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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today – EML Protocol, yPredict, Noso Project

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The coin market continues to swell daily with new cryptocurrency releases, listings & presales. Since our last updates, many new tokens have been added to the coin market. 

In this article, we’re going to review many of some of the new coins and provide a brief description of each. We’ll also give a brief highlight of the current pricing, market cap and supplies of each token.  

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today

In today’s list of new cryptocurrency releases, we will give you a quick highlight of the new arrivals on the coin market. In addition you’ll have a quick overview of a presale coin that’s currently making wave in the AI category. 

1. EML Protocol (EML)

According to the information available in its whitepaper, the EML protocol project wants to establish a solution to the structural problems of existing payment systems. To achieve the solution, it decentralizes payment systems and integrates transparency and disclosure through its protocol. In the process, it offers participants rewards for using its solutions. 

Furthermore, according to its whitepaper, the platform uses the consensus algorithm to ensure the integrity of its payment system. It enforces an open economic model through the decentralized protocol that forms the core of the project. Nonetheless, the coin page on CoinMarketCap has a warning signal. Users must approach the coin with caution as the contract has mutable clauses according to CoinMarketCap.  

Learn more from the CoinMarketDescriptoin highlighted below. 

EML Protocol

The EML Protocol is an end-to-end payment platform that integrates the permissioned private blockchain form of Hyperledger Fabric, which allows only approved users to participate. This platform directly connects users and merchants (platforms), implementing services through blockchain-based smart contracts and coin circulation structures to simplify the consensus algorithm, thus providing a fast and cost-effective payment platform. A separate service provider called the Membership Services Provider (MSP) is responsible for managing approvals and is involved in the processing of transactions within the Fabric framework.

EML, at the moment, is trading for $0.524002 and has a 24-hour trading volume of  $1,743,618. Also, EML currently ranks #2716, according to CoinMarketRanking. At the moment, there is no information about the EML circulating supply and market cap. However, it has a Max supply of 2 billion coins. EML is listed on LBank and BKEX.

2. Noso Project (NOSO)

Nonso is described as an open-source L1 unlicensed community project according to its website. The project is said to be on a mission to build sustainable and equitable p2p crypto coins with low transaction costs. It claims that its project focuses on creating fast and reliable online payment solutions without the interference of intermediaries and third parties. Furthermore, its described as a layer 1 coin that uses a hybrid consensus mechanism, which combines proof of stake and master nodes (MN) to deliver efficient transaction validation and network operation. Below is a snippet of the Noso Project on CoinMarketCap. 


Noso is a cryptocurrency platform that combines Proof of Stake (PoS) and Masternodes (MN) mechanisms. It aims to prioritize sustainability while offering fast, secure, and cost-effective transactions. The project is led by an experienced team focused on establishing a transparent and equitable infrastructure for global financial and social applications. Noso incorporates a democratic governance system called GVT, allowing ongoing evolution and active participation from contributors. In addition, Noso is also developing a decentralized exchange called NoBiEx (Noso Built-In Exchange). Operating on the Noso blockchain, NoBiEx prioritizes anonymity and does not require to Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. It provides a secure and private platform for users to trade cryptocurrencies seamlessly.

NOSO price today is $0.174943. The coin has had a $4,855.61  trading volume in the last 24 hours. Currently, NOSO ranks #5375 according to CoinMarketCap ranking. Updates on its circulating supply and market cap are not available, but it has a max supply of 21 million coins. At the moment, it’s listed on multiple exchanges including Txbit. 

3. ITC (ITC)

ITC is said to be the first token with an end-to-end solution for blockchain-based gaming portals. According to its website, it is an easy-to-deposit gaming coin that works directly with the ITC gaming website. The platform features many games that users stake ITC to play and earn rewards in the process. According to the information available on its website, users have access to over 400 games on the platform and stand the chance to earn a sizeable reward for participating in the games. Some of the categories highlighted on its website include. Virtual Sports, E-Sports, Kids Games, Betting Games & Skill Games, etc. Below is a brief description of the ITC as featured on CoinMarketCap.  


ITC is a gaming coin and is easily deposited on ITC gaming sites. It has got the fastest withdrawal time with very small transaction charges. The same ITC Coins can be used to participate in the ITC Global Program. For the first time in the history of Cryptocurrency DeFi programs, ITC Global packages have 90 days Money Back Policy. Anyone can withdraw from the program after 90 days from the date of registration. The DEFI plan is 100% designed on ITC coin. Since ITC is listed on various exchanges, it is easy to buy/sell with any Cryptocurrency. ITC is available in TRC 20. Which is the best Decentralized Finance System.

At the moment, ITC sells for $0.002449 and it has a 24-hours trading volume of $39,752.25. According to CoinMarketCap ranking,  ITC is occupiest the #4105 position. Currently, there is no information about the market cap of ITC and its circulating supply. however, it has a max supply of 360,000,000 ITC coins. ITC is listed on Dex-Trade and other exchanges.

4. Michael Jordan Coin (JORDAN)

According to its website, the Michae Jordan Coin is described as the ultimate fan token for michael jordan fans and basketball lovers. The platform states that it’s creating an innovative project that blends the legacy of michael jordan and cutting-edge blockchain technology. Through its project, it seeks to raise a community of fans who enjoy the experience and financial benefit of belonging to the community. It further states that the Michael Jordan Coin community members are offered the opportunity to connect with other fans and stay updated with the latest news and events around the Iconic basketballer. Highlighted below is the description of the coin as shared on CoinMarketCap.


Welcome to the world of the Michael Jordan Coin, the ultimate fan token for all basketball enthusiasts and Michael Jordan fans! Our platform brings together the iconic legacy of Michael Jordan and the cutting-edge technology of blockchain to provide an unforgettable experience for fans worldwide. At Michael Jordan Coin, we are passionate about celebrating the greatness of Michael Jordan, the legendary basketball player who revolutionized the game. Our mission is to create a unique digital ecosystem where fans can engage, connect, and interact with their favorite player in unprecedented ways.

JORDAN currently trades for $0.000000000000000025 as of today and it has a 24-hours trading volume of $179,186.Currently, there is no information about the circulating supply, max supply, or market cap of the JORDAN coin. 

5. yPredict (YPRED) 

yPredict is creating a one-stop-shop crypto analytics tool backed by Artificial Intelligence. Weeks back, the platform launched its presale launch offer that has since grossed over $2.5 million in presale funds. The crypto is currently headed for the next fund target of $2.9 million dollars and is poised to achieve it soon. 

To provide a quick overview, yPredict is a Blockchain-based predictive model & data insights platform. It is designed to provide aid developers and market participants in decision-making. Using its Artificial Intelegeiance capabilities, the platform automatically detects bullish and bearish charts and patterns in the market. With that, it supplies traders with insightful alerts. The first use case is live and available for free, according to the information contained on its Twitter handle. 

At the moment, YPRED is offered has offered at a presale price of $0.09 and heading toward $0.1. Now is the best time to take advantage of the presale offer before the increase in price. 

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