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New Meme Coin Pepe Unchained Bags $660,000 In 48 Hours, Presale Surges To $1.7 Million

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Pepe Unchained
Pepe Unchained

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With $1.2 million raised in just its first week, Pepe Unchained ($PEPU) has added another $660,000 in the last two days, taking its total funds to $1.7 million.

Pepe Unchained is gaining unstoppable momentum, captivating the crypto market with a meaner, faster, and ultimately superior version of Pepe that features its own Layer 2 blockchain on Ethereum.

Its native token $PEPU is currently available at a price of $0.0081939 per token but will quickly jump to $0.00822670 in less than two days as the presale moves on to its next stage.

Each day, swarms of new investors are discovering this liberated version of Pepe, boosting the case for a future major exchange listing that could easily send its price soaring.

Grab $PEPU now before it hops ahead of Pepe ($PEPE)!

$PEPE Has Bounced Back, But $PEPU Is A Strong New Rival

Meme coins are pressing forward with another bullish day, rising by 4.51% in the past 24 hours to propel their market cap to $49 billion. 

Trading volumes surged by 21.42% during the same period, reaching $3.2 billion.

$PEPE, which lagged behind the broader subsector last week, has swiftly regained its stride with a notable 7.48% gain, while Pepecoin ($PEPECOIN) also surged by 7% in the past day.

One catalyst behind the resurgence of Pepe-themed coins is American investment firm VanEck’s mysterious post. 

The viral meme posted on X featured a frog, among other animals, taking charge in a boardroom meeting, which had Pepe fans going into a mad frenzy.

But it’s not just the Pepe 1.0s that scored from VanEck’s post, Pepe Unchained also took advantage of the market’s reignited love for all things Pepe. 

The increase in funds raised equates to a substantial 46% rise, which significantly outpaces the gains seen with other Pepe-themed coins.

This has put $PEPU in the spotlight, amping up the anticipation of the launch of its chain.

Pepe Unchained’s Blockchain Is Launching Soon – Enjoy High Staking Rewards For Now

Pepe Unchained’s Layer 2 solution on Ethereum makes higher transaction capacities and low transaction fees possible.

This innovation is what sets $PEPU apart from its predecessors. 

Although a specific timeline has yet to be announced for the launch of its chain, Pepe Unchained has hinted on X that news is coming soon.

Another thing that gets investors pumped is that the chain isn’t just about improving transactions – it represents an entire ecosystem that could position $PEPU at the forefront of the market.

As a new blockchain ecosystem, which will even have its own blockchain explorer, it could also serve as a launchpad for other exciting tokens.

Now, for eager investors looking to ride to the moon with $PEPU, the presale is still ongoing.

It even offers staking features that allow investors to beef up their fresh $PEPU holdings while awaiting the blockchain launch.

Staking with Pepe Unchained currently offers an APY of 1,115%.

This kind of high staking returns is exactly why 99Bitcoins, with its YouTube channel of 705,000 subscribers, views $PEPU as a hidden gem investors should not miss out on.

To buy $PEPU, visit Pepe Unchained’s website, connect your wallet, and make a purchase using ETH, USDT, or BNB. Credit card payments are also accepted.

Stay informed about the latest news and developments by joining the Pepe Unchained community on X and Telegram.

The crypto community has spoken and they want Pepe Unchained. 

Buy $PEPU now and join the movement to set Pepe loose!

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