamadoge’s Presale

The presale on this platform is already up and will be live until 2nd September 2022. The Tamadoge tokens can be purchased via Tether, ETH, or fiat currency. Users can make the purchase with a debit/credit card with the famous Transak.

Users can claim the purchased Tamadoge once the presale ends on the platform and store the tokens in a MetaMask or Trust wallet.

Tamadoge’s token listing has also been confirmed on the popular exchange LBank where other popular assets like Lucky Block were also listed. The P2E platform is set to launch on the decentralized exchange Uniswap once it gets listed on LBank.

Currently, 38,925 USDT has already been raised, where 1,000 TAMA comes as the minimum investment.

Buy Tamadoge

Tamadoge Use Case

The project’s core is the Tamadoge pets or the Tamaverse, where users can purchase mintable, tradeable NFTs, which are pets, with the Tamadoge currency. Each Tamadoge pet is first minted as a baby, with its own distinct stats, advantages, and disadvantages.

Users can purchase Tamadoge pets through the Tamadoge’s Store, where they are free to purchase as many Tamadoge pet NFTs as they choose as there are no restrictions on the same.

They all start with arbitrary stats that increase depending on how users look after and love their Tamadoge pets.

The user always uses a Tamadoge token to pay in the Tamadoge store, whether they can purchase the newest Tamadoge pet, food, toys, or any other accessory.

How well a Tamadoge pet develops depends on how a user takes care and engages or plays with it over time. Note that leaving them unattended or uncared for too long can result in them building as a Tamaghost.

5% of the spent tokens will be entirely burned, so for every 100 tokens spent, 5% of the total quantity of tokens will be eliminated.

To increase the Tamadoge user base and create an even better platform, 30% of the tokens spent will be used for marketing and platform development.

Whereas 65% of all spent tokens will be used for P2E reward purposes. This is used to give the community rewards directly from the Tamadoge leaderboard.

The maximum supply of TAMADOGE, according to this coin’s Tamanomics, will be 2 billion (2,000,000,000).

Out of the total supply, 1 billion tokens will be used at the token generation event, 400 million of those unminted and set aside for exchange listings. And 600,000,000 will become available to be minted over ten years to support the Tamadoge project.

A straightforward division is‌:-

  1. Public Presale (50%): Before they list the tokens on the DEX, 50% of them will be sold.
  2. 10-Year Unlock (30%): Over ten years, 30% of all tokens will become available for minting, with the proceeds going toward the Tamadoge project.
  3. Exchange Pool (20%): 20% of the tokens will be set aside for listings on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Tamadoge also doesn’t impose a transaction tax, which is another important factor to take into account. It does not employ transaction taxes as the creators of this coin believe that the value should come from the project itself and not merely from people exchanging the token.

Tamadoge’s whole business model is around its ecosystem, and they don’t want users to lose money when they enter (or leave) it. And due to this, no tax is applied to any token transfers at Tamadoge.

The future of Tamadoge. Can it pump like Shiba?

The Tamadoge team has many things lined up for the Tamadoge token.

After a successful 2022 debut, Tamadoge plans to introduce Tamadoge Augmented Reality in 2023, allowing customers to interact with their Tamadoge dogs.

The Play to Earn elements from the V1 web-based game will be fully preserved in the app. Users can still compete against their pets to rise to the leaderboard, but it will also significantly expand on this with new P2E mechanics.

An animated, fully rigged 3D model will accompany each Tamadoge NFT. As a result, users can also ‌interact with their Tamadoge NFTs using the Tamadoge AR app.

The Tamadoge team committed to looking into collaboration options as soon as the token debuts and developing the augmented reality Tamadoge app, enabling users to walk their Tamadoge in the real world.

“We want to enable you to carry your Tamadoge absolutely wherever, and we’re determined to explore all available ways to make that a reality,” the founders of Tamadoge add.

With all of the information, ‌Tamadoge, the utility meme currency, can be expected to experience a pump just like Shiba Inu. It would be interesting to see how things come out for the meme P2E platform in future.

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