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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – Datamall Coin, UpRock, QODA

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Binance has invested in on-chain security provider Zircuit to improve on-chain security for investors. This development reflects the improved trading atmosphere within the crypto sector. Specifically, cryptocurrency adoption is growing, with the number of token owners growing by over 32% in 2024.

Considering their low cap and potential upside, traders are drawn to new cryptocurrency releases, listings, and presales. InsideBitcoins curates such tokens, detailing their features, utilities, and market prospects.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

The DMC blockchain platform is pivotal in propelling the Web3 ecosystem forward. UpRock, a prominent player in online engagement, has introduced a cutting-edge AI web advisor tailored for a diverse range of users, including creators, brands, non-profits, corporations, and governments. 

The Qoda Ecosystem is on a growth trajectory to democratize financial services worldwide. According to an advisory firm, Robinhood’s recent partnership with Bitstamp is a positive development for the cryptocurrency industry.

1. Datamall Coin (DMC)

DMC, an open-source blockchain platform, is significantly advancing the Web3 ecosystem. It offers a reliable and secure decentralized storage infrastructure and utilizes the DMC token to incentivize real data transactions and facilitate decentralized storage across various blockchains. 

DMC aims to enable users to store and exchange data securely. It also contributes to the BTC network and all EVM-compatible networks, such as ETH and OKX1, through MixHash, proof of storage, and ERC7585 smart contracts.

DMC Price Chart

Moreover, DMC provides several tools, including the DMC Wallet, DMC Explorer, and Foggie Max DePIN Server. These tools offer various functionalities. For instance, users can integrate IoT devices with the Data Privacy Guardian. They can also rent idle storage space to earn $DMC and back up files and data from IoT devices to earn $DMC. 

Meanwhile, users can join Filecoin Station to earn $FIL, accelerate IPFS content, and mint NFTs without coding. Datamall Coin aims to lead a new era in data authentication and sharing. Specifically, it seeks to build a decentralized multi-chain storage network to unlock the potential of data.

Recently, iApro announced a strategic partnership with DMC Datamall Chain. They aim to leverage blockchain and AI for digital ecosystem innovation. Furthermore, the DMC Foundation has also partnered with Arkreen, Fog Works, Inc., and MetaEVENT(DePIN). 

Arkreen Network focuses on connecting and monetizing renewable energy resources using Web3 technology. A vision of a carbon-neutral Earth drives this effort. Additionally, LXDAO has expressed enthusiasm about partnering with Datamall Chain. They recognize its role in providing stable and decentralized storage services for Web3 and Dapps.

In addition, the DMC Foundation has announced new strategic partnerships with, BIT Mining, IPFSMain, and BCT Inc. These partners are expected to support the decentralized storage ecosystem built by the DMC Foundation and Fog Works, a Web3 decentralized application company. 

2. 99Bitcoins (99BTC)

99Bitcoins has surpassed $2.1 million in funding while gaining attention for its user-friendly blockchain education platform. The project’s development team has unveiled plans to allocate $99,999 worth of Bitcoin to early community members through an airdrop initiative. 

This initiative aligns with their broader strategy of incentivizing learning through the “Learn-to-Earn” concept, enabling users to enhance their blockchain knowledge via interactive courses and quizzes on the platform.

Participants in this educational process stand to earn 99BTC directly to their wallets, with long-term holders benefiting from attractive annual percentage yields (APYs) currently set at 785%. The project’s tokenomics structure, detailed in its whitepaper, is receiving commendation for its thoughtful distribution. 

With a capped total supply of 99 billion tokens, allocations include 10.5% for presale buyers. Meanwhile, 14% is earmarked for staking rewards and 44.5% for community incentives and project growth funds.

The ongoing airdrop campaign aims to reward 99 winners from over 6,900 entries, with anticipation mounting for the July 19th announcement of winners. The emphasis of the 99BTC token on education, coupled with strategic tokenomics and enticing rewards, presents a compelling proposition for crypto investors seeking learning opportunities and potential returns.

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3. UpRock (UPT)

UpRock, a leader in internet interaction, has unveiled an innovative AI web advisor designed for creators, brands, non-profits, corporations, and governments. This advisor emphasizes personalized, goal-oriented interactions often overlooked by conventional AI systems.

Positioned as a frontrunner in this evolving landscape, UpRock meets existing market demands and pioneers human-centric products. Consequently, this democratizes access to enterprise-grade insights.

UPT Price Chart

Central to UpRock’s offerings is the user-friendly UpRock App, simplifying data mining with a streamlined installation process and a Solana-based auto-wallet generator. This facilitates seamless engagement with real-time insights without the complexities of third-party wallets.

To enhance accessibility, UpRock is expanding its offerings to include apps for all major operating systems, particularly focusing on mobile devices. Leveraging expertise in developing successful crypto browser apps like Tenta, UpRock prioritizes simplicity and instant value recognition. As a result, this accelerates customer adoption of decentralized technologies.

The UpRock Token ($UPT) is the platform’s native currency. It incentivizes users to contribute bandwidth and computing power, which fosters the acquisition of real-time data and computing resources.

Strategic partnerships are crucial to UpRock’s growth. Collaborations with the Wencoin Foundation, Uprockcom team, and others aim to enhance the Wen New Standard (WNS) and foster a vibrant DePIN community on Solana. 

Additionally, alliances with the DATS Project, CUBE, and Synesis One signify UpRock’s commitment to innovation and collaboration. These partnerships unlock new possibilities in decentralized data access, cybersecurity, and AI training opportunities.


The Qoda Ecosystem is expanding with a mission to make financial services universally accessible. It achieves this through partner applications that can operate on any blockchain network. At the core are two primary tools: Threebalance and Qonstant. 

First, Threebalance, managed by Steadily Consulting Inc., is a portfolio management application. It streamlines the process of rebalancing crypto portfolios in three steps using on-chain liquidity sources. Likewise, Qonstant, operated by Steadily Consulting Inc., is an order book-style platform for fixed-rate lending and borrowing on Arbitrum One.

QODA Price Chart

Partners within the Qoda Ecosystem can purchase $QODA tokens to burn permanently or distribute as rewards to Qoda DAO Members. The amount depends on agreements with each partner. Moreover, the $QODA token is the entry point to the Qoda DAO and has a fixed supply of one billion tokens. 

It conforms to the ERC-20 standard. While new tokens cannot be minted, existing tokens can be burned to create a deflationary effect. Both $QODA and $veQODA, along with their associated smart contracts, are native to the Arbitrum One network.

QodaFinance has partnered with RociFi to enhance DeFi lending using RociFi’s blockchain credit assessments. This partnership addresses high collateral requirements in DeFi lending. Furthermore, Qoda Finance has scaled its operations on the 1-inch Network by launching ThreebalanceApp. It utilizes 1-inch’s API to enable users to perform rebalancing at optimal on-chain rates with minimal gas fees.

Security is a top priority for Qoda. To bolster this, it has collaborated with Halborn, a renowned blockchain security firm, to enhance its security measures. Additionally, Qoda has integrated with DIA to expand the range of crypto assets available for lending and borrowing. This expansion goes beyond blue-chip assets like USDC, ETH, and BTC. It relies on DIA’s expertise to create reliable price oracles for a broader array of assets.

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