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Morgan Creek Capital CIO Reveals His Struggles with XRP

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The Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director of the Investment Management firm Morgan Creek, Mark Yusko, has expressed his dismay at the slow adoption rate of XRP as compared to other assets like Solana and Ethereum.

In an interview given to Darren Morre Jr, a crypto researcher, Mark replied, “I am struggling with XRP,” when asked about his view on the XRP ledger.

These views and the interview came to light from MooreJr’s official Youtube Channel in a video titled – “Exclusive Interview with Mark Yusko: The Recession You Didn’t Even Know Happened!“. The hour-long video covered Mark’s insights into the digital asset market, focusing on Ripple, XRP, and Bitcoin.

The video emphasized whether people are giving too much attention to XRP.

I Struggle with XRP – Mark Yusko

When Darren asked how Mark felt about the XRP ledger in general, he replied that he struggled with XRP.

He continued that while he is open to the idea that “XRP is a better rail. It could work if you could get banks and insurance companies and like to integrate it.”

However, he cited “very little evidence” that it could work, stating that “there is a lot of announcements and very little evidence behind it.”

While Mark praised the idea as elegant, he disagreed with the concentration.

“I don’t like that Brad and the foundation own so much of it.”, he said.

While the tokenomics have been fixed, bringing down Ripple’s control of over 70% of XRP’s shares to only 50%, Mark Yusko pointed out that it is still relatively high.

“I don’t see any major adoption that anyone else is pointing to similar to Ethereum and Solana.”, he continued.

Despite his misgivings, Mark Yusko is open to adding more crypto tech in the near future.

XRP Price Pumps in Last 24 Hours

The XRP price has experienced a 4% pump in the last 24 hours. At press time, the token is trading around the $0.64 mark. There has also been a marginal increase in its market capitalization (4.23%) and 24-hour trading volume (1.28%).

XRP Whale

One Twitter user, XRP Whale, hopes the token will hit $1.5 soon.


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