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This New Crypto is Making Real Estate Investment Accessible to Everyone with $100 NFTs – Here’s How it Works (Metro)


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 Real estate investment has become increasingly difficult due to rising housing prices and stagnant income ratios. However, blockchain technology can disrupt the market and create more equity. Metropoly, a blockchain-based real estate platform, is taking over this niche by offering more features and better opportunities in the market than well-known platforms like Propy.

Investors are moving to Metropoly because of its unique fractional real estate investment feature, which dramatically reduces the entry barrier to real estate investment. Investors can invest in properties for as low as $100, making them accessible to almost anyone. This platform allows individuals of all ages to invest in the real estate market, allowing them to benefit from using real estate as a hedge against inflation and generating passive income.

What is Metropoly (METRO): How it Works


Metropoly is a decentralized non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for real estate, claiming to be the first of its kind. Real estate investors can use the platform to get access to NFTs that represent verified and vetted properties and earn passive income.

The platform wants to make it easier to buy and sell real estate by tokenizing properties and putting them all on one platform. This move is expected to significantly reduce the time required for property purchases from months to just over a minute.

Investors can start their investment portfolios with as little as $100, as all assets on the platform are tokenized and fractionalized. Metropoly is committed to making real estate transactions more efficient overall and making it easy for investors to find verified properties.

Those who hold an NFT from Metropoly are entitled to the same benefits as traditional real estate investments. This includes the opportunity for capital appreciation by selling assets on the open marketplace when their value increases. With Metropoly’s focus on optimizing liquidity, investors can sell their shares quickly without waiting for days.

Furthermore, investors can earn passive income directly from developed properties that generate rental income. Rental income will be paid out in the stablecoin USDC, which can be sent to users’ wallets immediately. Generally, Metropoly offers investors a seamless and potentially lucrative real estate investment opportunity.

Features of Metropoly Platform

  • Metropoly addresses liquidity issues in real estate by allowing users to instantly sell their properties for 70% of the price or through auction.
  • The platform automatically transfers rental income to user wallets.
  • The Metropoly team has real estate expertise in Ontario, Dubai, and London.
  • Features include Real Estate NFTs, a marketplace, and a launchpad for discounted investments in new projects.
  • The platform emphasizes long-term sustainability and offers real estate to hedge against inflation.
  • Real-time analytics and data are available to help users make informed decisions.

METRO is an ERC-20 token designed to sustain the Metropoly ecosystem and increase its value. The team has carefully planned how the tokens will be distributed. 30% will go to rewards for the level system, 20% to the liquidity pool, 10% to the team and advisors, and 10% to “terms and conditions.” 

The other 28% will be given out during the presale, and the last 2% will be used for airdrops and rewards for referring people. The token distribution strategy aims to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Metropoly ecosystem while also providing incentives for users to participate in the project.

Fractional Ownership: A Promising Solution for Real Estate Investment in the Era of Inflation


Metropoly is revolutionizing real estate investment by creating a system that democratizes the industry and makes it more accessible to everyday investors. This innovative project offers the industry’s first NFT marketplace, backed by real-world properties that generate passive income for NFT holders.

In the current landscape, real estate investments are typically only accessible to the wealthy, who can afford the substantial down payments required to secure a property. Moreover, real estate investors must have excellent credit histories, maintain a relationship with a bank to obtain a mortgage, and fill out extensive paperwork. 

However, Metropoly eliminates these barriers by enabling fractional ownership of properties, allowing investors to purchase a small percentage of the property’s value without buying the entire property. As inflation rates continue to rise, investors are becoming increasingly concerned about protecting their returns. However, the rise in inflation also results in higher interest rates from central banks, which makes investors hesitant to take on additional risk or credit.

Metropoly Launches Beta Version: Raises $560,000 in METRO Token Presale

Invest in crypto in seconds

Real estate is one of the few sectors offering consistent returns while protecting capital against inflation. Nevertheless, traditionally, real estate investments were only available to the affluent. Fortunately, a new project has emerged, offering everyone fractional ownership of real estate investments. Metropoly’s beta version has finally launched, offering investors a dashboard to test the platform’s premium features, such as asset trading, auctions, and mortgages. 

Users can also view monthly cash flow payouts directly in USDT. A new version is rumored to be released soon, providing more personalized experiences, although there is no set date yet. METRO, the platform’s native token, is being used for transactions within the ecosystem and will be controlled via Metropoly’s DAO. 

The token is currently available for presale at $0.625 per token, with over $559,000 raised. This represents 56% of the minimum goal. Payments can be made using ETH, USDT, and BNB. The tokens are ERC-20 utility tokens with a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens priced at $0.05 per token.


Top Components to Consider When Investing in Metropoly

Enjoy capital appreciation with METROPOLY PRESALE

Metropoly offers a solution to the practical challenges faced by many NFT initiatives by introducing a new coin backed by physical assets like multi-utility real estate properties. This innovative approach provides a passive income stream for coin holders.

Investing in Metropoly offers several notable features that make it a worthwhile consideration. Some of these include:

  • Metropoly DAO allows NFT holders to exercise voting rights proportional to the number of NFTs they own, including fractional amounts. This means property owners who possess NFTs can sell their property or increase the rent.
  • Metropoly carefully selects property listings added to the blockchain with the help of agents trained to evaluate the potential for future value increases in real estate investments. This allows investors to access these properties without dealing with third-party brokers, excessive paperwork, or credit checks. The platform provides global real estate investment opportunities that are easily accessible to users.
  • Real estate investment is generally considered a safe option for investors who prioritize risk management. The steady demand for housing ensures that the real estate market will remain robust. Property values are projected to rise as the global population increases, providing investors with the potential for long-term growth. With fractional NFT ownership, users can expect higher monthly returns from their real estate investments.
  • The platform also provides various support services, including property management and administrative services. Metropoly’s property management staff is reliable, ethical, and trustworthy. They conduct regular inspections of NFT-affiliated buildings and oversee residents renting the properties.


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