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Meme Coin Enthusiast Zach Humphries Gives Update About the Next Big Meme Coin

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Meme Coin Enthusiast Zach Humphries Gives Update About the Next Big Meme Coin
Meme Coin Enthusiast Zach Humphries Gives Update About the Next Big Meme Coin

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Zach Humphries, a meme coin enthusiast, updates his audience on a new meme coin, Meme Kombat, currently in presale and approaching its closing phase.

In this presale phase of a new meme coin project, those who enjoy meme coins might find the venture interesting. Zach Humphries, a devoted follower of meme coins, usually puts a small portion of his portfolio into the meme coin market. Notably, he’s noticed the success of Solano meme coins like BONK and MYRO.

Recognizing the risks linked with dabbling in meme coins, Zach Humphries acknowledges the ups and downs and uncertainties in the market. However, he understands the lasting popularity of meme coins in the cryptocurrency sector, providing both potential rewards and challenges.

Regular viewers of Zach’s channel can look forward to more in-depth discussions about this project as January finally ends.

Meme Kombat’s ICO success, Web3 innovation, and thrilling giveaway

The project’s ICO started strong, raising $8 million with a $10 million hard cap. For those interested in buying at a fixed, discounted price before its IEO, time is running out.

As the ICO nears its end, the native token $MK is available at a low price of only $0.279. The fundraising pace has surged by over 2,500% in the last eight weeks.

In the realm of meme fighting, the Web3 gaming platform stands out as the first of its kind. The innovation doesn’t stop there, though. Adding an exciting twist, Meme Kombat allows players to bet on the fight outcomes, drawing attention from a large number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Three highly lucrative and closely followed sectors in the cryptocurrency market include iGaming, betting, and meme coins.

The Meme Kombat $25,000 Giveaway garnered interest from 2,555 eligible wallets. Starting when the Meme Kombat presale hit $8 million, 25 lucky winners emerged, each receiving a $1,000 prize.

During the presale, investors can buy $MK from the project’s website using ETH or USDT. The tokens will remain locked until the presale concludes, after which investors can claim them on the Meme Kombat website.

Interested parties can refer to our guide on purchasing $MK tokens for additional information.

Meme Kombat’s unique utility and growing narrative in the competitive meme coin market

In today’s highly competitive meme coin market, the key to standing out lies in having a unique purpose.

Some instances of successful utility-based stories include Dogecoin gaining attention when Elon Musk introduced X payment, Shiba Inu building up to the Shibarium release, Myro’s trading bot, and Gorilla token following its recent presale launchpad announcement.

Now, looking at Meme Kombat, its AI-powered GambleFi use case gives $MK significant utility, making it in-demand if the platform becomes popular. Besides Meme Kombat, you can also consider the other best AI crypto coins to buy here.

Additionally, the project provides staking, creating another stream of demand for $MK driven by utility. Combining this with its viral meme coin appeal forms a compelling story. This narrative is already gaining traction among prominent market experts and early presale investors.

Consequently, its native $MK token could emerge as one of the most promising new meme coins to watch this 2024.

Meme Kombat’s active staking and decentralized token distribution

The Meme Kombat staking feature is now active, allowing presale investors to stake their tokens and start earning a yield right away. Currently, it provides a 116% Annual Percentage Yield (APY), but this rate will decrease as more tokens are staked.

As per the Meme Kombat staking dashboard, 80% of the $MK supply is already staked, resulting in 7,407,851 $MK paid out in staking rewards. The distribution plan for $MK tokens allocates 50% to the presale, 10% to DEX liquidity, 30% to staking and battle rewards, and 10% to community rewards.

This ensures that 100% of $MK tokens are in the hands of the community, establishing a decentralized token distribution and paving the way for sustainable, long-term price movements. Explore our price prediction for Meme Kombat to gain further insights.


Zach Humphries expects Meme Kombat to be an exciting project to follow, and for those interested, he shares all the necessary links below for more information. Viewers who want to learn more can check out the white paper, grasp how staking functions, and explore the tokenomics for a complete understanding.

Even though meme coins are created for fun and the chance of profits, Zach Humphries highlights the speculative aspect of the crypto world, advising caution as there are no guarantees. You can participate in the $MK presale by visiting


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