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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Friday 28 July – Launchpad XYZ, TRON, Casper

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Casper CSPR
Casper CSPR

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The Bank of Japan has announced its monetary policy as expected. The bank maintained its loose monetary policy but adjusted its yield curve control. The BOJ said the 0.5% on 10-year bonds has now become a reference point. The bank will buy such bonds at a 1% rate.

The latest development from Japan caused the Yen to rise in the midst of the volatility. Stocks and bonds dropped points from their values as a result of the release.

Whereas, stocks in China continue to gain as the hope of a stimulus implementation keeps driving the market. The BOJ’s decision is the last this week in the line-up of events to give the financial market direction. Decisions from the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank set the pace for stock markets in those places.

Global finance is expected to settle into the central bank rate decisions and begin an uptrend soon. Once the Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, indicated that there may be more hikes, it is another event for the market to look forward to.

While policy decisions got everyone’s attention globally, the crypto market has been dilly-dallying. It rose by minimal points for the last 3 days but it has returned to the bearish zone in the last 24 hours. It is now down by 0.78% from our last next cryptocurrency to explode post.

The Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

Now that the weekend is starting, there may be little difference in the market’s sentiment till a new week begins. Traders may, however, be able to pull a level of trades through so the market will be kept in equilibrium. Some projects could announce developments and updates that will increase trading activities on their network.

Whatever happens, the strength of the global financial scene will be a determining factor in how crypto turns out. Policy announcements from other places like Australia will now be influenced by the ones preceding it.

1. Launchpad XYZ (LPX)

While the crypto market may be relatively complex for beginners, there are platforms working to make it easy. That is where Launchpad XYZ comes in. It is an all-inclusive platform that plans to streamline the usually dispersed Web3 space and make users’ journeys easier.

The project’s ongoing presale of its native token, LPX, has been gaining traction. This gives signs of a rich level of interest from the crypto community and various investors. Launchpad XYZ is positioning itself as the leading crypto platform for this year.

The LPX tokens are sold for $0.0455 at the current stage of the presale. The price will increase to $0.046 at the next stage. The token promises a profit of about 27% just a bit ahead. 

Launchpad XYZ is curating the best projects from decentralized finance to NFTs, metaverse, and P2E games. This offers unbiased access to web3 so users can have a fantastic user experience. They will also be able to launch their apps with ease.

One of the outstanding features of this platform is its DeFi trading space. It plans to use it to equip the platform users with tools for trading, analyzing, investing, and using web3 assets generally.

Its presale analysis makes sure that there is another security layer provided. It lets users vet new crypto projects. This will make it safer for investors to invest. 

Launchpad XYZ actually goes beyond trading but ventures into educating users too. Realizing how important education is, the platform sets a section aside to train newcomers. They will learn about the central elements that have an influence on how they earn. The platform wants to make sure that no one is left behind. 

Part of Launchpad XYZ’s means of ensuring education is its newsletter called “Trading Edge.” It is a means of providing up-to-date information on trading and investment with analysis. It helps users fine-tune their trading strategies. 

GameFi is also an important part of Launchpad XYZ. It let users have access to P2E games through the Metaverse. The game supports web3 wallets for easy in-app transactions and crypto self-custody.

At the heart of this network is its LPX token. Holders have access to stake their holdings which will give them access to a lot of benefits. These include fee discounts when carrying out transactions, early NFT access, P2E games in their beta versions, as well as community badges.

The plan to have LPX listed on crypto exchanges is a move that will further drive its adoption. More adoption is also expected when some of its features are launched later in the third quarter.

LPX will launch later this year with an expected fully diluted market capitalization of $70 million. Launchpad XYZ is really a platform to watch out for this year, while its token is definitely the next cryptocurrency to explode.

2. Casper (CSPR)

Casper is currently seeing an uptrend after a while in the woods. Although it may not exactly be the next cryptocurrency to explode, its new level is worth taking note of. Its price prediction shows that the network’s native token, CSPR, saw a raise from its support line. While attempting to retest its resistance, observers are wondering if it will eventually work.

Casper started Friday with a 4.97% gain. The indication of a trend change gave hope to holders who have wondered how long it will stay in the dark. 


Casper may be reflecting the market’s sentiment from some investors who seek alternative investments. CSPR first took a bearish turn in April when it failed to break above its resistance level. It could not pull that feat through except it had gained sufficient support from traders so it could resume its earlier trend.

Investors’ opinion concerning CSPR has been neutral for months. While the market is down but Casper is gaining renewed attention, it may be time to increase momentum around the cryptocurrency.

The days of bearish sentiment around Casper may be getting over. Bulls now have to take the lead and increase trading activities in order to sustain the current wave.

3. Immutable X (IMX)

Immutable X received boosts early on Friday as Casper did. Its price increase is, however, a result of developments concerning the network’s native token, IMX. 

The news came from South Korea that a crypto exchange based in the country, Upbit, is about to list IMX. Before now, Upbit had only supported IMX deposits coming from Ethereum. But trading IMX on Upbit will now be open from 4:00 UTC on Friday.

Immutable X is an Ethereum-based layer 2 scaling solution for blockchain networks. The network specializes in minting NFTs and trading them. It also provides NFT development tools, development APIs, and Web3 games.


IMX, being the native token, gives users access to participate in governance and pay for utility within the ecosystem. Holders of the IMX token can also stake it so they will receive rewards and take part in decision-making processes.

Another factor responsible for IMX’s price action is its platform’s partnerships. Ef Defense, one of the developers using Immutable X, restated its commitment to the platform’s zero-knowledge EVM tool on Thursday. The CEO said via a statement that Ef Defense had more than 30 million downloads through which it generated a revenue of more than $80 million.

He added that he believes that working with Immutable X will bring his company more opportunities to learn needed expertise. With that, they will be able to promote their web3 games in different forms. They will also be able to communicate better with users while developing their platform.

The statement follows Immutable X’s announcement that game value in its ecosystem has surpassed $2.5 billion. This came after it entered a partnership with Polygon.


TRON’s native token, TRX, saw an uptick on Friday. It puts the token on the path of the next cryptocurrency to explode too. No matter how small the currency margin is. It is selling at $0.08366 at the time of this report. TRX has now gained about 33.46% in the course of the last 6 months.

An analysis of the data reveals that the short-term increase is a positive sign in the midst of the market’s bearish atmosphere. The latest uptick comes on the back of TRX’s consolidation of the $0.08 price level. That is the level it has successfully established support.


The analysis also points to the fact that the days ahead look positive for the asset. The bullish move is supported by strong activities on the platform and other developments coming on the TRON network itself.

With the positive outlook for both short and long terms, traders should only get ready to keep buying as the price moves towards $0.10. There may, however, be minor setbacks. It depends on the general market’s pulse.

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The Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

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