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New Bitcoin Alternative With 10x Potential Hits $5 Million In Presale

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

New Bitcoin Alternative With 10x Potential Hits $5 Million In Presale
New Bitcoin Alternative With 10x Potential Hits $5 Million In Presale

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In just over two weeks, Bitcoin BSC, one of the trending crypto presales of 2023, reached significant milestones by raising over $5 million in its ICO. With a presale hard cap set at $6,063,750, the presale may conclude sooner than expected.

$BTCBSC joins a series of what are often referred to as ‘Bitcoin clones,’ which have frequently outperformed Bitcoin in the short term for traders. For instance, BTC20, an ERC-20 version of Bitcoin, recently delivered a nearly 600% return after its successful presale.

In contrast, Bitcoin’s trajectory seems to be losing momentum, displaying a declining pattern that suggests a potential downturn and decreasing investor enthusiasm for buying. This is why many investors view Bitcoin BSC as a highly promising alternative to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin BSC As High-Potential, Staking-Centric Alternative to Bitcoin

The primary attraction of Bitcoin BSC, aside from its considerable speculative potential, lies in its stake-and-earn functionalities. The staking pool has garnered significant interest, with over 2.6 million tokens currently locked in it. The project offers rewards of 0.25 $BTCBSC per block, generating tokens every 10 minutes.

As of now, the annual percentage yield (APY) stands at 100%. Bitcoin BSC addresses one of Bitcoin’s major concerns—its Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. Bitcoin, utilizing PoW, has faced criticism in the crypto community due to its expensive and environmentally unfriendly nature.

As a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) token built on the Binance Smart Chain, $BTCBSC offers enhanced scalability, faster, and more cost-effective transactions compared to Bitcoin. $BTCBSC investors can stake their tokens to validate blockchain transactions and earn rewards without engaging in traditional Bitcoin mining.

The token is designed so that new $BTCBSC rewards are distributed every 10 minutes, following the same schedule as Bitcoin block rewards. Staked tokens have a 7-day lockup period. Investors’ rewards are proportional to the number of tokens they have staked relative to the total staking pool.

Staking $BTCBSC alters the incentives for token investors, allowing them to profit not only from potential price increases but also from holding and staking $BTCBSC to earn token rewards. Interested investors can find our guide on how to purchase $BTCBSC here.

A substantial 69% of the total $BTCBSC token supply has been allocated for staking rewards, ensuring a continuous supply of tokens to reward investors for 120 years.

Watch the video above to get the full Bitcoin BSC presale update, and consider subscribing to his YouTube channel for additional crypto presale updates. Jacob Bury also manages a Discord channel with 17,000 members where users can access trading tips and stay informed about upcoming crypto presales.

Limited Time Remaining for BTCBSC Presale Purchase

The ongoing Bitcoin BSC presale offers a limited-time opportunity for investors to secure BTCBSC at a price of just $0.99. $BTCBSC has a total supply of 21 million tokens, mirroring Bitcoin’s supply. The presale allocates 29% of the tokens, with the remaining 69% reserved for staking rewards and 2% designated for DEX liquidity.

BEP-20 tokens like $BTCBSC enjoy broad compatibility with decentralized applications (dApps), including popular wallet apps such as MetaMask and Trust Wallet. This compatibility streamlines the process of buying and selling $BTCBSC, even during the presale.

Any unsold tokens after the listing will contribute to the Bitcoin BSC staking contract, ensuring a fixed total supply of 21 million $BTCBSC tokens. Following the presale’s completion, the Bitcoin BSC team intends to launch the token on a decentralized exchange based on the BNB Smart Chain. Take part in the $BTCBSC presale at


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