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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – Particle Trade, WELL3, NATIX Network

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NATIX Network
NATIX Network

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The rise of several “play-to-earn” projects is making cryptocurrency more accessible to a wider audience. Meanwhile, the performance of projects like Notcoin (NOT) has generated market hype, underscoring the growing momentum toward widespread cryptocurrency adoption. Moreover, Hong Kong’s pilot of China’s digital Yuan indicates a growing acceptance of digital currencies.

With the positive market outlook, investors are keen to stay informed about new cryptocurrency launches, listings, and presales. This article aims to provide a comprehensive list of these tokens, catering to the needs of enthusiastic investors.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

Particle presents an ecosystem of liquidity restaking protocols that enable permissionless leverage trading and interest rate swaps through LAMM. LAMM is notable for being the first protocol to list and trade any ERC20 token with leverage. Meanwhile, NATIX has developed innovative AI technology to make cameras smart and privacy-compliant. This technology has been successfully implemented at organizations such as E.ON, the City of the Hague, and Deutsche Telekom, effectively addressing significant privacy concerns associated with camera usage.

WELL3 leverages blockchain technology in the wellness sector to enhance health data management. Additionally, the Pepe Unchained presale has already raised over $2.1 million, with further price increases anticipated within the next day. Lastly, experts believe that approving spot ether ETFs could significantly impact crypto prices.

1. Particle Trade (PTC)

Particle presents an ecosystem of liquidity restaking protocols. These enable permissionless leverage trading and interest rate swaps through LAMM, the first protocol to list and trade any ERC20 token with leverage. Like Uniswap popularized Automated Market Makers (AMMs) for token trading, LAMM aims to make any token tradable with leverage.

Particle allows traders to long or short any token with leverage, provided sufficient liquidity exists. The maximum leverage depends on the concentration of supplied liquidity. Furthermore, the trading interface is user-friendly, resembling a simplified perpetual contract UI.

Particle Trade Price Chart

When providing liquidity, LAMM ensures that liquidity providers (LPs) earn higher yields without additional impermanent loss compared to the underlying AMM, such as Uniswap v3. Until liquidity is borrowed for leverage trading, it is used for swapping in the AMM. When borrowed, liquidity generates the same yield as swapping, plus a position fee. This process, called liquidity restaking, locks borrowed liquidity for a maximum of three days, allowing liquidity reclaiming.

LAMM does not rely on price oracles. Each leverage position is designed to keep the LP position whole, eliminating the risk of price oracle manipulation. Without a price oracle, LAMM does not impose price-based liquidations. Instead, it uses a premium model similar to fixed-term borrowing. Therefore, a position will not necessarily be liquidated even if prices move unfavorably.

Unlike other perpetual decentralized exchanges (DEXs), much of the profit and loss (PnL) comes from the counterparty’s inverse PnL. In contrast, LAMM’s PnL derives directly from the underlying asset’s price movement. Thus, positive returns are achievable when liquidity is available, even in extreme market conditions with an imbalanced long/short ratio.

Particle has formed strategic partnerships with several entities, including Flooring Protocol, ParaX ai, Yat Fantasy, and ThrusterFi. These partnerships enhance Particle’s offerings and expand its reach in decentralized finance (DeFi).

2. NATIX Network (NATIX)

NATIX has developed innovative AI technology to make cameras both smart and privacy-compliant. This technology has been successfully implemented at organizations like E.ON, City of the Hague, and Deutsche Telekom. It addresses significant privacy concerns associated with camera usage.

The NATIX Network aims to integrate this proprietary AI with 45 billion existing cameras worldwide, including smartphones, drones, cars, and IP cameras. This will create an extensive crowd-sourced camera network. Any camera can run the AI software to collect metadata in a privacy-compliant manner. The data then contributes to a Decentralized Dynamic Map (DDMap). 

NATIX Price Chart

Moreover, camera owners earn cryptocurrency as their real-time data is monetized, supporting various applications. Consequently, this approach fosters a new geospatial data economy by leveraging the concept of the “Internet of Cameras.” One key advantage is the reduction in infrastructure costs for Data Consumers, as the cameras are privately owned.

NATIX Network prefers a smartphone-centric approach for its initial market entry. Unlike hardware-centric solutions, which demand initial investment and face supply chain issues, smartphones offer user-friendliness, accessibility, and scalability. They play a critical role in crowd-sourcing real-time data. This helps create a digital twin of our world and makes decentralized technology practical for everyday use.

Drive&, NATIX Network’s flagship product, is an AI-based driver assistant application operating in a decentralized space. It rewards users for capturing events during their drives, enhancing safety and engagement while providing financial incentives. NATIX-enabled smart cameras are hardware devices running NATIX software. They offer a “set-and-forget” experience. Users can purchase and customize ready-to-use cameras or build their own using the guidelines.

NATIX has formed strategic partnerships with BitboyOne, Frodobots, Plato2Earn, DIMO Network, SilencioNetwork, Serial Gaming, and PowerPod People, which enhance its offerings across various sectors.

3. WELL3 ($WELL)

WELL3 operates in the wellness sector, leveraging blockchain technology to enhance health data management. The platform employs a decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) and Decentralized Identity (DID) systems. These systems and advanced AI analytics provide users significant benefits, such as participation in platform governance and rewards through airdrops.

With the rising use of digital wearables increasing public health awareness, WELL3 aims to utilize data from these devices, enabling users to profit from their information. Since its launch, the platform has attracted nearly 1 million users. Additionally, the DePIN system ensures secure data processing, supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS), for robust security and scalability. Users maintain control over their data, preventing unauthorized access and breaches, with DePIN and DID technologies ensuring complete ownership.

Well3 Price Chart

Furthermore, WELL3 operates across multiple blockchain platforms, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, ensuring broad compatibility and enhancing utility. The platform also integrates seamlessly with external infrastructures, thereby extending its reach. Notably, it has investors like Animoca Brands, Newman Group, The Spartan Group, Fenbushi Capital, and Soul Capital back WELL3, which aims to empower individuals through secure data management.

Regarding partnerships, WELL3 collaborates with UPBOND, a leading digital wallet platform with over 9 million KYC-verified users, and industry leaders like Polygon, Lotte, Bandai, and Sega. This partnership aims to advance blockchain transformation in the wellness industry. Additionally, integration with the Polygon PoS network enhances WELL3’s scalability, security, and stability. At the same time, a partnership with @xyfinance, a cross-chain bridge aggregator, improves interoperability and provides secure, efficient token swaps across multiple chains.

4. Pepe Unchained ($PEPU)

Pepe Unchained distinguishes itself within the competitive landscape of meme coins by positioning it as an upgraded iteration of the original Pepe project. Operating as a Layer 2 solution on the Ethereum Network, it aims to enhance transaction efficiency by improving speed and reducing costs.

This project marks a notable departure by introducing its blockchain infrastructure under the Pepe theme, symbolizing a breakaway from traditional Layer 1 limitations. This narrative underscores a technological evolution appealing to investors interested in innovation and crypto efficiency.

The distribution strategy of Pepe Unchained’s 8 billion PEPU tokens is carefully structured to ensure sustainable growth. Significant allocations include 20% for presale and marketing to establish early momentum and engage investors. Additionally, 10% is reserved for liquidity, project finance, and operational needs to ensure stability in trading. Notably, 30% is allocated for staking, emphasizing long-term investor participation.

Staking offers an attractive APY of 872%, presenting a compelling opportunity for investors seeking passive income. Early presale performance has been strong, with PEPU tokens priced at $0.0082267 each, reflecting affordability and growth potential. The presale has already raised over $2.1 million, with further price increases anticipated within the next day.

Investors can acquire PEPU tokens using ETH, USDT, or BNB, although staking rewards are currently available only for ETH and USDT transactions. Including bank cards as a payment option enhances accessibility, broadening the appeal to potential investors.

Pepe Unchained’s roadmap outlines gradual growth phases post-presale, projecting value appreciation with each milestone achieved. Overall, Pepe Unchained presents a calculated proposition for participants in the memecoin market, combining advanced technology with strategic planning to attract a diverse investor base.

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