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Meme Coin AiDoge Hits Bigger Through Massive Funds as Presale Kicks Off

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Cryptocurrency presale remains one of the simplest ways investors purchase assets at very low prices. When the exchanges list the assets, early investors earn bigger as prices surge.

The new crypto asset creating waves in the space is AiDoge. The project redefines the meme world by including artificial intelligence (AI). Crypto uses AI tech to develop relevant memes based on user text prompts.

The crypto project enables content creators to deliver speedy updates using memes. It is currently running its presale, attracting attention due to the enormous gains. Learn more about this trending crypto asset below.

Growing Popularity Of Aidoge Through Presales

Aidoge is gaining popularity with its outstanding ecosystem, functionalities, and features. The crypto project aims to create a more engaging user atmosphere through AI-driven memes. Users are expected to use credits to explore the ecosystem. Notably, they will purchase the credits using the $Ai tokens.

Already, AiDoge is running the first stage of its presales. Crypto has hit a great milestone, generating over $100,000 in less than 24 hours. This move is creating interest in the industry with the massive possibilities in the token. 

Early investors can buy $Ai tokens at stage 1 of the presale for $0.000026 per token. The token price will surge to $0.0000336 at the end of stage 20 presales. Investing at the first stage offers a profit of about 29% before the token listing begins.

Investors can buy $Ai tokens from AiDoge’s official website with ETH, USDT, or a bank card. But don’t confuse AiDoge with other similar named coins in the crypto market, like ArbDoge AI (AIDOGE). The value of AiDoge is proven by its real utility; the generation of memes. 

Moreover, the project combines AI and memes in its functionalities. Also, investors of AiDoge will benefit from the growing value of the coin on a long-term basis.

What Makes AiDoge Unique

AiDoge Triggers a new phase of memes inventiveness

Memes are already popular in online engagement and communication. With the features from AiDoge, the generation of memes are moving to a new phase sparking higher inventiveness. 

Users don’t need to be absorbed in creating unique memes to suit their engagements. AiDoge is here is perform it all by inventing memes. All you have to do is to provide the text prompts, just like ChatGPT and AiDoge will take over the generation of memes.

AI Technology Takes AiDoge To The Top 

AiDoge goes the extra mile in meme coin technology with its AI paradigm. The meme coin leverages the power of artificial intelligence to drive communication and online engagement. AiDoge is the first meme coin project to integrate novel AI technology into the meme generation.

It operates with machine-learning technology that powers other AI technology like ChatGPT and DALL-e. It uses AI technology to generate memes from preset datasets and crypto news. That allows it to produce high-quality memes according to trending topics. 

AiDoge requires very minimal human input, like every other AI technology. You provide instructions or inputs as text prompts and watch as AiDoge generates relevant memes based on the context.

So far, no other meme coin project has introduced this use case, and the AiDoge project aims to break new ground in the crypto community by leveraging that fact. With this cutting-edge technology, AiDoge offers its users an easily accessible and incredible experience that will attract millions of audiences. 

AiDoge aims to pioneer an outbreak of creativity, attracting mainstream audiences with infinite possibilities by simplifying meme coin creation. 

Bullish investors have already realized AiDoge’s potential as many join the token presale to leverage the virality. So far, the project has raised over $100,000 within a few days of presale opening.

Security Through Audited Smart Contracts 

The high prevalence of Smart Contract compromise and exploitations that have led to the loss of millions of users’ funds prompted the need for robust blockchain security. 

Most users have lost confidence in the crypto ecosystem after losing funds to bad actors. Others are constantly looking for vulnerability lest hackers rob them of their holdings unaware. AiDoge seeks to reclaim that lost confidence by providing robust and reliable smart contract security.

AiDoge has a fully secure blockchain-based ecosystem. It strengthens its security with multiple layers of protection and soon-to-launch Smart Contracts audited by Certik.

The robust and stable smart contract eliminates the risks of hack attacks by bad actors that drain users’ funds. AiDoge users can rest assured of their funds’ safety when staking on the network.

More so, the AiDoge network has a decentralized structure that allows minimal security risk. 

Rewards Users Through Staking and Premium Features 

AiDoge stands out for its innovative strategy merging the strength of AI and blockchain technology to build a rewarding and safe ecosystem for its users. You can unlock premium features or a staking portal and earn incentives as an AiDoge user, making using the service even more fun and rewarding.

Premium Feature: AiDoge Premium services will be accessible to users with a specific amount of AiDoge tokens. The premium features could enhance the functionalities and grant users access to certain benefits within the AiDoge ecosystem.

Staking: this is a process where users lock up some quantities of their AiDoge tokens in a wallet for a certain period. This will help stabilize and secure the blockchain network and will also help in validating transactions. AiDoge ecosystem has put aside tokens that will be used as an incentive to stakers.

AiDoge Public Wall Feed 

AiDoge develops an innovative idea called “Public Wall Feed,” whereby submitted memes are displayed and voted on. The feedback effect of voting boosts meme visibility alongside their organic growth on the internet. 

Top-ranking meme makers who produce more frequently receive more prizes, encouraging user adoption and promoting community growth. The top-scoring memes’ creator pockets their rewards each month; this allows all users a new chance to win the top spot.

What Gives AiDoge Value

AiDoge has 21 billion $Ai tokens as the total supply, and all will be up for purchase through the 20 stages of the presales. Hence, AiDoge gets value through the following:

  • Staking – Staking $Ai tokens temporarily removes them from circulation and boosts the coin’s value. Stakers will earn daily credits in addition to their staking rewards.
  • Purchasing Credits – Users will use $Ai coin to purchase credits which they can use to generate memes.
  • Voting – Those holding $Ai tokens are part of the token community and have the power to vote on decisions and topics about the projects. The voting power usually depends on the number of tokens a user has. Also, they will receive credits as rewards for such community participation. 

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