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Metropoly Presale Will Enter the Final Stage in 24 Hours

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The presale of Metropoly’s viral real estate token is entering the last stages, as FOMO drives investors to hoard it in bulk. Once the presale ends, new investors will have to buy the token from the open market. Industry experts predict up to a 10X price rise for the token on its initial exchange listing.

What’s the big deal about Metropoly?

Metropoly is the world’s first NFT marketplace deep-rooted in the real estate market. It converts real estate assets into NFTs and then makes them available on its NFT marketplace for affordable prices starting from $100.

The project’s mass appeal lies in its blockchain use case, which explores beyond quick money-making schemes, bizarre NFT art collectibles, and games that nobody wants to play. Backed (100%) by real-world properties, Metropoly has the potential to give multifold returns to early investors in a few months. It is one of the most promising blockchain projects to enter the market this year.

Metropoly is the antidote to crypto market volatility

Ask any leading investor and they will tell you that most of their portfolio is in the real estate market. It is one of the best long-term investments. It capitalizes on our need for a roof over our heads and a floor under our feet. As long as that remains the case, the market is  safe, reliable, and lucrative. More importantly, real estate investments have large growth potential due to the exponentially growing population.

Urbanization and tourism, in particular, enhance the appeal of income-generating properties like houses in the suburbs, holiday villas, and luxury apartments, to name a few.

But the real estate market is largely inaccessible to most people. Although the law permits anyone to own land and buildings, only the rich and privileged can afford to. Others spend most of their life’s savings on the mortgage for the house they live in. That’s a disastrous trend which will aggravate economic and social inequality. Given that land is a limited resource, it should not be limited to just a few.

Anyone should be able to build long-term wealth from the real estate market, not just the rich. And that’s what Metropoly is all about. The NFT marketplace tokenizes the asset class and brings it to the masses without the headaches of traditional real estate ownership.

Metropoly NFTs will share the evergreen luster of their real-world counterparts. They will be an excellent solution for crypto investors looking for ways to mitigate the effects of volatility on their portfolios. Another interesting feature to notice is the impact of real estate fractionalization on portfolio diversification and risk mitigation.

How Metropoly brings more efficiency to the real estate market

Real estate is not costly just in terms of money, but also time. For example, a real estate change of hands can take an average of 60 days, with all the paperwork, documentation, legal hassles, bank dealings, and whatnot. Digitization has yet to penetrate the industry, which still carries out 98% of the deals offline. The primitive model is intimidating for young investors who are used to the luxuries of the internet.

This is where Metropoly steps in with a decentralized marketplace for real estate assets. Here, anyone can buy and sell fractional ownership of high-yield properties without getting caught in a cobweb of middlemen or endless paperwork and complications. The platform, powered by blockchain-powered smart contracts, shows a Web 3.0 gateway to the multi-trillion-dollar real estate industry,

Essentially, it makes real estate trading as simple as trading stocks. Of course, Metropoly assets are less complicated than stocks due to their tangible makeup. You can navigate the marketplace with a wide range of filters to find a property that best suits your budget and investment strategy.

The properties, being hand-picked by the Metropoly team with years of experience in the industry, will be excellent sources of passive income. The team will find and manage tenants, maintain the property, and do the rest of the operational tasks for you, while the smart contract distributes a share of the monthly rental income to you.

Metropoly is the future of real estate

Just take a look:

  • Blockchain tokenization of a real estate property allows owners and potential buyers to access a transparent, immutable record of its transactions.
  • Metropoly NFTs are extremely affordable due to community ownership. You can diversify your portfolio with a wide range of fractional properties which are sold for $100 and above.
  • The profitability of the listed properties is analyzed by the Metropoly team beforehand, mitigating risk.
  • Financial background and credit score won’t stand in the way of your Metropoly NFT ownership.
  • No paperwork. No banks. No commission.
  • Value appreciation and passive income

As one of the most promising and credible crypto projects of this year, Metropoly is getting massive traffic. Interestingly, not just from the crypto community. It has won the adulation of traditional real estate investors as well. The fact that the Metropoly Beta Dashboard is live before the token launch strengthens the credibility and feasibility of the project.

Although Metropoly NFTs are not available for purchase yet, you can get an early (and the cheapest) entry to the project via the ongoing METRO presale. The native token will be used for payments and reward distribution in the ecosystem.

Metropoly presale investment comes with some exciting benefits and privileges, including access to a grand $1M Burj Khalifa Apartment Giveaway.

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