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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today – NexBox, Blui, Papa Bear

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pepe vs Dorkl
pepe vs Dorkl

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 New cryptocurrency projects often have more upside potential for buyers than established, high market cap coins – the ‘big caps.’

With the crypto 2.0 wave gradually fading, a new wave emerges in the crypto memecoin sector. The meme vs. meme trend is becoming rampant among new crypto projects.

Even though the trend is relatively new, it is gaining some traction. Investors should watch out for the trends in the new cryptocurrencies as unexpected projects may soon emerge, as seen in projects like Pepe coin and Apecoin. 

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today

In today’s update, we’ll cover the latest addition to the meme vs. meme wave and other new arrivals in the crypto sector. Similarly, we’ll update the Wall Street Memes presale, highlighting the progress and plans so far. Read to the end to uncover the details. 

1. NexBox (NEXBOX)

The NexBox project claims to solve users’ crypto transaction problems. Its claims made it clear that the platform is working towards ensuring that crypto users have safe, reliable, reversible, and secure transactions across crypto networks and blockchains. Hence, it provides on-chain escrow services. The summary below captures more information about the project. 

NexBox Price Chart

Crypto security is non-negotiable, and NexBox knows it. Every aspect of the platform is built with security in mind. Multi-layer encryption, cold storage solutions, and continuous monitoring are just a few measures to safeguard your assets. But safety isn’t just about technology; it’s also about transparency. NexBox believes in openness. Every security measure and protocol is shared with the community. You deserve to know how your assets are protected. NexBox’s journey isn’t one that’s walked alone. It’s a path treaded by a thriving community of like-minded individuals who believe in the potential of cryptocurrency. 

The NexBox project is built on the BNB chain with NEXBOX as its native token. The new cryptocurrency has a value of in the last 24 hours and recorded a trading volume of about $36,572. The circulating and max supply of NEXBOX is pegged at 10 million tokens. Also, the new crypto is listed on PancakeSwap v2 (BSC). 

2. Blui (BLUI)

The information available on the Blui network describes the project as a Utility Club Meme Token. It claims that BLUI holders can access discounted purchases of the ReMeLife offer, a different program featured on the platform. Similarly, it claims that the BLUI is intended to grant users access to the upcoming BluiVerse and the DeFi staking opportunity. Below is some more information about the project. 

Blui Price Chart

Blui is the alien cat from the planet Babazadeh. Notorious for his questioning nature regarding, as he puts it, ‘the strange, careless ways you humans run your societies and planet,’ he’s supporting ReMeLife in building their decentralized rewards-based healthcare community ecosystem. The BLUI is his meme token that enables early participation in the ReMeLife project. BLUI hodlers benefit from Blui & Friends VIP club membership, which will soon mint its NFT collection, launch its discounted merchandise, and numerous other member rewards and activities. 

Blui is built on the Ethereum platform, and its native token, BLUI, has a value of $0.0000000005614 today. It recorded a trading volume of about $386,624 in the last 24 hours and a ranking of #2413 on CoinMarketCap. The information on its coin page places its max supply at one quadrillion. However, information about its circulating supply and listings is currently unavailable. 

3. Papa Bear (PAPA)

According to its website, Papa Bear draws inspiration from the story in the movie Cocaine PAPA. It claims it’s revering the personality of the main character in the film, who went on a rampage after injecting an inappropriate amount of narcotics. Hence, the project hopes also to dominate the crypto scene, as seen in the movie’s main character. Below is the story as featured on its CoinMarketCap page.

Papa Bear Price Chart

Drawn from the riveting true story and blockbuster film “Cocaine PAPA,” the PAPA Token has been introduced as a tribute to the black PAPA that captured the hearts and minds of millions. With big names like Elizabeth Banks and the revered Ray Liotta being part of the film’s legacy, PAPA Token aims to carry this cultural significance into cryptocurrencies. The number of PAPA Tokens issued is capped at a predetermined amount to ensure rarity and value.  


PERKL is the native token of the PEPE VS DORKL crypto project. The new cryptocurrency is a memecoin working towards becoming the community where the two memes collide. According to its website, the new project seeks to blend the culture of the two cryptocurrencies and the underlying meme icons. Like every other memcoin, it has no inherent value, but the community determines its worth. Below is a snippet featuring additional information about PERKL. 

Pepe vs Dorkl Price Chart

PEPE VS DORKL is not just another meme coin; it’s a fusion of two cultural phenomena that have captured the imagination of millions. With the token symbol $PERKL, this project aims to revolutionize the meme coin space by offering a thrilling narrative and a vibrant community. Join us on a journey through the meme galaxy, where Pepe, the mischievous frog, and DORKL, the formidable Dark Lord, engage in an epic battle for supremacy. 

PEPE VS DORKL is built on the Ethereum network, and its native token is the PERKL. At press time, PERKL has a value of $0.0000000000006816. In the last 24 hours, the new crypto has recorded a trading volume of $461,807. Currently, CoinMakretCap ranks PERKL due to its market cap of $314,985. The new token has a maximum supply of 420.690 quadrillion tokens, and it is listed on Uniswap v2. 

5. Wall Street Memes (WSM) 

As the memecoins crypto sector continues to evolve, projects like the Wall Street Memes is getting set to go on exchanges. 

Sixteen days from now, WSM would go live on multiple exchanges, offering the crypto community another chance to win big with memecoins. Wall Street Memes has hundreds of thousands of fans across its social media platform. More interestingly, its social media handles feature some fun but informative content. 

The sheer size of its community gives it the edge it needs to launch an exploding listing. However, the team allows more people to join the project WSM’s vision to a broader audience. Even though the project has crossed its $25 million target, there’s still room for more investors to come on board. 

Visit Wall Street Memes presale. 

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