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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – Digital Standard, Moonboots DAO, LuminAi

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Over the past 24 hours, market activities have pushed several markets into the search for digital assets. First, there is growing fanfare regarding approving spot ether ETFs in the US. In addition, Binance has fueled a potential Toncoin listing, which increased attention on the crypto market.

In light of the ongoing frenzy, some investors are looking for new cryptocurrency releases, listings, & presales for easy entry. InsideBitcoins curates such tokens, covering their features, utilities, and market prospects.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

DSBC provides various tools for securely managing and expanding cryptocurrency and fiat assets in a DeFi environment spanning multiple blockchains. Moonboots DAO is quickly becoming a major participant in Web3’s venture capital market. 

LuminAI’s platform combines cutting-edge hardware with sophisticated AI models to serve various industry requirements. Recently, 99Bitcoins reached a notable milestone by securing over $1.5 million in funding, valuing each token at $0.00106. The White House indicates that President Biden is inclined to approve a cryptocurrency market bill should it clear Congress.

1. Digital Standard (DSB)

DSBC offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing and growing cryptocurrency and fiat assets within a secure, cross-chain DeFi environment. Notably, it provides flexibility in trading by allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies, CFDs, derivatives, futures, and stocks. Furthermore, the platform supports over 120 cryptocurrencies and 25 fiat currencies, enhancing portfolio customization.

The digital wallet feature enables real-time monitoring of crypto and fiat balances on mobile devices. Additionally, it allows seamless transfers and contactless payments using NFC/MST technology similar to ApplePay, GooglePay, and SamsungPay. 

DSBC also includes access to crypto ATMs, enabling cash conversion to digital funds for bills and purchases. This feature enhances liquidity and savings. Moreover, the platform offers comprehensive services such as insured accounts, debit/credit cards, savings options, staking, and lending products, providing added security through insurance protection.

DSB Price Chart

Users can send funds globally using the DSB token, which converts to fiat currency almost instantly, with transactions settling within seconds. DSBC’s reward programs further benefit users based on their activity within the ecosystem. In addition, the DSB token operates on the Stellar blockchain with planned cross-chain functionality, facilitating seamless crypto-fiat conversions and low-cost global transfers.

Regarding wallet management, DSBC allows users to create, manage, and transfer balances across portfolios. Users can send and receive money from wallet to wallet, including bank accounts and tokenized cards, in both fiat and crypto. 

Registered merchants can be paid using wallets, tokenized cards, and bank accounts, utilizing QR codes and two-factor authentication. Additionally, the platform supports cash withdrawals and payments for goods and services using QR codes. 

DSBC has partnered with Digifinex and is listed on Coingecko, enhancing its visibility and credibility. Likewise, it emphasizes flexibility, security, and efficiency, making it a versatile platform for various financial needs.

2. Moonboots DAO (MBDAO)

Moonboots DAO rapidly asserts itself as a prominent player in the Web3 venture capital market. It is driven by a mission of collective advancement and bolstering early-stage investments. The DAO offers several key benefits. For capital growth, Moonboots DAO utilizes all profits and revenue to repurchase $MBDAO tokens. 

In terms of profit distribution, it disperses profits from the DAO’s fund and investment and unstacking fees to $MBDAO stakers. Additionally, members holding a Moonboots DAO VIP, MB1, or Chappyz NFT, combined with staked $MBDAO tokens, gain direct access to high-quality early-stage investment opportunities.

MBDAO Price Chart

Recently, Moonboots DAO announced a strategic investment in Engines of Fury ($FURY), slated for imminent launch. The $FURY token will be available on major platforms such as KuCoin,, MEXC, Bitget, HTX, and PancakeSwap. Engines of Fury boasts a robust development team, including co-founders from DeRace and Blizzard, Activision, and Ubisoft experts.

The game’s alpha version will launch in July, with a full release planned for Q4 on Epic Games. Backed by notable entities like Animoca, Citizen Capital, and Metavest, it garners support from industry veterans, including EA Games co-founder Jeff Burton.

Moreover, the $MBDAO token serves multiple purposes within the Moonboots ecosystem. It allows governance participation through staking and grants active access to the ecosystem. Likewise, it supports active buyback and burns initiatives and enables profit redistribution to stakers. 

The ecosystem categorizes its users into three tiers: VIP (Golden Grenade), Community (MB1 and Chappyz NFT holders), and Token Holders, each providing varying access levels and benefits. Moonboots DAO offers structured growth opportunities, profit sharing, and exclusive access to promising early-stage investments, solidifying its active role in the Web3 venture capital landscape.

3. LuminAi (LUMAI)

LuminAI offers a comprehensive platform that merges top-tier hardware with advanced AI models, catering to diverse industry needs. Through their innovative Mode-As-a-Service (MaaS) approach, users gain convenient access to leading GPU hardware via a decentralized marketplace or trusted vendors. 

This empowers individuals and organizations to leverage the latest advancements in computational technology for their projects. The platform’s key features include a decentralized marketplace connecting users with GPU hardware and advanced AI models. 

LUMAI Price Chart

Furthermore, it offers a Model as a Service (MaaS) system that simplifies GPU integration and seamless integration with major open-source AI communities. GPU owners can also monetize their hardware investment. This follows a flexible pay-as-you-go payment model that ensures efficient user cost management regardless of project size. 

Moreover, LuminAI’s partnerships with industry leaders such as Nvidia, OpenAI, VULTR, GO, and Amazon Web Services further bolster its credibility and support. Recently, the platform’s listing on CoinGecko provides users with real-time performance data monitoring, enhancing transparency and accessibility for stakeholders.

4. 99Bitcoins (99BTC)

99Bitcoins recently achieved a significant milestone by securing over $1.5 million in funding at $0.00106 per token. The platform, renowned for its user-friendly approach to blockchain education, has launched its native token, backed by its reputation for simplifying complex concepts. The project’s emphasis on community engagement is evident through its airdrop initiative, which offers early supporters the chance to receive Bitcoin rewards.

A key feature of the 99BTC token is its “Learn-to-Earn” concept, which motivates holders to expand their blockchain knowledge through interactive courses and quizzes. As participants progress, they earn 99BTC directly in their wallets. Long-term holders benefit from attractive annual percentage yields (APYs) currently at 1090%, with 999,164,370 tokens currently staked.

The project’s whitepaper outlines its tokenomics, garnering praise for its thoughtful allocation. With a capped total supply of 99 billion tokens, strategic percentages are assigned for presale buyers, staking rewards, community incentives, and growth funds.

Anticipation is growing for the imminent announcement of winners for the airdrop campaign, which aims to reward 99 winners from over 6,900 entries. The emphasis on education, strategic tokenomics, and enticing rewards positions the 99BTC token as an appealing option for investors seeking involvement in the crypto space.

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