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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Saturday, June 15 — Ethereum Name Service, Raydium, SafePal, Rocket Pool

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The altcoin sector is gaining attention, and various parts of the crypto world are seeing a resurgence in demand. Similarly, Metaverse tokens are picking up speed, hinting at an upcoming bull run and signaling the potential start of an altseason.

With expectations of a bull market, altcoins are poised for significant gains this week. Analysts think this might produce more explosive performance for meme coins. However, Bitcoin’s dominance has overall gone up this year, showing that the market is mixed.

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

Attention in the crypto market in the coming month will be directed toward altcoins and meme coins as the market anticipates a bull run. Investors can capitalize on the moment and take a position in upcoming tokens like the 99Bitcoins token. 99Bitcoins token’s transition from the ERC-20 to the BRC20 token standard enables developers to create a new token standard. This post covers the details of its presale.

1. Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a decentralized system that changes complicated Ethereum wallet addresses into simple, human-readable names. It works like traditional domain name services do for websites. ENS takes the long, complex strings of characters in Ethereum addresses and converts them into easy-to-recognize words or phrases. This makes sharing and interacting with Ethereum addresses much easier for individuals and businesses.

This week, Ethereum was the second-highest-traded NFT network. Known for supporting many top-tier non-fungible token collections, Ethereum’s NFT sales reached $40 million in the past seven days, a 17% increase from the previous week.

Ethereum Name Service Price Chart

The Ethereum Name Service also saw significant growth today, rising 13.5% to $22.56. Its market capitalization is currently about $682 million, and its average daily trading volume is around $142 million, which jumped by 118.36% in the last day.

This week, ENS’s non-fungible token (NFT) collection, a decentralized domain name protocol on Ethereum, has been the third highest-selling NFT collection. Over the past seven days, the ENS NFT collection has achieved a trading sales volume of $5.4 million, marking a 1,409% increase from the previous week.

2. Raydium (RAY)

Raydium is a project on the Solana blockchain that functions as an Automated Market Maker (AMM), a decentralized exchange (DEX), and a token launchpad. It aims to solve everyday decentralized finance (DeFi) problems, including high gas fees, failed transactions, and fragmented liquidity.

Raydium merges automated market-making with Serum’s central limit order book, creating a hybrid system that offers better liquidity and pricing. Unlike AMMs on Ethereum, Raydium’s connection to Serum’s order book ensures deeper liquidity and faster transaction speeds. 

Raydium Price Chart

Additionally, its Fusion Pools allow liquidity providers to earn rewards from two tokens at once by depositing LP tokens into a single pool. This setup enhances yield farming opportunities and offers users flexible earning strategies.

Raydium is growing steadily with an increasing Total Value Locked (TVL) and expanding partnerships. The platform’s user base is increasing, and it supports a variety of assets. Additionally, Raydium collaborates with key players in the Solana ecosystem to broaden its reach and enhance its functionality. However, Raydium operates exclusively on the Solana blockchain. This means users need a Solana wallet to access Raydium.

Raydium stands out in the Solana ecosystem because of its solid infrastructure, innovative features, and strong community backing. Its hybrid system, efficient AMM algorithm, and appealing tokenomics make it an attractive option for investors and traders in Solana’s DeFi landscape.

3. 99Bitcoins (99BTC)

The 99Bitcoins Token (99BTC) is revolutionizing crypto education and gaining popularity during its presale. With over $2.1 million already raised, analysts predict it could see a tenfold increase in value upon launch. This “Learn-to-Earn” token is creating a buzz among investors. Instead of simply distributing tokens for free, 99Bitcoins engages users to earn them through interactive courses and quizzes.

As users learn about various crypto topics, they earn 99BTC tokens. More tokens are awarded as they unlock more advanced lessons. This strategy effectively motivates the crypto community to enhance their skills. Leaderboards display users’ progress, fostering a competitive spirit as participants strive to outlearn their peers and earn more 99BTC tokens. Once acquired, these tokens can be staked immediately.

The 99Bitcoins Token dashboard indicates annual yields of 820%, with over 1.3 billion 99BTC tokens pledged. This setup combines Learn-to-Earn mechanics with staking, creating a strong feedback loop. Users earn more 99BTC tokens by completing educational materials, which they can stake for higher returns.

Although the Learn-to-Earn model is gaining attention, the 99Bitcoins Token team has an even more ambitious plan: migrating the token to the new BRC-20 standard. By moving to BRC-20, 99Bitcoins Token will be on the world’s largest and most secure blockchain.

This ambitious plan will make 99BTC the first crypto education token on the Bitcoin network. Such integration could bring significant benefits in the future. Holders of 99BTC will not only possess a tradable token but also access a range of crypto services.

Visit the 99Bitcoins Presale.

4. SafePal (SFP)

The SafePal S2 highlights the combination of hardware security and seamless integration. This crypto hardware wallet supports over 100,000 tokens and NFTs across 50 blockchains. It also offers guidance in 15 languages, making it accessible to a global audience.

Developed by Binance Labs, this wallet is compatible with Binance DEX and Binance Spot Trading. Users can manage their assets instantly through the SafePal App. The SafePal S2 continues the air-gapped security feature from its predecessor, the S1.

SafePal Price Chart

This feature ensures complete protection from online threats. The wallet also has a larger battery for longer use and an improved camera for quick QR code scanning during transaction approvals. Advanced features, such as multi-seed word storage, meet the needs of advanced users.

SFP’s price is now $0.7747, up 5.20% in the past 24 hours and 117.49% over the last year. It has medium liquidity, a 30-day volatility of 2.88%, and a volume-to-market cap ratio of 0.0811. Additionally, SFP is trading 33.32% above its 200-day SMA of $0.583112, which indicates stability. 

The 14-day RSI is at 56.59, suggesting a neutral stance with potential for sideways movement. Over the last 30 days, 14 days have been positive, representing 47% of the total and indicating moderate market activity. However, the sentiment for SafePal price prediction remains bullish, and the Fear & Greed Index is 74 (Greed). This overall indicates growing optimism for an uptrend.

5. Rocket Pool (RPL)

The price of RocketPool (RPL) surged by 28.4% within 24 hours, reaching approximately $24.29. Its market capitalization now stands at around $485 million, with a daily trading volume soaring to $170 million—a remarkable increase of 4448.47% in just one day. Rocket Pool is a decentralized staking pool for Ethereum that offers an APR of up to 4.33% on ETH2 staking. Users can join Rocket Pool’s network of decentralized node operators or operate their node with only 16 ETH.

Rocket Pool, a decentralized Ethereum staking pool, provides up to 4.33% APR for ETH2 staking. Users can join the decentralized node operator network or manage their nodes with at least 16 ETH. By running their nodes, users can earn a commission from staking ETH and receive additional RPL rewards for providing RPL collateral, potentially earning up to 6.36% APR from ETH staking plus the extra RPL rewards.


Rocket Pool Price Chart

Rocket Pool offers liquid staking, allowing users to benefit from a rising exchange rate instead of adding to their initial staked collateral, which would be a taxable event. Additionally, Rocket Pool provides smart nodes with custom node software that enables anyone to operate a node on its network.

Rocket Pool makes ETH2 staking accessible to everyone, regardless of their investment size or technical expertise. The main idea is to facilitate trustless ETH staking on a network of decentralized autonomous nodes backed by RPL collateral.

Currently, RPL is trading 12.83% below the 200-day SMA of $28.87 and has experienced 15 green days in the past 30 days (50%). The sentiment for RPL price prediction is bearish. However, the Fear & Greed Index is 74 (Greed), indicating increased token transactions and signaling growing optimism for an uptrend.

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