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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Saturday, June 29 — RARI, Quant, Akropolis, LayerZero

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While Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are experiencing price volatility, some altcoins are experiencing bullish trends, boasting significant increases. Meanwhile, other cryptocurrencies also show signs of readiness to surpass crucial resistance levels.

Many altcoins, like RARI and Akropolis, are experiencing a bullish trend. Based on the market data from these cryptocurrencies, some have posted gains in the same period, and higher gains are likely. It’s becoming evident that some of these tokens will become the next cryptocurrencies to explode.

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

Many investors will be moving to seize new opportunities in the current market. Analysts are highlighting the potential of upcoming projects, and one example worth checking out is WienerAI. The project aims to merge AI and crypto trading to create a powerful, user-friendly trading platform. Below, we’ll look at updates on the project and its future.


$RARI is an ERC-20 token that manages the RARI Foundation treasury and oversees the Rarible protocol and RARI Chain. Introduced in 2020, $RARI has a maximum supply of 25 million tokens. The RARI DAO is responsible for the RARI DAO treasury and developing the Rarible Protocol and RARI Chain ecosystem. This vision is realized through a robust governance framework that allows anyone to participate in decision-making by locking $RARI to vote.

$RARI has several functions within its ecosystem, including funding projects, governance, and trading. As a utility token, it is essential to the Rarible platform, allowing users to take part in the governance of the RARI DAO and the Rarible protocol.

RARI Price Chart

The Rarible Protocol, an open-source infrastructure, supports the creation of various NFT applications. It improves the NFT marketplace by offering tools for marketplaces, wallets, analytics, and more. The RARI Chain, an Ethereum L3 chain, focuses on security and low-cost transactions, ensuring royalty payments at the node level to benefit creators.

Recently, the NFT trading platform Rarible enabled access through Bitget Wallet. This new feature provides users with seamless connectivity for creating and trading NFTs. It is available on mobile devices and browser plug-ins, allowing access to Rarible’s services on networks like Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana. Additionally, users can earn $RARI tokens as rewards for their trading activities.

2. Quant (QNT)

Quant’s price was confined within a large descending range after being rejected in the final days of Q1. The trading volume stayed around average, showing limited trader activity. After significant compression, the price rebounded sharply from the lower support of the wedge. This momentum could help the price break the resistance of the pattern.

The token consistently formed lower highs and lows, indicating increasing bearish strength. However, the recent rebound, driven by a surge in buying pressure, suggests a potential trend reversal. Additionally, the MACD showed a bullish crossover with a slight increase in buying volume. Consequently, the QNT price is likely to break out of its consolidation. If it maintains levels at $83.5, the local resistance at the start of Q3 could be very bullish, potentially pushing the rally to higher targets.

Quant Price Chart

Quant was launched in June 2018 to connect blockchains and networks globally without compromising efficiency and interoperability. It is the first project to address interoperability by creating the first blockchain operating system.

The project is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) operating system named Overledger Network, designed to connect various blockchain networks. Quant aims to bridge the gap between different blockchains using Overledger. The project’s core is the Overledger network, which Quant envisions as the foundation for the future digital economy ecosystem.

3. WienerAI (WAI)

The WienerAI (WAI) presale is rapidly approaching $6.9 million in funds. This innovative dog-themed meme coin combines AI technology with the popular meme coin trend. WAI blends predictive AI features, playful dog-themed elements, and a fun sausage motif.

WienerAI aims to improve your trading experience with its AI-powered trading bot. This bot can answer your questions and identify the best market opportunities for you. Simply ask WienerAI for your next trade idea, and it will provide you with a market analysis to enhance your chances of success.

The concept of an AI-powered trading companion might seem complex, but WienerAI simplifies it for traders of all levels. Investors can stake their tokens to earn an annual yield of 182%. With its innovative AI trading features and attractive staking rewards, WienerAI is attracting much attention.

Cilinix Crypto, a YouTuber with 64,000 subscribers, has already invested in the presale and is optimistic about WAI’s potential to rise after launch. You can purchase WienerAI on the official website for $0.000722, but act quickly, as the price will increase in just over a day.

Visit the WienerAI Presale

4. Akropolis (AKRO)

Akropolis (AKRO) experienced a price increase of over 70% in just two days after a three-month bearish period. This surge is mainly due to an announcement by KCEX, a crypto exchange. The spike suggests that AKRO may start a longer bullish trend, with potential gains of up to 100%.

On June 28, 2024, at 10:00 UTC, KCEX Futures launched AKRO USDT-M perpetual futures contracts. These contracts offer traders adjustable leverage options from 5x to 50x, which could attract more investors to AKRO.

Akropolis Price Chart

KCEX announced the news on its official X account, @KCEX_Official, which drew significant attention from the crypto community. It also provided a direct link to its futures trading platform, making it easy for interested traders to access the new AKRO trading pairs. Before this announcement, AKRO’s price had declined since early April, following a downward trendline. However, the news led to a substantial price increase, pushing AKRO above this resistance trendline.

The current price of AKRO is $0.005889, reflecting a 19.56% increase in the past 24 hours. Its market capitalization also rose by 19.56%, reaching $26.124 million. The 24-hour trading volume also experienced significant growth, surging by 1421.40% to $152.28 million.

This breakout is significant as it might signal the end of the downward trend. If AKRO can maintain a price above the previous resistance level, it could result in a substantial price increase. Investors are closely monitoring AKRO’s price due to its current momentum, which has the potential to lead to a significant rise. Should the price close above the resistance level, it could increase by up to 100%.

5. LayerZero (ZRO)

LayerZero (ZRO) has caught the eye of many due to its volatile price movements. The token fluctuated between $0.67 and $5.29, marking a significant 162% rise over the past month. Although it dipped by 23.66% in the last week, indicators like an RSI of 55.74 and a Stochastic of 75.43 hint at continued momentum.

LayerZero is an omnichain interoperability protocol that facilitates lightweight message passing across various chains. It ensures reliable and guaranteed message delivery with adjustable trustlessness. As a “blockchain of blockchains,” LayerZero enables direct, trustless communication between different blockchain networks.

LayerZero Price Chart

A standout feature of LayerZero is its Ultra Light Nodes (ULNs). These smart contracts, deployed on each blockchain, serve as endpoints for cross-chain communication. ULNs verify transactions and messages from other chains using block headers and transaction proofs, maintaining security and efficiency.

The immediate goal for bulls is the resistance at $7.76. If this level is broken, it could aim for $12.38, indicating potential gains of up to 134%. With strong buyer interest, LayerZero could experience significant short-term growth. Despite recent dips, LayerZero (ZRO) shows promising growth signs. Keep an eye on the critical resistance level at $12.38; surpassing this could lead to gains of over 100%. The RSI at 55.74 and other indicators suggest a stable yet exciting upward trend.

In other news, Trident3 has integrated the peer-to-peer (P2P) digital identity solution T3id with LayerZero. This collaboration will allow users to quickly identify themselves across over 70 blockchains connected through LayerZero’s infrastructure.

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