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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Thursday 31 August – yPredict, MX Token, Mantle

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

MX Token MX
MX Token MX

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The crypto market did not catch up with the rising momentum from Wednesday. Its capitalization is currently down by 0.57% to $1.09 trillion. The market lost much of its trading volume in the last 24 hours. It went down by 48.26% to $28.58 billion.

The crypto market woes are not isolated from other financial crises. Asian equities are on track to record their most challenging month since February, impacted by persistently downcast China factory indicators. The ongoing sentiment prevails as investors anticipate a wave of US data releases that might further bolster speculations of peaking interest rates.

In Europe, the opening is predicted to be relatively subdued, with Eurostoxx 50 futures edging up by a modest 0.1%. Meanwhile, both S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures remained relatively stable.

Across Asia, MSCI’s comprehensive gauge of Asia-Pacific shares, excluding Japan (MIAPJ0000PUS), experienced a 0.3% decline, resulting in a monthly loss of 6.3%, marking the most significant setback since February. In contrast, Japan’s Nikkei (N225) secured a 1% gain.

Recent data unveiled on Thursday revealed that China’s manufacturing activity contracted for the fifth consecutive month in August. Nonetheless, the pace of these declines demonstrated signs of moderation, while growth in the services sector experienced a slight deceleration.

Next Cryptocurrency to Explode

Data from the US are expected to help ease tensions. They are also monitored to see if there will be signs of the Federal Reserve halting its rate hike cycle.

1. yPredict (YPRED)

yPredict emerges as an innovative venture that harmonizes age-old statistical principles with the precision of contemporary AI, offering a novel perspective on financial prediction. The successful raising of $3.66 million for its proprietary token, $YPRED, underscores investors’ confidence in yPredict’s potential to revolutionize the finance landscape.

What distinguishes yPredict is its distinctive strategy of amalgamating traditional statistical methodologies with state-of-the-art AI techniques to generate actionable trading insights. It accomplishes this by integrating the time-tested ARIMA model from the 1970s alongside modern LSTM and SVM models.

The ARIMA (autoregressive integrated moving average) model delves into historical data to identify patterns that inform forecasting. Through integration and component removal, trends and seasonality are extracted to rationalize the data. Utilizing regression on past values and past forecast errors, the autoregressive and moving average components, respectively, contribute to the model’s effectiveness. The versatility of ARIMA shines through its applicability across sectors like finance and meteorology.

Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) is a recurrent neural network adept at predicting time series data, particularly well-suited for capturing long-term dependencies. By analyzing historical prices, the AI-driven LSTM model foresees potential future trajectories.

Support Vector Machine (SVM), a supervised learning model, handles classification and regression tasks adeptly. For price prediction, yPredict harnesses SVM’s regression capabilities. Trained on historical data, the model forecasts continuous target values. SVM’s proficiency in optimization and kernel functions empowers it to generalize effectively, mitigating overfitting.

The confluence of traditional statistical approaches and AI yields a resilient, multi-modal approach to price prediction. Leveraging the complementary strengths of these models, yPredict achieves a unique advantage.

Beyond its advanced predictive tools, yPredict seeks to democratize predictive analytics access. The subscription-based Prediction Marketplace empowers financial data scientists to monetize their models, while traders can subscribe to models aligning with their trading preferences and assets.

Visit YPRED.

2. Mantle (MNT)

Mantle (MNT) led the market gainers on Thursday with over 2% gain.  It currently sells at $0.4498. The asset is staging a recovery after a brief downtime it experienced early this month. 

On August 17, a Mantle decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) member initiated a discourse among its participants. He suggested the imposition of limitations on the conversion of BitDAO (BIT) tokens valued at $43 million held by the collapsed FTX exchange and Alameda Research into Mantle (MNT) tokens during the ongoing token migration process.

On November 2, 2021, BitDAO swapped 100 million BIT with Alameda, trading them for over 3.3 million FTX tokens FTT at $1.03 each. This trade came with a publicly committed agreement that both parties would retain each other’s tokens for three years until November 2, 2024. However, amidst the FTX turmoil in 2022, BitDAO raised suspicions of Alameda disposing of the tokens, leading to a decline in BIT’s value. During this period, the former Alameda CEO, Caroline Ellison, denied involvement in the token dump.

MNT price chart

Several months later, the BitDAO community proposed the consolidation of the BitDAO ecosystem, encompassing BitDAO as the governance entity and Mantle as its product. Initiated by community member “Cateatpeanut” on May 12, a governance vote was put forth to unify both entities under the Mantle umbrella, a move that would entail the conversion of BIT tokens to MNT. With overwhelming support from its community, the proposal to merge Mantle and BitDAO passed on May 19.

However, on August 17, the status of BIT tokens held by Alameda emerged as a topic of discussion among Mantle community members. Cateatpeanut contended that FTX Group’s BIT tokens should not be automatically transformed into MNT due to various “disqualifying factors.” The community member underscored the absence of a “guaranteed right of migration” for these tokens and subsequently initiated the proposal.

Contained within the proposal is the call for the implementation of a fresh MNT migration smart contract capable of inhibiting the automatic migration of tokens owned by FTX. It was also pointed out that the on-chain migration contract has been temporarily paused until the conclusion of the ongoing discourse and the subsequent vote.

Bringing back the migration will attract more investors and increase funding. MNT, thus, stands a chance of being the next cryptocurrency to explode.


This month, MEXC, a prominent digital asset exchange, made a significant announcement about its strategic partnership with Bitget, a premier platform for derivatives trading. This forward-looking collaboration has triggered an extraordinary upsurge in MX Token’s valuation, MEXC’s native cryptocurrency. This partnership represents a pivotal juncture in the journeys of MEXC and Bitget as they jointly strive to bring unparalleled value and innovation to their respective user communities.

MX price chart

The alliance between MEXC and Bitget goes beyond being a simple union of entities; it’s a fusion of complementary strengths. MEXC, known for its strong reputation as a secure and user-centric exchange, contributes a robust trading framework and a widespread global user base. Conversely, Bitget brings its expertise in derivatives trading, underpinned by cutting-edge technology, which adds a layer of sophistication to this collaboration. The combination of MEXC’s accessibility and Bitget’s advanced trading tools is expected to cultivate a dynamic ecosystem that empowers both novices and seasoned traders.

At the heart of this partnership lies the remarkable surge of MX Token, MEXC’s exclusive cryptocurrency. Since the partnership was announced, MX Token’s value has experienced an unprecedented surge, showcasing the resounding approval of the market for this strategic amalgamation. This rapid ascent underscores the trust that investors and traders place in the synergy between MEXC and Bitget, as well as their shared vision for the future of the digital asset landscape.

4. MultiversX (EGLD)

MultiversX (EGLD) is a blockchain platform with ambitions to fuel the emerging internet economy, facilitate decentralized applications, and cater to enterprise needs. It touts the distinction of being the pioneer blockchain network to implement state, network, and transaction sharding, a feature that facilitates substantial scalability.

EGLD’s price trajectory has traced a consistent downward path, relinquishing all prior gains and perpetuating its decline while forming a notable channel pattern. This descent has been ongoing since a brief surge in January 2023. Over the past six months, the price has surrendered nearly half of its value, and within the last three months, it has experienced a decline exceeding 30%.

EGLD price chart

Recent developments saw the price attempting to recover from the $30 level following a breakdown of the preceding swing low. This led to an upward spike that, unfortunately, couldn’t breach the channel pattern and ultimately led to a reversal. Opportunistic sellers leveraged the price increase to initiate selling and aggressive short-selling, leading to a subsequent price drop that eroded the gains and marked a fresh swing low.

Nevertheless, the potential breakout of the channel pattern may kindle optimism among potential buyers, provided the price manages to stabilize at its lower levels and disrupt the prevailing downtrend, heralding a shift in trend direction. The token has seen a 1.33% increase and is trading at $26.48.

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