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New Cryptocurrency ‘Cowabunga Coin’ Set For Upcoming Presale Launch

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

New Cryptocurrency 'Cowabunga Coin' Set For Upcoming Presale Launch
New Cryptocurrency 'Cowabunga Coin' Set For Upcoming Presale Launch

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Brand-new crypto project Cowabunga Coin recently launched its website and social media channels, inspired by the hit TV series Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles. Be prepared for the exciting potential of Cowabunga Coin as it gets ready for an upcoming presale launch soon.

Tokens that follow on from successful films and comic series tend to do very well upon initial release. People might resonate with their favorite turtle and become part of a wider community that supports the other aspects of the popular franchise.

Cowabunga Coin presale launch: Embrace the ninja crypto adventure

The initial Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) movie started in 1990, and before that, there were multiple comics read by avid fans. Memecoins are also extremely popular right now, as evidenced by the popularity and trade volume of coins such as Pepe and Doge. Such coins have huge social followings.

This presale opportunity is creating a buzz among fans and crypto enthusiasts alike, promising an action-packed journey reminiscent of the iconic pizza-filled adventures of the Turtles. So let’s dive in and explore the gnarly realm of Cowabunga Coin.

The Cowabunga Coin team is inviting investors and enthusiasts to participate in their presale. By visiting their website, you can access the Telegram portal and connect with the community, which is currently growing with six subscribers.

If you’re eager to be part of this crypto journey, joining their Telegram and following their Twitter for updates is essential, as opportunities may fill up rapidly.

The TMNT-Inspired tokenomics: A radical approach to crypto

Cowabunga Coin’s tokenomics align with the unique qualities of each Turtle. In the world of cryptocurrencies, a new player has emerged with a mission as daring as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themselves. Check out our list of the top new cryptocurrencies to watch.

Introducing Cowabunga Coin, a digital asset backed by a unique and adventurous tokenomics model inspired by the four beloved turtles. Each turtle brings its distinct flavor to the table, just like the different elements that make up Cowabunga Coin’s tokenomics.

With a total token supply of 4,000,000,000 – equivalent to an impressive one billion tokens for each of the four turtles – Cowabunga Coin is determined to make waves in the crypto world. Let’s dive into the different aspects of this revolutionary tokenomics design:

30% presale (Leonardo)

Leonardo, the fearless leader, guides the radical presale with 1.2 billion tokens reserved for early investors. Embrace the challenge and join the action, just like Leo would never back down.

20% liquidity (Donatello)

Donatello’s technical prowess ensures smooth transactions, with 800 million tokens allocated to liquidity. Like Donnie’s Bo staff, everything will be sleek and efficient, ensuring seamless trading experiences.

25% community rewards & airdrops (Michelangelo)

Michelangelo is all about fun and community, reflected in 1 billion tokens dedicated to community rewards and airdrops. Just like Mikey’s zest for life, these tokens will spread joy among the community members.

15% CEX listings (Raphael)

Raphael provides defense, dedicating 600 million tokens to CEX Listings. By standing tall against the Foot Clan, Cowabunga Coin aims to secure its position on major exchanges for increased accessibility.

10% strategic partnerships (Casey Jones)

Casey Jones represents the unexpected allies found on the journey. With 400 million tokens reserved for strategic partnerships, Cowabunga Coin aims to collaborate fiercely to expand its influence and reach. With a successful raise of $500,000, Cowabunga Coin’s initial cost per token stands at just over $0.000125.

This low entry point aims to attract a wide range of investors, making it accessible to everyone. The team encourages potential investors to ready their nunchucks and seize the opportunity to grab their slice of the action in the world of Cowabunga Coin.

The Cowabunga Coin Roadmap: Master Splinter’s Training Plan

Q3 2023: The next phase of Cowabunga Coin’s journey, guided by Master Splinter’s wise training plan, is set to bring exciting developments to the project.

Increasing Trading Volume – Embracing the turtle spirit

In Q3 2023, Cowabunga Coin is focused on increasing its trading volume. The team is determined to rally the community, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere where everyone will be shouting “Cowabunga!” as they ride the wave of success.

CEX Listings – Conquering new frontiers

Following the example of the fearless turtles hitting the city streets, Cowabunga Coin is set to conquer new heights by securing listings on major exchanges (CEX). Just like the Foot Clan won’t see the turtles coming, the project aims to take the crypto world by surprise with its strategic listings.

Marketing Push – Making noise worldwide

With a powerful battle cry of “Turtle Power!”, Cowabunga Coin is gearing up for a massive marketing push. The project aims to capture attention and ignite discussions about Cowabunga Coin, resonating from the bustling streets of New York City to the distant realm of Dimension X.

How to buy Cowabunga Coin

If you’re ready to dive into the Cowabunga Coin adventure and acquire its tokens, here are three options to get started.

Option 1: Ethereum-Compatible Wallets

While Trust Wallet and MetaMask are popular choices, there are other Ethereum-compatible wallets available. Ensure that your chosen wallet can interact with the Ethereum network and offers the necessary security features to protect your investment in Cowabunga Coin.

Option 2: Trust Wallet (For smartphone users)

For seamless transactions on your smartphone, Trust Wallet is the recommended choice. With its user-friendly interface, Trust Wallet offers easy navigation and robust security. Additionally, it provides direct access to decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, making it convenient to buy and store Cowabunga Coin tokens.

Option 3: MetaMask (For desktop users)

If you prefer conducting transactions on your desktop computer, MetaMask is the ideal option. Compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem and widely adopted, MetaMask ensures reliable and secure management of Cowabunga Coin tokens. Its intuitive platform empowers users to confidently navigate the token purchase process and safeguard their assets.

How to set up Trust Wallet

For a secure and hassle-free experience in buying and storing Cowabunga Coin tokens, follow these simple steps to set up Trust Wallet on your phone:

Step 1: Download official Trust Wallet app

Obtain the Trust Wallet mobile app, backed by the Binance exchange, from the Play Store, App Store, or through the Binance website.

Step 2: Create a wallet

Choose to either create a new Trust Wallet or use an existing one.

Step 3: Backup passphrase

Note down your 12-word backup passphrase carefully. Verify the correctness by manually entering the words in the correct sequence. This passphrase is crucial for recovering your Trust Wallet funds if your phone is lost or stolen.

Step 4: Add Cowabunga Coin token

Click the “+” icon on the top-right of the screen and select “Add Custom Token” at the bottom of the list. The network will be set to ‘Ethereum’ by default.

Step 5: Paste Cowabunga Coin contract address

Paste the COWABUNGA token contract address from your Cowabunga Coin deposit page. Double-check the address for accuracy, and consider verifying it with the official Cowabunga Coin Telegram group. Trust Wallet will now display the correct contract specifics for Cowabunga Coin, including the name, symbol, and number of decimals.

How to set up MetaMask Wallet

Step 1: Installing MetaMask Wallet on your browser

MetaMask is available as both a mobile app and a web browser extension. To set it up via a browser extension, visit the MetaMask website and select your preferred browser (e.g., Chrome or Firefox).

Step 2: Create a wallet

After installation, click the “Create a Wallet” button to begin the setup process.

Step 3: Create a password

Create a strong and alphanumeric password when prompted.

Step 4: Keep a record of the recovery phrase

A 12-word recovery phrase will be provided. Write it down and keep it secure in a safe place. Never share this recovery phrase with anyone, as it grants access to your wallet.

Step 5: Import Cowabunga Coin token

Import COWABUNGA tokens to your MetaMask wallet by clicking “Import Tokens” and providing the COWABUNGA contract address (announced separately). Verify the contract address using the official Cowabunga Coin Telegram group.

Step 6: View your tokens

After completing the token import process, your MetaMask wallet will display the COWABUNGA tokens you purchased during the presale or via Uniswap.

How to buy with ETH

Step 1: Connect your wallet

Ensure your wallet is connected to Cowabunga Coin, then click “BUY WITH ETH.”

Step 2: Input amount and convert

You will be directed to the exchange window, where you enter the desired amount of COWABUNGA you want to buy. The corresponding amount of ETH you will “Sell” for the purchase will be displayed. After inputting your “Buying” amount, click “CONVERT ETH.” Note: The minimum purchase amount is 1000 COWABUNGA.

Step 3: Confirm your purchase

Review the transaction details and click “Confirm” to proceed.

Step 4: Complete the purchase

Your purchase is now complete. Please allow a few moments for the transaction to process.

Step 5: Finalize your actions

On successful completion, you can view your transaction on the blockchain, either START AGAIN for another purchase or FINISH. Your COWABUNGA tokens will be available to claim once the Cowabunga Coin presale period ends.

To gather more information about Cowabunga Coin, kindly refer to their whitepaper available on their official website here.


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