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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today – Smudge Cat, XSale, Mochi

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Cowabunga 2
Cowabunga 2

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We explore some of the newest cryptocurrency releases on the market right now, recently listed on exchanges and featured on CoinMarketCap.

Hence, in today’s update, we’ll select new cryptocurrency listings from different categories to create a wider pool of information for investors. 

We’ve ensured that the information provided about each cryptocurrency featured below is accurate. And the bulk of the information shared was gathered from each project’s whitepaper and website. 

Nonetheless, it may help to further research to get additional information about the tokens. 

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today

The crypto market is currently tilted in the direction of memecoins. It is surprising to see renewed interest in the sector after several weeks of declining attention. Today’s CoinMarketCap’s gainer list highlights Pepe, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin as top gainers. Consequently, many memecoin presales also saw a boost in engagement. The question flying across the internet now is whether we’ve entered another memecoin season. Read to the end to discover more details. 

1. Smudge Cat (SMUDCAT) 

Smudge Cat is positioning itself as the new memecoin to overtake Dogecoin. According to the information on its website, the project is to raise a community of memecoin lovers who will work together towards creating mutual wealth. 

It further explained that the Smudge Cat project had established robust tokenomics that put the community first in all situations. It claims that 100% of the SMUDCAT token goes to the community. Also, the new cryptocurrency project claims its transactions do not involve trading taxes. The project page on CoinMarketCap provides further details, and a brief snippet is included below. 

SmudgeCat Price Chart

Smudge Cat Coin is a revolutionary memecoin inspired by the famous “Woman Yelling at a Cat” meme featuring the adorable and expressive Smudge the Cat. SMUDCAT is more than just a memecoin; it represents the power of community, the joy of laughter, and the potential for limitless growth in cryptocurrency. What makes your project unique? Its passionate and tight-knit community drives SMUDCAT. With 100% tokens dedicated to the community and LPs burned, your project emphasizes inclusivity, transparency, and collective decision-making power. Smudge Cat is an internet sensation recognized and loved globally. Using Smudge Cat as your project’s mascot creates an instant connection with millions of cat lovers worldwide, giving SMUDCAT a unique and endearing charm.

According to the data obtained from CoinMarketCap, the new token has a price of $0.000013. Also, SMUDCAT has a market cap of $6.17M, based on its current price. Furthermore, over $1,184,529 worth of SMUDCAT has changed hands in the last 24 hours. At the time of putting the review together, nothing is known about the circulating supply of the token. However, its total supply is pegged at 500 billion tokens. SMUDCAT is listed on SushiSwap V3(Base) and ranks #2276 on CoinMarketCap. 

2. Cowabunga Coin (COWABUNGA)

The Cowabunga Coin is one of the latest additions to the crypto presale trend, and it’s about to secure its place as the most vibrant. 

COWABUNGA’s presale went live a few days ago and has since caught the attention of several degen investors. 

The fundamentals of the project involve its drive for a lively and driven community with the energy of youth. 

Its fundamental belief explains why the project chose to brand itself after the popular TMNT series. 

Cowabunga Coin raising a community of investors and fun lovers who want to taste intense vibes while still sticking with the ideals of crypto investments. 

Investors have the opportunity to come on board as the presale is still in its early phase, with about $35,472 raised so far. 

However, it’s best to hasten up as the token price will increase slightly after 24 hours. Currently, the price is $0.000357. As soon as the deadline elapses, that price will increase. The presale page provides additional information about the project and its benefits. 

Visit Cowabunga Coin presale.

3. XSale (XS)

Xsale is described as a new cryptocurrency project that’s aimed at providing visibility for Web 3 projects. According to its website, the project is a decentralized Launchpad Protocol. 

It provides an environment for developers to initiate fundraising launches. Its claims further stated that the platform would incentivize successful launches and ensure investor safety through blockchain-based solutions. The users are granted access to the platform through the XS token. The CoinMarketCap summary below provides additional information about the project. 

XSale Price Chart

Xsale is a decentralized protocol built upon the foundation of incentivizing successful crypto startups across all major blockchains. Our philosophy is simple. Reward teams who create projects via our launchpad that provide high ROI for the investors. The roll-on effect this has is astonishingly high. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all investors and give countless opportunities for profits. The project follows a 3% tax mechanism which is linked directly to the future developments of the launchpad and marketing activities.

From the information available on its website, Xsale tokenomics features a range of added value. Its price as of today is $0.144747. And in the last 24 hours, it has recorded a trading volume of $226,862. Furthermore, XSALE ranks #2681 on CoinMarketCap and is said to have a max supply of 1 million tokens. Information about its circulating supply is not stated. At press time, the token has a market cap of $167,006.54.

4. BaseApe (BAPE)

The BaseApe project describes itself as a movement to create a community where fellow apes are brought under the umbrella of the Base ecosystem. The base ecosystem is further described as a community-driven content creation movement that the Base Chain powers. Furthermore, the new coinBAPE, is said to be the native currency that binds the community together. Below is what its description on CoinMarketCap has to say. 

BaseApe Price Chart

The Baseape project aims to introduce individuals to the Base ecosystem through its fun and friendly mascot, Baseape! The project is community owned and managed, with strict limits on individual holdings to promote decentralization and widespread adoption. By leveraging the power of memes and community-driven content creation, Baseape aims to increase awareness and understanding of the Baseape universe, serving as a guide and companion to all Baseapeauts along the way!

Today’s price update on CoinMarketCap shows that BAPE sells for $0.000225 and has a trading volume of $65,443.45 in the last 24 hours. Its market cap deduced from its current price is $113,244.14. The new cryptocurrency has a max supply of 1 billion tokens, ranked at #3322 on CMC. Currently, BAPE is listed on SushiSwap V3 (Base) and RocketSwap. 

5. Mochi (MOCHI)

According to its website, the Mochi project is an attempt to immortalize the pet cat of Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase. On the other hand, Brian named his cat Mochi after the founder of Bitcoin. 

With this project, the Mochi Team attempts to create a community of Memecoin lovers who are willing to enjoy the companionship of one another and a shared interest in the love of cats. 

The team believes that the community has the potential to help its members reach profitability through mutual interest. Additional information is provided below. 

Brian’s beloved baby cat. Sister of $TOSHI! Mochi is a community drive token in basechain that aims to unite community members. Mochi is the first community-driven meme coin driven by community members and aims to bring community members together.

Mouchi Price Chart

History of your project. Brian’s beloved baby cat. Sister of $TOSHI! Living on base chain Tradable on SushiSwap. Become the biggest meme coin on the basechain. Mochi, like Dogecoin, is still a memecoin, and we are going to consider some uses for it in the future.

As of today, the price of MOCHI is $0.021731. And in the last 24 hours, over $559,123 worth of MOCHI has been traded in the market. Furthermore, the information shared on its official Twitter handle shows that MOCHI has already crossed the 1000 holders’ mark. So far, there is no information about its circulating supply, but its max supply is pegged at 100 million tokens. Finally, CoinMarketCap ranks the token at #2422.

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