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New Base Chain Meme Coin Base Dawgz Raises $200k Within Minutes Of ICO Launch: Will It Skyrocket Like Brett?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Base Dawgz
Base Dawgz

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The Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) meme coin launches today, and in minutes, more than $200,000 has already poured into its presale.

A highly anticipated token launch, $DAWGZ plays to the potential of the powerful Base chain and leverages the magnetic attractive power of the meme coin dog theme – seven of the top 10 meme coins have a doggie persona. 

In addition, Base Dawgz offers share-to-earn utility and will be introducing staking rewards at a later date.

Although a relatively new chain, Base meme coin market capitalization is over $2 billion. 

Base Dawgz’s primary home is on the Base chain, but as its website states, $DAWGZ is inspired by the ‘spirit of base jumping’ and is interoperable on multiple chains. 

Alongside Base, Base Dawgz token also resides on Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain and Avalanche. 

With $DAWGZ, users can base jump across blockchains, opening up the Coinbase-invented Layer 2 blockchain to traders and users of multiple chains and thereby widening its appeal.

Currently priced at just $0.00479 in Stage 1 of its presale, $DAWGZ can be bought with ETH, SOL, BNB, AVAX and USDT.

According to the website’s countdown, there are only six days before the presale price rises. The Stage 2 price is not yet known, but that will likely encourage more buyers to commit in order to lock in the lowest prices. 

Base Dawgz Price Could Explode Like BRETT, Up 11,902%?

Coins such as DEGEN and social media token have caused a stir on Base. In particular, the former caught the eye of meme coin fans. Now Base Dawgz is next up as the Base meme coin to trend.

Although not yet at the heights of WIF, BONK, TRUMP or BODEN Solana meme coins, the Base meme coin communities around BRETT, NORMIE and TOSHI are today a force to be reckoned with.

The market capitalization of DEGEN, the first meme coin to make waves on Base when it launched four months ago, soared to $810 million at its height.

That compares with the newer Base meme coin $BRETT, which on 2 June broke into price discovery with a new all-time high market cap of $1.27 billion. 

$BRETT is still trading at levels comfortably above $1 billion market cap, printing a price of $0.1182, up 22% in the past 24 hours alone at the time of writing (4 June).

Not to be missed out, $TOSHI has a chunky market cap valuation of $211 million and is not far off a return to its all-time highs

It is fair to say that $DAWGZ is making its debut on Base at an excellent juncture, with Base meme coins like $BRETT powering higher. The $BRETT price is up 11,902% since its launch in March and 66% higher over the past seven days. 

Base Dawgz Meme Coin Turbocharges The Cultural Phenomenon That Is Shiba Inu With Share-To-Earn And Multi-Chain Agility

Community members are at the center of Base Dawgz’s marketing strategy, thanks to its share-to-earn system that pays out point rewards for sharing $DAWGZ-centric content on social media. 

Simply click on the ‘refer and earn’ button on the homepage and connect your wallet to generate your referral link. All those referring will receive 5% of the amount contributed by the referee.

All created and shared content earns points that are redeemable for $DAWGZ tokens. 

To start earning rewards, participants will need to link their X account to verify shared content, claim the XP rewards points, and redeem them for $DAWGZ. 

Base Dawgz is a virtuous circle that rewards community creativity, which, in turn, helps to grow the $DAWGZ community and the value of the token.

Fifteen percent of the total token supply of 8,453,000,000 is set aside for $DAWGZ rewards. Meanwhile 20% of the token supply will be available for purchase in the presale, 20% each for staking and liquidity, 15% earmarked to marketing and 10% listings.

The Base Dawgz smart contract is audited by blockchain security company Solid Proof, which indicates the project’s professionalism and security.

Furthermore, the contract is not upgradeable and is fully renounced, which means the supply cannot be changed or backdoors introduced into the code with dishonest intent. Suffice it to say that the Base Dawgz smart contract cannot burn or mint tokens.

Base Dawgz Poised To Be A Leading Token On Base, Which Is Closing On Solana

Solana came from nowhere to become the dominant chain for launching meme coins, but could Base be the next launchpad of choice for cute, funny viral meme coins?

Unlike Solana which is a Layer 1 blockchain, Base is a Layer 2 for Ethereum. Ethereum Layer 2 protocols like Base exist to make Ethereum more scalable, making transactions faster and cheaper.

Although Base was only launched in August last year, it has already achieved transactions per second of as much as 400, which matches Solana. The devs promise yet more improvement to come. 

Solana has claimed real-time transactions per second (tps) of up to 1,000, but the majority of those are actually failed transactions. The high ratio of failed transactions has been criticized as a factor that undermines Solana’s hopes of becoming a reliable enterprise-ready rail for firms looking to adopt decentralized networks.

Base Dawgz Gains From Cheap Fees, More Robust Security On Base 

When it comes to gas fees, because Base is a Layer 2 it has a separate execution fee that is much cheaper than the security fee. The security fee is only paid when bundles of transactions are written to the Ethereum chain.

Although Solana’s proof-of-history protocol means fees might be cheaper, Base has the upside of using the more decentralized, and therefore more secure, Ethereum blockchain. 

On other fundamentals, there are important differences that further support the future expansion potential of Base. 

While Solana might still, for now, trump Base when it comes to on-chain transactions, by a very wide margin (4.5 million to 53 million), it is a different story on the fiat value of transfers-in from unique active wallets interacting with decentralized applications (dApps). Here Base pulls in $1.76 billion, ranking it in fifth place among all chains, against $1.1 billion for Solana, according to dappradar data.

The unique active wallets metric reflects Base’s ability to tap into the rapidly growing user base of Coinbase’s, which, according to information last reported by the company in 2022, stood at 110 million users globally.

Also, looking at the total value locked (TVL) as one way of measuring the value of a chain, Base’s TVL has been trending higher since March this year and now stands at $1.7 billion. 

The most significant jump was between mid-March and April when TVL more than doubled from $670 to $1.58 billion, according to data compiled by DefiLama. Solana’s TVL is $4.8 billion.

Moreover, the value of daily transaction volumes on Base is $320 million, which is admittedly less than half of Solana’s, on $733 million, but is nevertheless an impressive number for a chain barely a year old.

Again, these data points all translate into big pluses for Base Dawgz.

Next $BRETT On Base – Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) To Offer 100x ROI?

Taken together, the chain fundamentals outlined above are all highly encouraging signs that Base could be the next favored chain for all things meme coins. And, as a by-product, the mushrooming in meme coin transactions on the chain could spur wider adoption of Base by proving its general robustness.

All of this suggests that Base Dawgz is very much a meme coin in the right place at the right time. Like with $BRETT, a 100x return on investment could be in view for $DAWGZ.

A fast-growing chain increasing in popularity with meme coin traders, lucrative share-to-earn rewards, passive income from staking and the predominance of the Shiba Inu phenomenon in the top rankings of meme coins, means all the stars are aligned for an explosive launch for $DAWGZ. 

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