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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – RunesBridge, XRootAI, Flame

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The market has witnessed several movements, with the much-anticipated decision over the first wave of spot Ethereum ETFs drawing close. Expecting a green light on the situation, investors are looking for cryptocurrencies to leverage the projected bull to follow.

In light of this, new cryptocurrency releases, listings, & presales are flooding the market. This article reviews tokens, covering their features, utilities and market viability.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

RunesBridge pioneers blockchain interoperability by developing bridges that connect Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks to the Bitcoin network through the Runes Protocol. Reflecting its growing adoption in the crypto market, 99Bitcoins recently achieved over $1.4 million in funding. 

Operating on the Arbitrum network, the Flame Token caters to various needs within the DeFi ecosystem, empowering users to earn passive income through staking and participation. Notably, the New York Attorney General announces a $2 billion settlement with crypto lender Genesis, marking significant progress in regulatory measures.

1. RunesBridge (RB)

RunesBridge pioneers blockchain interoperability by developing bridges that connect Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks to the Bitcoin network through the Runes Protocol. This innovative approach allows users to transfer assets between chains securely and cost-effectively. 

Through interaction with other blockchain networks, RunesBridge enhances Bitcoin’s utility while ensuring safety and ease of use. Moreover, the platform emphasizes user-friendliness, providing a straightforward experience for managing digital assets across different networks.

Importantly, RunesBridge prioritizes the security and integrity of cross-network transactions. It uses robust encryption mechanisms and decentralized architecture to protect users’ digital assets and ensure transaction integrity. Additionally, committed to affordability, RunesBridge optimizes resource usage and reduces transaction costs. This approach makes cross-chain interactions more accessible.

RB Price Chart

The RunesBridge Dapp offers several features designed to enhance the user experience. Users can easily set up Runes Tokens, facilitating their entry into decentralized finance. 

They can also generate new Runes Tokens under predefined conditions like fair mint or block limit. Furthermore, the Dapp enables the effortless and secure transfer of Runes Tokens between users or addresses, whether for investment or exploration. 

Plus, users can check their Runes balance at any time, thus maintaining full control over their assets. The Dapp features a simple interface for easy navigation that caters to beginners and experienced crypto users. To ensure a reliable and fresh user experience, RunesBridge commits to regular updates and integrates the latest enhancements from Casey’s code.

Regarding partnerships, RunesBridge collaborates with TunaChain to cultivate a vibrant Bitcoin ecosystem. Additionally, it successfully deploys a bridge between Ethereum and ZetaChain, a strategic partner. 

The bridge contract, audited by Beosin_com, facilitates the transfer of $RB and other Runes tokens. This feature will be available soon. Overall, RunesBridge offers a promising solution for blockchain interoperability, focusing on security, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness.

2. 99Bitcoins (99BTC)

The recent funding achievement of over $1.4 million by 99Bitcoins reflects its growing adoption in the crypto market. Backed by the reputable 99Bitcoins platform, renowned for its accessible blockchain education, the project exhibits promise. This is mirrored by the development team’s decision to allocate $99,999 worth of Bitcoin through an airdrop initiative for early community members,

Moreover, 99Bitcoins offers a “Learn-to-Earn,” rewarding token holders to expand their blockchain knowledge via interactive courses and quizzes. As participants progress, they earn 99BTC directly to their wallets, with long-term holders enjoying attractive APYs currently set at 1153%.

The project’s tokenomics, as outlined in its whitepaper, demonstrate thoughtful allocation. The distribution strategy appears well-considered, with a capped total supply of 99 billion tokens. Notably, 10.5% is earmarked for presale buyers, 14% is dedicated to staking rewards, and 44.5% is allocated for community incentives and project growth funds.

The ongoing airdrop campaign, aimed at rewarding 99 winners from over 6,900 entries, has generated significant anticipation. The forthcoming announcement of winners on July 19th is eagerly awaited. Overall, the emphasis on education, strategic tokenomics, and enticing rewards positions the 99BTC token as a promising option for investors exploring opportunities in the cryptocurrency arena.

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3. Flame (FLAME)

The Flame Token operates on the Arbitrum network, catering to various needs within the DeFi ecosystem. Besides token ownership, the Flame Token empowers users to earn passive income, facilitated through staking and participation on the platform. Meanwhile, Flame Token seeks to enhance its utility through strategic partnerships, aiming to extend its reach and offerings to users through collaborative efforts.

Moreover, the protocol offers a feature called “FLAMEDAO,” a platform where token holders make meaningful community contributions through democratic decision-making processes. This approach reflects the project’s commitment to community involvement and decentralization. 

Besides, Flame Token supports the growth and development of innovative projects and startups via its incubation program. For example, it offers mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities to nurture promising ventures.

Flame Price Chart

Flame Token also offers the Flame Token Launcher, a platform that enables entrepreneurs and innovators without coding expertise to launch custom tokens on the Arbitrum network. 

This improves token creation and deployment, fostering a more inclusive environment for innovation within the DeFi space. Furthermore, Flame Token facilitates lending activities, allowing users to borrow against their crypto assets as collateral, thereby accessing liquidity while retaining ownership of their holdings.

Regarding partnerships, the integration with Flamd and xdefi_wallet signifies a concerted effort to expand Flame Token’s ecosystem and enhance its functionality. Recent developments include Flame Token’s listing on Coincodex, a notable milestone that potentially increases its visibility and accessibility within the broader cryptocurrency market.

Overall, Flame Token presents a comprehensive suite of features and initiatives to foster growth, innovation, and community engagement within the DeFi landscape, positioning itself as a significant player in the evolving crypto ecosystem.


XRootAI introduces a comprehensive ecosystem to refine the user experience and enhance community empowerment through sophisticated tools and insights. The protocol offers a spectrum of customized AI services tailored to diverse requirements. These solutions range from refined trading algorithms to personalized bots, accessible across platforms like Discord and Telegram for utility and entertainment. 

The platform’s native token, XROOTAI Token, is the gateway to its ecosystem. The token distribution mechanism is transparent and equitable, fostering community engagement and recognizing contributions. 

XROOTAI Price Chart

Premier offerings include RootX, a comprehensive toolkit amalgamating research tools, market insights, and seamless transaction processes to augment crypto trading endeavors. Additionally, tailored data streams cater to industry needs, furnishing users with real-time, sector-specific data feeds for competitive advantage. 

Meanwhile, XRootAI’s proficiency extends across various industry sectors, including financial trading, digital collectibles, and SaaS applications. Besides, advanced web AI capabilities and interactive conversational bots bolster its solutions. 

Moreover, recent milestones include listing on Coingecko and establishing strategic partnerships with industry stalwarts such as Nvidia, AMD, and Google Cloud, further consolidating its position as a pioneering force in the cryptocurrency domain. 

Supported by reputable entities like Coingecko, Etherscan, OpenAI, and Coinmarketcap, XRootAI underscores its commitment to innovation and collaboration within the crypto ecosystem.

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