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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Thursday, July 2 – Chainlink, yPredict, Aave 

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A lot is currently going on in the market. Is Solana the next crypto to explode? Firstly, Solana is gaining so much momentum with a 5% gain in value. Many are speculating that it might push past the $20 mark at its current momentum. Many are beginning to assume that Solana might become the next big crypto. 

What’s worrisome, however, is that Bitcoin has refused to move from its current price of $30k several days after its rally. On top of this development is the recent news making rounds that the SEC might reject the ETF application of Blackrock and Fidelity. This decision could threaten the crypto industry in the United States and, by extension, the world at large. While European countries are making efforts to expand their activities of cryptocurrencies in the region, the SEC in the United States is, ironically, stippling its crypto sector. 

Next Cryptocurrency to Explode

With the dwindling trading volume in the Cypriot market, investors are wondering where the next crypto to explode going to come from. While it’s difficult to predict the future, it’s possible to visualize the trend and make informed decisions. Join the ride as we scan the market for the Next big cryptocurrency. 

1. Chainlink (LINK) 

Chain Link is making aggressive moves after spending weeks in the red. The price of Chain Link dropped from 6.4 dollars in the early days of June to as low as $5 in the space of twenty days before it found support and continued on an upward trend that has brought it back to its high of $6.5. Chain Link is not slowing down and may push its price into explosive growth very soon. Some of the visible influencers of its price gains stem from its recent alliances.

The first of them is the partnership with the Cello. The two companies partnered together in the wake of the DeFi trends of last month to provide decentralized data feeds on the Cello mainnet. A development that improved the chance of having more DeFi applications on the Cello blockchain. 


Another partnership is the one Chainlink entered with Golteum. The move is aimed at creating a seamless integration of the crypto and gemstone sectors. Under the program code–named BUILD, Golteum leverages Chainlink infrastructure and expertise to integrate precious metals into the blockchain ecosystem through the use of NFTs.  

With the efforts that Chain Link is putting into expansion, we might see explosive growth in the platform in the coming days, weeks, or months. Chain Link is rightly positioned to become one of the next cryptos to explode, and it’s actively working towards it. 

2. Aave (AAVE) 

AAVE AND COMP topped the list of gainers in the past 7 days as the DeFi sector swung into full speed. In the early days of the past week, the coin raked in upwards of 40% price gains in a day. It, however, traded sideways for the past three days as it consolidated its price. The coin has traded close to its $70 resistance for some days now, having established support at the $60 zone. With the recent development, Aave might experience an explosive rally that would push its price up $75 in the months ahead. 

Looking closer at AAVE’s price escalation, the token experienced an upswing largely due to substantial whale activity in the Aave ecosystem. On 25 June, Lookonchain reported that a prominent whale accumulated 182,000 AAVE, driving a price surge of approximately 27%. By 26 June, this whale’s holdings swelled to over 474,000 tokens, valued at more than $31 million.


However news coming with regards to the Aave asset in the TUSD reserve could spread fear sentiment across the network. Currently, information making rounds indicates that Aave holders might not be able to deposit or borrow TUSD in the future. The move, however, is aimed at protecting the reserve rather than a threat to the Aave platform. Nonetheless, ave has shown resilience recently and it has continued to push ahead, making it an investor’s delight. 

3. Litecoin (LTC) 

As Litecoin continues to gear up for its halving, the market is finally beginning to see the halving effect. Usually, the trend with Litecoin is that its price skyrockets in the weeks, even months trailing its halving. However, this year’s halving is coming against the norms. LTC spent most of the weeks and months preceding its halving in the dip. However, with less than 30 days to its halving, the coin seems to be on an upward trend, printing 25% gains in the last 7 days. The last 24 hours alone have seen its climb up by 5%. 



At the moment, LTC is at the highest price it has been this year with a value of $111. It is $20 higher than its price 7 days ago and $10 higher than its previous YH. However, will LTC be the next crypto to explode? The halving event seems to fuel the current trend, which might continue until the days into the future. Ultimately, we might be seeing an exploding price of LTC in the weeks and months ahead.

Investors should however expect a slight downward trend in between. The reason is that speculators offload the assets amassed during this period of uptrend. However, all things being equal, the months ahead of the halving would force the price of LTC to explode as a result of tighter supply. Investors and traders should add Litecoin to their watch list for the weeks ahead. 

4. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

It looks like BCH keeps bouncing off the $300 – $313 resistance. Many times in the last 7 days, the crypto has tested the resistance in an attempt to break into new price levels. It has even forced its way into the $320 region on some occasions before being forced back by the bear action of the market. What’s going to be the next direction of the BCH? Is it going to be the next cryptocurrency to explode? 

In the last 30 days, the price of BCH has gone up 157%, a leap that took the price of the coin from $113 to $300. Analysts have predicted the current trend of the coin might take it beyond the current value into the thousands. 

Bitcoin Cash

However, the gain is not happening as fast as many have predicted as the coin slowed down in the past three days, printing less than 5% gains as compared to the double-digit percent gains it recorded days before. 

Despite the growing gains, the battle at the current price point seems fierce since the coin has been trading sideways for the past three days. When is BCH likely to embark on its upward trend again? If BCH finds support at the $310 level in the coming days, its price will likely push up into the 400 regions before the end of the year. However, there is no guarantee that the price would enter $1000 as some have predicted as the overall performance of the crypto market has not been at its best.  

5. yPredict (YPRED) 

Ypredict is on to raise $2.9 million in presale funding. What’s unique about its presale is that it keeps offering avenues for participants to enjoy the platform while the launch is on the way. Recently yPredict unveiled the presale challenge that rewards users who purchase up to $500 worth of YPRED with beta testing of its platform. 

Ypredict is an AI-based predictive model that provides extensive trading insight to traders and investors. The upside is that the platform is not exclusive to traders as the recent beta test of the model was deployed in SEO optimization. The AI model is packed with a wide range of capabilities which include the ability to recognize over 24 chat patterns. 

The Presale offering of the token is currently on at $0.09. The price is set to go up to $0.1 as soon as the fund passes the $2.9 million mark. With the immense value that’s packed into the offer, the combined benefit of artificial intelligence and blockchain tech would likely push YPRED into becoming the next crypto to explode. 

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