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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings and Presales Today – SimpleHub, MantaDAO, Zephyr Protocol

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Each day, InsideBitcoins covers the latest new cryptocurrency listings on CoinMarketCap, including CEX and DEX tokens and presale projects.

In the dynamic and unpredictable landscape of the crypto industry, daily fluctuations are the norm, reflecting the constant evolution of new projects. This diverse spectrum includes utility-focused initiatives and the emergence of innovative meme coins.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings and Presales Today

However, despite the recent market pullback, a notable cohort of new projects has persevered, with the Bitcoin ETF Token presale emerging at the forefront, having surged beyond $1.3 million.

Among these cryptocurrencies, there is significant potential for remarkable success once widespread attention is garnered, suggesting that early investors could reap substantial gains.

Our comprehensive analysis, considering market trends, price data, use cases, and tokenomics, has identified the top five new crypto worth considering.

1. SimpleHub (SHUB)

SimpleHub emerges as a promising crypto venture with a clear mission—to simplify the intricate world of cryptocurrencies and provide users, regardless of their experience levels, with a user-friendly crypto ecosystem.

The project sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive platform integrating premium utilities, cutting-edge bots, secure wallets, and powerful tools.

SimpleHub price chart

With SHUB tokens tradable on decentralized exchanges, particularly on Uniswap V2, where the SHUB/WETH pair demonstrates significant trading volume, the project reflects liquidity and market interest.

The community’s overwhelmingly positive sentiment, with over 100% of users expressing confidence in SimpleHub (SHUB) today, underscores its appeal and potential for further growth.

As SimpleHub endeavors to simplify and enhance the crypto experience, its commitment to user empowerment and a multifaceted ecosystem positions it as an intriguing investment opportunity within the crypto space.

SimpleHub aims to simplify the complexities of the crypto world and provide users with a user-friendly and empowering experience.SimpleHub provides a one-stop platform where users can conveniently access a comprehensive suite of premium utilities. Whether it’s advanced trading bots, secure crypto wallets, portfolio management tools, or analytics platforms, users can access these utilities seamlessly on the SimpleHub platform. 

Today’s live SimpleHub price is $0.006520, with a 24-hour trading volume of $85,041.09. SimpleHub is down 15.78% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #3151, with a live market cap of unavailable. The circulating supply is unavailable, and there is a maximum supply of 95,000,500.

2. MantaDAO (MNTA)

MantaDAO stands out as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), primarily focusing on cultivating revenue-generating DeFi products and effectively managing a profitable treasury through decentralized governance.

At the forefront of its offerings is MantaSwap, featuring a distinctive cross-order book router built on Kujira FIN. This innovative router ensures optimal low-slippage trades and access to APR-yielding vaults, adding a layer of efficiency to decentralized trading.

MantaDAO price chart

The project’s inception in March 2023 culminated in a successful testnet launch in April and a subsequent mainnet launch on Kaiyo-1 in May. MantaDAO’s roadmap emphasizes the continuous development of new products, augmentation of liquidity, and expansion of revenue streams to fortify the DAO.

The utility of the MNTA governance token plays a pivotal role, enabling stakeholders to participate in decision-making through proposals actively and voting within the DAO.

MNTA tokens can be traded on decentralized exchanges, with Kujira Fin being a notable platform, reflecting a positive community sentiment, with over 100% of users expressing optimism about MantaDAO (MNTA) today.

The project’s commitment to decentralized governance, innovative product development, and strategic roadmap positions it as an intriguing venture within the evolving crypto landscape.

MantaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization focused on creating revenue-generating DeFi products and managing a profitable DAO treasury without centralized control. MantaSwap is its flagship cross-order book router built utilizing Kujira FIN. The DAO focuses on creating additional opportunities to generate revenue through investments or product development. 

Today’s live MantaDAO price is $0.669364, with a 24-hour trading volume of $287,793. MantaDAO is down 1.46% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #2667, with a live market cap of unavailable. The circulating supply is unavailable, and a maximum supply of 100,000,000.

3. Zephyr Protocol (ZEPH)

Zephyr Protocol emerges as an Over-Collateralized Private Stablecoin Protocol, drawing inspiration from Djed Protocol on its native Monero-based chain, thereby inheriting robust privacy features for all assets involved. With a three-asset model consisting of ZEPH, ZephUSD, and ZephRSV, the protocol navigates a carefully designed system.

ZEPH, the base coin, serves as collateral for minting ZephUSD and ZephRSV, enhancing stability. ZephUSD, a private stablecoin, is backed by a minimum 400% equivalent value in ZEPH at minting, while ZephRSV, the reserve coin, rewards users for adding ZEPH to the reserve.

Zephyr price chart

The ZEPH/USDT trading pair on MEXC showcases a robust trading volume, recording $5,168,627 in the last 24 hours. Other viable options for trading ZEPH include XeggeX and TradeOgre.

The community sentiment is notably bullish, with over 81% of users expressing positive feelings about the Zephyr Protocol (ZEPH). Impressively, ZEPH has exhibited a remarkable price surge of 132.20% in the last seven days, surpassing the overall performance of the global cryptocurrency market, which recorded a 3.30% increase.

ZEPH is the “Base coin” used as collateralization in the stablecoin protocol and minting ZSD and ZRS by adding the equivalent ZEPH value to the reserve. ZSD – Zephyr Stable Dollar – is a Private Stablecoin, backed by at least 400% equal value in ZEPH when minting. ZRS – Zephyr Reserve Shares – is the “Reserve coin”, which represents a share of the excess equity of the reserve. 

Today’s live Zephyr Protocol price is $0.063752, with a 24-hour trading volume of $5,610,453. Zephyr Protocol is down 1.81% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #2207, with a live market cap of unavailable. The circulating supply is not available, and the maximum supply is unavailable.

4. Launchpad XYZ (LPX)

Launchpad XYZ positions itself as a catalyst for accelerating mass adoption in the Web3 space, recognizing the challenges new users often face in navigating the complexities of crypto operations.

The project aims to streamline the onboarding process by offering an all-encompassing Web3 portal, providing users with comprehensive insights into crypto tokens, NFT collections, crypto games, presale projects, and fractionalized assets.

Launchpad XYZ is committed to unbiased information and plans to deliver a Web3 wallet, a decentralized exchange, and a trading terminal, leveraging artificial intelligence to cater to retail customers and multinational corporations entering the space.

Although some features are slated for development in the mid to long term, the project has already demonstrated its potential with an alpha Telegram signals group, yielding substantial gains for its members.

Developed by a doxxed and KYC-verified team with diverse industry expertise, the presale’s success, raising around $2 million, adds to Launchpad XYZ’s credibility.

Priced at $0.0445 with a current 20% bonus for new buyers, the token’s availability, minimal vesting period, and a hard cap of $12.5 million contributed to its investment appeal, making it a viable consideration for mid to long-term investors.

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