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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today – bitsCrunch, Ta-da, Starknet

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Trading activities have pushed the market’s Fear/Greed to a high. Along these lines, investors are updating their portfolios, some preferring newly listed coins with high potential over solely focusing on high-market cap coins. This shift has prompted a surge in token listings across various crypto platforms, with each project vying for attention by promising future returns. 

BitsCrunch, Ta-da, and Starknet are among the projects gaining traction, showcasing significant promise within the crypto market. This article explores their tokenomics, use cases, partnerships, and other relevant features contributing to their investment prospects’ appeal.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

Market attention towards the bitsCrunch listing is growing. Additionally, the token’s performance steadily increases post-listing on major exchanges like Kucoin and platforms such as CMC. Moreover, the ongoing presale of eTukTuk has exceeded an impressive milestone, raising over $1.5 million, indicating strong investor interest in its innovative approach to revolutionizing transportation in developing regions. 

Furthermore, recent data from L2Beat reveals that StarkNet has reached a significant milestone. Following the launch of its native token, its total value locked (TVL) surpassed $1.31 billion. In addition, Bitcoin has surged to $60,000, with enthusiasts eyeing record highs.

1. bitsCrunch (BCUT)

Investors often need help accessing comprehensive blockchain analytics and forensics due to centralized systems prioritizing financial interests. This centralized approach limits insights for emerging decentralized Web3 projects. It also hampers innovative breakthroughs.

As such, the bitsCrunch network proffers a potential solution, heralding a new era in blockchain analytics. Enhanced by AI, this decentralized platform aims to provide robust analytics and forensic data for NFTs, wallets, and other digital assets on the public blockchain.

BCUT Price Chart

Accessible through user-friendly APIs, bitsCrunch seeks to facilitate diverse application development. Moreover, bitsCrunch emphasizes a community-driven ecosystem. This encourages individuals to continuously contribute code or content to improve and expand the network’s capabilities.

In addition, bitsCrunch aims to simplify access to insights across multiple blockchains through a single API. This move could benefit developers working on multi-chain applications. Furthermore, bitsCrunch seeks to provide advanced forensic data to help identify risks and fraud in Web3 applications, contributing to security and compliance efforts.

By employing a decentralized model supported by multiple query processor nodes, bitsCrunch aims to enhance scalability and ensure robust data management. According to its whitepaper, users can expect predictable query costs, as stablecoins cover queries on the network. This facilitates precise cost estimation and budget management.

On an important note, the bitsCrunch listing has been met with market positivity. The token’s performance steadily increases after listing on major exchanges like Kucoin and platforms like CMC. Based on CMC’s data, the coin is up 3.38% in the last 24 hours, trading at $0.328484.

2. Ta-da (TADA)

Tada’s recent entry promises to shake up data collection with its innovative approach. Using blockchain technology, Tada offers a platform for precise data gathering tailored to specific client needs. This ensures high-quality data and boosts security and transparency through blockchain integration.

The Tada MultiversX project aims to address the challenges of AI data quality and monetization. By harnessing artificial intelligence, Tada provides a solution where companies can pose tasks that the community solves. Furthermore, participants earn rewards through TADA tokens, making data acquisition cost-effective for companies and ensuring fair compensation for community members.

TADA Price Chart

Meanwhile, the growth potential is evident, with over 2 million tasks already completed on the Tada app. Moreover, the TADA token, the native reward currency, has gained attention. This is especially true considering its market cap of less than $20 million and the anticipation surrounding its future release through the vesting process.

Recently listed on the Kucoin exchange, TADA offers trading opportunities in the USDT pair, further expanding its accessibility. While approximately 5% of the total token supply is currently in circulation, the majority remains locked. This hints at potential scarcity dynamics in the future, contributing to its investment appeal within the low-market-cap gem space.

Overall, Tada presents itself as a compelling investment option with its innovative approach to AI-driven data collection and fair reward system through the TADA token. As the project gains traction, it stands poised for significant growth and impact in the crypto-verse.

3. eTukTuk (TUK)

The ongoing presale of eTukTuk has surpassed the impressive milestone of $1.5 million. This indicates significant investor interest in its innovative approach to transforming transportation in developing regions. Through blockchain technology, eTukTuk aims to enhance sustainability in urban transportation. Also, it employs AI-driven strategies to optimize routes, ease traffic congestion, and minimize fuel consumption.

Furthermore, the project’s commitment to advancing environmentally friendly initiatives is evident in its presale efforts, attracting investors interested in supporting eco-friendly objectives. The presale adopts a staged approach, gradually increasing the value of eTukTuk’s native token, TUK, as more funds are secured. 

With a hard cap target of $10.7 million, the project is poised to achieve its outlined objectives. Currently valued at $0.0275, TUK tokens, the APY stands at 156%. Introducing the Buy and Stake mechanism, investors can acquire TUK tokens and immediately stake them, initiating a dynamic APY. As such, early stakers have the potential to enjoy higher returns. 

The APY adjusts according to participation levels, incentivizing early adoption and fostering a fair, attractive incentive structure for all participants. In addition, presale buyers receive 6% of the total 2 billion TUK supply. Upon the conclusion of the presale, eTukTuk plans to list TUK on prominent exchanges to enhance liquidity and accessibility. 

The project’s Telegram community anticipates these listings, projecting that eTukTuk’s eco-friendly objectives could drive demand. With the current momentum of the presale, eTukTuk is on track to achieve its hard cap goal, marking progress toward the execution phase of its roadmap.

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4. Starknet (STRK)

Recent developments in the cryptocurrency space have seen StarkNet emerge as a promising solution to Ethereum’s scalability challenges. Utilizing the secure STARK system, StarkNet enables decentralized applications (dApps) to execute substantial computations while upholding robust security measures.

Furthermore, the platform’s recent listing on a leading trading platform has garnered widespread positivity, reflecting increased adoption. According to recent data from L2Beat, StarkNet has achieved a significant milestone, with its total value locked (TVL) surpassing $1.31 billion following the launch of its native token.

STRK Price Chart

This achievement positions StarkNet as the fourth Ethereum Layer-2 (L2) network to exceed the $1 billion TVL mark, signaling its growing significance within the Ethereum ecosystem. The StarkNet token, or STRK, serves multiple functions within the network.

It facilitates fee payments for network transactions, supports staking for consensus maintenance and security, and enables token holders to participate in governance decisions regarding StarkNet’s values and technological objectives through voting on governance proposals. Originally, transaction fees on StarkNet were payable solely in Ether (ETH).

However, with the release of version 0.13.0, users can now pay transaction fees using the StarkNet token and Ether. This enhances flexibility and utility within the network. Breaking down the composition of StarkNet’s TVL, the majority, comprising 83.65%, is held in the STRK token, while Ethereum (ETH) accounts for 11.41%, and stablecoins represent 3.78%.

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