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Newly Released Meme Coin To Invest In Now, Thursday, July 4 – WienerAI, Bernie Senders, Chacha, Maga Momiji

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The SEC’s imminent approval of a spot Ethereum ETF marks a pivotal moment in cryptocurrency’s evolution. This development will impact Ethereum and potentially reshape the entire crypto industry’s landscape. Rob Nelson and David Uhryniak offer insights into the far-reaching implications of this significant event.

Newly Released Meme Coin To Invest In Now

In this article, we spotlight standout performers among recent cryptocurrency entrants. We pay particular attention to WienerAIt, highlighting its creative applications. We also look into $CHACHA, which broke records by getting listed on CoinMarketCap mere hours after its debut.

We delve into the creativity of $MOMIJI, blending anime culture with political memes. Then, we move on to $BERNIE, which is transitioning towards actual community ownership and management. 

1. WienerAI ($WAI)

WienerAI is revolutionizing crypto trading as the world’s most advanced consumer AI trading bot. This innovative project combines the whimsical concept of a sausage dog with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. It also aims to become the “top dog” in the charts, offering a unique blend of humor and sophisticated trading capabilities.

Built on the Ethereum network, WienerAI leverages blockchain technology to provide a secure and efficient trading experience. It utilizes predictive technology and a user-friendly AI interface to help traders navigate the volatile crypto market. WienerAI aims to democratize advanced trading strategies, making them accessible to seasoned traders and newcomers alike.

The project addresses a common problem in the crypto space by offering an AI-powered trading partner. It allows users to quickly scan the market for opportunities, providing an edge in identifying promising investments. WienerAI’s combination of predictive technology and ease of use sets it apart in the competitive world of crypto trading bots.

WienerAI boasts several key features that enhance its appeal to traders. Its AI-enhanced trading interface offers instant, predictive, and user-friendly analysis of market conditions. The platform facilitates seamless token swaps, ensuring users take advantage of lucrative opportunities. 

Recent news from the WienerAI team celebrates reaching the $7 million milestone in their presale. This achievement underscores the growing enthusiasm and support for the project within the crypto community. The team expresses gratitude to their supporters and optimism about the project’s prospects.

The ongoing WienerAI presale has generated significant interest, raising over $7 million towards its $7.39 million goal. The presale is structured in stages, each lasting two days, with the token price increasing at each stage. Currently, tokens are available at $0.000725, offering early investors a chance to acquire tokens at a lower price.

As part of its roadmap, WienerAI is actively seeking partnerships to expand its ecosystem and capabilities. This strategic approach aims to enhance the platform’s functionality and reach within the crypto community. The team behind WienerAI is committed to building a robust network of collaborators to support its growth.

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2. Chacha ($CHACHA)

Chacha is a new project inspired by the story of Kabosu, famously known as Doge, and his companion, Chacha. This innovative token captures the spirit of companionship and love embodied by these beloved internet icons. It seeks to create a unique space in the cryptocurrency world that celebrates enduring friendships and the legacy of internet culture.

Built on the Ethereum ecosystem, Chacha benefits from the robust infrastructure and wide adoption of this leading blockchain platform. This choice of technology ensures that $CHACHA can leverage Ethereum’s security features and extensive network of decentralized applications. It also positions Chacha to integrate with various existing Ethereum-based projects and services.

Chacha price chart

Chacha has already established key partnerships with prominent players in the cryptocurrency space, including Uniswap, Dextools, and Etherscan. These collaborations provide $CHACHA with essential trading infrastructure, visibility, and transparency tools. Such partnerships are crucial for new cryptocurrency projects, enhancing credibility and accessibility for potential investors and users.

Recent developments have shown Chacha’s commitment to creating value for its holders and honoring its inspirations. The project has burned 2.5% of the total $CHACHA supply, potentially increasing the value of remaining tokens. Additionally, Chacha has sent 2.5% of its total supply and 11 ETH to Billy Markus, the creator of Dogecoin.

Chacha has achieved a significant milestone by securing a listing on CoinMarketCap within four hours of its launch. This rapid listing demonstrates the project’s initial solid momentum and appeal to the cryptocurrency community. It also provides $CHACHA with increased visibility and credibility in the competitive meme coin market.

The market has responded positively to Chacha’s launch and recent developments. Currently trading at $0.0000003696, $CHACHA has seen an impressive increase of 17.56%. This price movement suggests growing interest and confidence in the project among cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts.

3. MAGA Momiji ($MOMIJI)

MAGA Momiji is a meme token inspired by a parody of the Touhou Project character, Momiji Inubashiri. The character has been reimagined wearing a MAGA hat, blending anime culture with political memes. This unique combination has gained traction on platforms like 4chan, r/The_Donald, and Twitter.

Its concept stems from making memes and America great again, echoing Donald J. Trump’s campaign slogan. MAGA Momiji operates with a locked liquidity pool and implements a 0% buy-and-sell tax structure. These features aim to provide stability and attract traders looking for low-fee transactions.

MAGA Momiji price chart

Recent developments for MAGA Momiji include reaching a milestone of over 500 token holders. The project has also launched advertisements on 4chan, targeting its core audience where the meme originated.

MAGA Momiji has secured partnerships with key players in the decentralized finance space. These collaborations include Uniswap, Dextools, Dexscreener, and CoinMarketCap, enhancing the token’s visibility and accessibility to traders.

The token is currently experiencing significant market momentum. MAGA Momiji is trading at $0.00002577, showing a substantial increase of 29.80% in recent trading. This price movement suggests growing interest and potential speculative activity around the token.


Bernie Senders is a community-driven meme coin on the Solana blockchain, inspired by the American politician Bernie Sanders. The project combines humor with cryptocurrency, aiming to unite people in making money and having fun together. Its playful tagline, “Now hand me my mittens, it’s time to get to work,” sets a lighthearted tone for its community.

The token boasts a 0% tax structure and has burned its liquidity pool tokens, demonstrating a commitment to fairness and decentralization. These features aim to attract traders and investors looking for transparent and community-focused projects. By removing potential barriers to entry, it encourages broader participation and trading activity.

Bernie price chart

Recent developments show that Bernie Senders is transitioning towards actual community ownership and management. Community members have stepped forward to take on the role of CTO, indicating a grassroots approach to project development. This move aligns with the project’s ethos of being a community-driven initiative.

It has established partnerships with key players in the Solana ecosystem, including Jupiter Exchange and Raydium. These collaborations enhance the token’s liquidity and accessibility, making it easier for users to trade and interact with $BERNIE. It has also applied for listings on major cryptocurrency tracking platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

The market has responded positively to Bernie Senders, with the token currently trading at $0.001445. This represents a significant price increase of 53.79%, reflecting growing interest and confidence in the project. Such price movement suggests that Bernie Senders is gaining traction among meme coin enthusiasts and Solana ecosystem participants.

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