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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – MVL, Miracle Play, StorX Network

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Several cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, are still experiencing a lull following recent liquidations by prominent entities and top market players. Mt. Gox customer refund is also fueling a cautious market sentiment as disbursement continues. However, historical data shows that increased selling pressures present an opportunity for shrewd market entry.

New cryptocurrency releases, listings, and presales today offer these affordable market entry points. InsideBitcoins provides a list of such tokens, catering to the needs of keen investors.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

MVL leverages blockchain technology to connect the virtual and physical realms, thereby driving innovation in the mobility sector. Similarly, Miracle Play offers a blockchain-based esports tournament platform, enabling users to host and participate in tournaments across their preferred blockchain networks. 

Meanwhile, StorX is an open-source, trustless, and censorship-resistant decentralized cloud storage network powered by the XinFin Network. The PEPU presale has also raised over $2.7 million, with just one day remaining until the next price increase. On another note, the German government owns around $2 billion in Bitcoin, causing concern among crypto investors.

1. MVL (MVL)

MVL leverages blockchain technology to connect virtual and physical realms, driving innovation in the mobility sector. By integrating blockchain, MVL bridges the digital and physical worlds. This integration utilizes the technology’s transparency, security, and immutability. 

It creates a unified ecosystem where interactions are seamlessly recorded, tracked, and verified. Consequently, MVL fosters new mobility innovations. This enables the development of applications and services that enhance user experiences and optimize transportation systems. Moreover, it creates new revenue streams for mobility providers.

Employing blockchain ensures MVL offers a more transparent and secure platform for mobility services. It also introduces seamless payment processing, real-time tracking of transportation assets, and reward systems for ecosystem participation.

MVL Price Chart

MVL has formed several strategic partnerships to strengthen its ecosystem. For instance, it collaborated with IoTeX to enhance the DePIN ecosystem. Besides, MVL has partnered with Yuliverse and Moonringai to expand the DePIN ecosystem. Yuliverse, a Web3 game platform using location-based technology, and Moonringai, a DePIN wearable, contribute significantly to mobility data sharing. 

Another notable partnership is with PowerPod People, which aims to build a decentralized Internet of Energy. This network connects EVs, charging stations, solar panels, and energy storage into a unified system.

MVL recently collaborated with ArtdeFinance on joint marketing strategies to enhance its market presence in the RWA sector. The platform also partnered with Prom IO, a modular zkEVM layer two networks, to expand its global ecosystem and boost brand awareness. 

Phase 4 of MVL DePIN went live recently. This update brings ONiON Mobility’s energy infrastructure network into operation, including 16 EV battery swap stations in Cambodia. These stations collect crucial data for efficient system management.

2. Pepe Unchained ($PEPU)

Pepe Unchained seeks to differentiate itself within the meme coin market by positioning itself as an enhanced version of the original Pepe project. While most meme coins offer zero utility, the Ethereum-based Layer 2 solution aims to improve transaction efficiency with increased speed and reduced costs.

Notably, Pepe Unchained is the first Pepe-themed token to establish its blockchain infrastructure, reaffirming the project’s goal of offering innovation and efficiency in the cryptocurrency space. Meanwhile, the project’s narrative depicts Pepe breaking away from the limitations of traditional Layer 1 constraints, emphasizing technological advancement.

Pepe Unchained’s 8 billion PEPU tokens distribution follows a strategic roadmap for sustainable growth. Specifically, 20% of the tokens are allocated for presale, with another 20% designated for marketing, underscoring the focus on building initial momentum and engaging investors. Furthermore, the staking feature offers an annual percentage yield (APY) of 686%, attracting those interested in passive income opportunities.

Early presale results have shown strong interest among market participants. PEPU tokens are priced at $0.0083258 each, suggesting both affordability and potential for growth. The presale has raised over $2.7 million, with one day remaining until the next price increase. Investors can purchase PEPU tokens using ETH, USDT, or BNB, though staking returns are available only for ETH and USDT transactions. Including bank cards as a payment method further enhances accessibility for potential investors.

Pepe Unchained’s roadmap outlines incremental growth stages following the presale, anticipating value appreciation as milestones are achieved. Overall, Pepe Unchained presents a considered approach for those interested in the memecoin market, combining technological innovation with strategic planning to attract a diverse investor base.

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3. Miracle Play (MPT)

Miracle Play offers a blockchain-based esports tournament platform, enabling users to host and participate in tournaments across preferred blockchain networks. The platform leverages smart contracts to ensure fairness and transparency in the tournament process. Participants can compete in tournaments and earn rewards automatically distributed via the blockchain network. 

Moreover, Miracle Play integrates with different blockchain networks, genres, and gaming platforms, including PC, mobile, console, and play-to-earn (P2E) games, providing various tournaments and earning opportunities. The platform has partnered with Beosin, a global leader in blockchain security, to enhance its Web3 esports tournament platform’s security and reliability.

Miracle Play Price Chart

Miracle Play has automated tournament processes, supporting multiple blockchain networks. Using smart contracts allows users to manage tournament creation, operation, prize selection, and distribution. Consequently, fairness and transparency are ensured. Additionally, the platform empowers players by allowing control over contracts, earnings, and digital assets. This includes NFTs that represent player contracts or achievements.

Miracle Play offers efficient financial management, player transfers, and contract management through blockchain technology for clubs. It has enhanced investor and fan engagement by creating dedicated prize pools and launching tokenized products. This offers voting rights for tournament rules and club operations. Furthermore, the platform establishes a marketplace for in-game items, collectibles, and memorabilia, ensuring transparent transactions.

Miracle Play has also developed APIs for seamless integration across various games and platforms, enhancing user experience. It ensures mutually beneficial relationships for organizers, players, clubs, and fans. The platform supports Skill to Earn (S2E), allowing anyone to earn revenue through participation, effort, and skill. Moreover, it has robust anti-cheating policies and uses immutable blockchain records to ensure transparency.

Partnerships with Love Monster, NeopinOfficial, Galxe, Visual Dart, NCREW,, and LinkZ have boosted the platform’s capabilities and reach. These collaborations enhance community engagement and expand the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

4. StorX Network (SRX)

StorX is an open-source, trustless, and censorship-resistant decentralized cloud storage network powered by the XinFin Network. It enables users to store data on a distributed cloud securely and offers a range of features that make it an attractive alternative to traditional cloud storage services.

Firstly, StorX emphasizes security by encrypting each file with the user’s unique password, fragmenting it, and storing it across numerous autonomous nodes globally. This approach ensures that no single entity, including StorX, can access the complete data, reducing the risk of hacks or ransomware attacks. Moreover, end-to-end encryption and data fragmentation prevent individual hosts from accessing or manipulating the data, ensuring high levels of security.

SRX Price Chart

Secondly, anonymity and privacy are StorX’s key strengths. It shreds user data into small fragments and distributes them across its decentralized network, ensuring that hosts cannot identify the content or the owner of the files. Only the user holds the decryption keys, thus guaranteeing complete privacy.

Additionally, StorX offers significant cost savings compared to traditional cloud storage services. The competitive environment among storage nodes ensures fair pricing, providing higher storage availability at a lower cost.

Furthermore, the decentralized nature of StorX’s network allows for faster data retrieval speeds by storing encrypted data fragments in multiple regions. This setup also ensures high redundancy and reliability, eliminating single points of failure and providing uptime comparable to centralized cloud services.

StorX also leverages open-source software and supports open standards, allowing users to import and export data freely. A growing community of contributors continually improves the platform, thus enhancing its functionality and reliability.

Moreover, strategic partnerships with Myidfi LLC, Fireblocks, PropineGlobal, Gemma, ITFA, and XDSeaNFT expand StorX’s reach and capabilities. These collaborations highlight StorX’s growing influence in various sectors, from decentralized finance to art storage.

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