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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Monday 30 May – Wall Street Memes, XRP, Sandbox

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

XRP (8)
XRP (8)

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The global crypto trading volume in the last 24 hours slid by 18.49% from what we reported in the previous next cryptocurrency to explode. It now stands at $27.47 billion. The decentralized finance wing of things has a total volume of $2.20 billion. This accounts for 8% of the overall crypto market’s trading volume in the last 24 hours. Stablecoins recorded $25.09 billion in trading volume within the same period, and they account for 91.34% of the trading volume.

The king coin, Bitcoin, dominates the market by 46.53%. This is a 009% drop from what was recorded in the last 24 hours.

Notwithstanding, there are assets in the market doing well in their place. These are the category that investors might want to look out for in the first place. Some assets are also doing well in their presale phase and are good to consider. Let’s do a quick rundown of the next cryptocurrency to explode.

The Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

Despite the brief halt in the cryptocurrency market today, there are outstanding gains. Investors’ confidence and trading activities are still keeping the market up and running. These are the necessary factors that should give hope for a quick comeback and inspire confidence. That is why we examine what will be the next cryptocurrency to explode.

1. Wall Street Memes (WSM)

The Wall Street Memes crypto asset is on the move to bring revolutionary effects into the crypto space. As a meme coin, it looks to replicate the giant strides of some meme coins before it. These include Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepecoin. 

The Wall Street Memes token is currently generating a lot of momentum in its presale stage. It already has a community of more than a million people. On top of that, the token was able to raise over $100,000 in a matter of minutes when its presale began. It has now raised more than $1,000,000 in all.

This statistic simply shows that WSM is raising funds almost at a rate of $300,000/day. Investors who wish to have a piece of what will become the next meme cryptocurrency to explode should step up now. There is a possibility that the price increases as the days go by. 

The WSM presale will be over in 4 days and the token now sells at $0.0256. The price will, however, rise by 1.2% when the presale has raised $1.512 million. The price will eventually rise to $0.0337 when the hard cap of $30.577 million has been reached.

The plan is for WSM to aid the legitimacy of meme coins and help create intrinsic utility. By doing that, it will also be able to contribute its quota to democratizing finance. As the next cryptocurrency to explode, you should check it out too.

2. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)

Ecoterra is a crypto platform championing a unique Recycle-to-Earn program. It focuses on rewarding businesses and individuals that recycle glass and plastic wastes. The platform’s major plan is to encourage recycling and reduce atmospheric carbon.

The Ecoterra platform built its system on the Ethereum blockchain. This is designed to help it make sure there is sufficient transparency and security on its network. It also features a marketplace where recycled materials are displayed. Carbon offsets are also traded on the marketplace while it is a means of tracking environmental impacts. This helps to encourage eco-friendly living for everyone involved.  

Ecoterra’s token, ECOTERRA, has immense value and various utilities. This includes being used to participate in staking and earning more rewards. 

Focused on leveraging tech innovations for the environment, the platform has raised more than $4.4 million in presale. It has also gotten award recognition for its significant work. This recognizes its effort at safeguarding the ecosystem.

There are just 4 days left to the close of the presale and ECOTERRA currently sells at $0.0085. Crypto analysts envisage that the price could rise to $0.1 before the end of the year. This should be motivation for investors to take on more of the asset while it sells at its current price. The next cryptocurrency to explode is an eco-friendly asset. 

3. yPredict (YPRED)

yPredict is an AI-powered cryptocurrency trading platform and market watch. It has been on presale and doing impressively well. yPredict and its native cryptocurrency, YPRED, have raised close to $2,000,000 in the ongoing presale. And while at that, it is unlocking more investors’ interest in its project.

The asset currently sells at $0.09 on the 6th stage of the presale. There is, however, more prospect for investors who might not buy now. YPRED will be listed across leading crypto exchanges later in the year but at $0.12. It will also come with a 33% paper gain at that time.

There is a hard cap of $6.5 million ahead of yPredict and it is expected to crush it. The 19 days before the end of the presale remain pregnant with achievable results, according to analysis. This is why able investors might want to give YPRED a shot and get as much as they can.

YPRED, the next cryptocurrency to explode, is pioneering the AI crypto trading help space. Analysts predict that more people will turn to AI for trading help as the year goes by. This is why the future holds a lot of prospects for YPRED especially 

4. Stellar (XLM)

The Stellar platform is one of the top decentralized finance platforms in the world. It’s a leader in the financial space and it recently announced its integration with SWIFT. SWIFT is the international platform for banks that connects them and makes international settlement possible. Banks all over the world are currently subscribed to it.

Integrating with SWIFT opened up opportunities for Stellar to become a distributor. This gives a prospect of higher returns to those who adopt it. With this, XLM might become a major driver of new frontiers in the financial space. This will eventually challenge the long-held position of regular banking institutions.

XLM is currently up by 1.50% over the last 24 hours. Analysts also expect it to be the next cryptocurrency to explode. The major reasons there are so many prospects are those listed above. Investors, over time, have developed much confidence in the product and brand. The move to make its international settlement platform stronger has drawn more investment. 

Analysts’ opinion is that XML will be the next big cryptocurrency after XRP. With that confidence, you might to give it a try and buy what you can.


The IOTA coin is currently up in the market by 1.03% and selling at $0.09005 in 24 hours. But the cumulative increase in the last 7 days is 2.24%, thus, showing considerable strength. 


The platform is distributed ledger that aims to facilitate the Internet of Things. It features a free and scalable service for information to be sent and received between devices. This will not require any central authority for them to exchange this information.

IOTA, according to analysts, should make many technological advancements this year. The expected features are expected to make the platform more appealing to developers and businesses alike. The first development expected this year is an upgrade to IOTA 2.0. This will come with some new features like other native tokens and smart contracts.

IOTA is also expected to launch its Assembly. This is an L2 platform that will let developers on the platform build other complex apps on the IOTA platform. Importantly, IOTA’s ecosystem is equally expected to grow exponentially. As more developers and businesses adopt it, the more utility it will gain.

Once the expected development takes place, MIOTA, as the native cryptocurrency of the platform will also scale. Investors are buying the asset ahead of time and others should join them too. The means of getting a piece of the next cryptocurrency to explode is as easy as going on eToro.

6. Ripple (XRP)

The price of XRP has gained by 3.59% over the last 24 hours and currently trades at $0.4995. XRP has been doing well in the market recently. This is because there is a general expectation that Ripple will win its long-drawn legal battle against the US SEC. Thus, getting to be the next crypto to explode.

The current level the XRP token finds itself accounts for an 8.08% increase in its values in 7 days. The altcoin has, thus, risen by 47% this year so far. This sharp gain came in the wake of signals that the legal battle between the SEC and Ripple is almost over. The point was further driven home by emails from SEC which indicates the case might be decided in Ripple’s favor.


As a result of that, XRP is on its way to a huge rally, making it the next cryptocurrency to explode. It is now the best time for new and old investors alike to dip their hands in to secure their place.

Analytically, the asset’s price and its 30-day simple moving average have both gone beyond its set 200-day average. This indicates the likelihood of breaking out to a fresh long-term increase.  While at that, its RSI has equally grown beyond 70 in some cases in the last few days. This shows that there is good buying pressure around the token. Investors who do not want to be left out in the gathering momentum should into eToro to invest.

7. Quant (QNT)

Quant recently announced the latest version of its ledger technology. It said the new version will let it get connected with Avalanche’s blockchain network. The latest development is part of Quant’s effort to its network user-friendly and reliable. The platform’s gateway API, Overledger, has a C-chain as part of its setup and it supports connection to the Avalanche network. Quant’s CPO, Martin Hargreaves, said integrating the support is designed to let users issue, interact with, and manage assets on Avalanche’s network.


Quant’s main objective is interoperability. It aims to be able to connect blockchains with each other and blockchains with other systems. QNT, the platform’s native cryptocurrency currently trades at $114.25 and is up by 4.26%. It has a trading volume of $24.8 million. Investors are back gradually after a brief hiatus. Crypto experts are changing their minds back to being positive about the coin after the surprise turn.

Interested investors who would like to benefit from future QNT profit have a chance of getting in now. Price can jump rapidly and rise beyond $200 within a week. The prospect of that is why the asset in the next cryptocurrency to explode and why it invites investors. The best place to look in the event of a decision to invest is in eToro.

8. The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox (SAND) is up by 0.69% on the day as it sells at $0.549. The asset’s rise has been consistent over the last 7 days and beyond. It has risen by a cumulative percentage of 7.68% in that time.

SAND_1D_graph_coinmarketcap (1)

As an innovative digital gaming experience, The Sandbox plans to initiate a revolutionary gaming era. It recently marked reaching a significant milestone as it completed a million gasless deals. This was achievable with the help of Biconomy.

Its native cryptocurrency, SAND, gives users the power to participate in governance in the metaverse and the network. The users, thus, have a voice when it’s time to chart a course for the platform.

With the power of decentralized governance, SAND holders can effectively take part in voting activities. Furthermore, they have the power to suggest ideas that would improve the Sandbox experience in line with the platform’s vision.

The immense power SAND gives to its holders in the Sandbox experience is why investors should look into it. It is thrilling and will draw more usage as the years go by. The next cryptocurrency to explode can be looked up on eToro.

9. The Graph (GRT)

The Graph’s native token, GRT, is selling 3.30% up at $0.1303 on the day. It has also recently drawn a lot of attention from investors. GRT traded up at 7.36% cumulatively over the last 7 days.

The Graph network has a clear course of action to pursue this year. Among other things, it plans to enhance its platform functionality and strengthen security. The platform is turning away its focus from, Sub Stream and Hosted Service to Firehouse. It is also migrating its protocol from layer 2 to Arbitrum One.

The platform is known for a good level of speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness. It now looks to improve this further by working on its user experience. It will also deploy Web3 innovations and its API to achieve this.

Once the positive development is firmly established, it will further develop the platform and improve collaborations. This will aid a bullish run and of course, cement GRT’s place as the next cryptocurrency to explode. This will get the asset’s price to a minimum level cost of $0.251. This is, therefore, the best time for investors to jump at the opportunity to buy GRT on eToro on a large scale.

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