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Metropoly Ultraclub Partnership Adds to Already Substantial Real Estate Offerings

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The desire to own real estate remains a major aspiration for many individuals. However, the current state of the market presents a challenge for ordinary investors looking to invest in this sector. They encounter difficulties in finding suitable investment opportunities for their future investments.

To address this issue, several real estate platforms using blockchain technology are emerging to revolutionize the market and promote fairness, which would allow average investors to participate. One such platform is Metropoly, which has much to offer to real estate enthusiasts.

Metropoly has recently formed a partnership with Ultraclub, which brings additional benefits to users. Before we explain the details of the partnership, let’s first take a look at what Metropoly is.

Metropoly Brings Great Solutions to the Real Estate Market

Upon examining the present real estate market, it becomes apparent that it is becoming increasingly challenging for the average person to invest in it. Property and land prices have skyrocketed in recent years, making it difficult for young investors to purchase real estate without taking out substantial loans or sacrificing their homeownership aspirations. In contrast, the previous generations could invest relatively effortlessly.

The current median ratio of house prices to income for American workers is a precise indicator of the state of the real estate market. Currently, the ratio stands at 7.71, exceeding the ratio during the 2008 economic crisis. This figure represents a significant surge from 4.4, which was the ratio twenty years ago, indicating an exponential increase over time. Consequently, workers are increasingly apprehensive about their future prospects due to the mounting pressure created by these figures.

Initiatives such as Metropoly are critical as they provide a framework that makes real estate investment accessible and affordable. The project enables investors to diversify their portfolios, reduce the impact of inflation, and earn passive income.

Metropoly achieves this by leveraging the potential of fractional real estate investment, an innovative model that allows investors to own a portion of a property. In this model, several investors share ownership of the asset, making fractional investments more affordable. Metropoly offers investments starting at just $100.

Individuals seeking a better understanding of Metropoly’s operations can explore the prototype of its marketplace, which features various tabs, including property viewing, ongoing auctions, and payouts. While the beta platform’s listings are primarily for demonstration purposes, the features provide a good idea of what to expect in the final product. Furthermore, users can access the all-time leaderboard, which displays information such as the number of real estate fractions owned and dividends received.

Check Out the Metropoly Platform

The prototype version of the platform provides a comprehensive preview of how Metropoly is revolutionizing real estate investment by reducing entry barriers, such as low initial investment amounts, and eliminating factors like credit scores and investor location that restrict accessibility. As a result, real estate investment is accessible to all. Furthermore, investors worldwide can invest in any property globally, creating lucrative investment prospects.

Metropoly’s investment process is streamlined and vastly different from the traditional paper-based approach. Acquiring a property investment takes only 20 seconds, a significant improvement over the several months required by conventional methods. Users can link their wallet, visit the marketplace, and purchase various properties, including high-end apartments, penthouses, and villas.

Metropoly provides diverse property options, such as a $1 million apartment in the Burj Khalifa, as an example of what is available on the platform. To participate in the contest, users must undertake various social actions, such as retweeting, joining the Telegram channel, or subscribing to the newsletter. There are ten ways to join the competition, all of which are worth considering, as fractional holdings can generate rental income of up to $100,000 per year and appreciate over time.

With Metropoly, users can earn passive income from their fractional holdings, witness the appreciation of the property’s value over time, and exercise voting rights proportional to the number of fractions they own. These features signify a new era of real estate investment.

What Does the Ultraclub Partnership Bring?

One of the significant developments in the Metropoly ecosystem is its collaboration with Ultraclub, which offers users discounts on luxurious accommodations, dining experiences, activities, and more. The partnership grants access to over a million hotels, 200,000 venues, and VIP concierge services worldwide. Furthermore, METRO holders can enjoy exclusive access to the Ultraclub website.

Ultraclub operates in various locations, including Ibiza, Phuket, Singapore, Monaco, Miami, Colombia, and New York. The partnership benefits both parties by allowing them to expand their user base while providing users with unparalleled deals.

Metropoly Will Usher in A New Era in Real Estate

Metropoly is a standout among blockchain projects due to its practical applications. As an NFT-based platform, it provides NFT holders with access to the potentially lucrative real estate market. The benefits of investing in Metropoly are vast, including promising long-term returns and the potential to transform the real estate industry. This project has the potential to attract younger investors to the real estate market, and with the recent partnership with Ultraclub, it is becoming an even more attractive investment opportunity.

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