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Meet the United TeleBot: A Crypto Bot That Works in Telegram

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The growth of social media applications is ongoing, and they are constantly developing new ways to provide value to their users. Blockchain technology has played a crucial role in this transformation, as its decentralized nature offers numerous advantages and can pave the way for the new era of Web3. Established businesses are already pursuing this path, while fresh startups in the crypto industry are also contributing their knowledge and excitement to this mission.

Therefore, there are many exciting possibilities on the horizon for social media and communication apps. Among the most intriguing projects is United TeleBot, which provides Telegram with a variety of advantages. This unique and compelling initiative has the potential to redefine our interactions on popular apps like Telegram.

Here, we will describe United TeleBot, its characteristics, and how prominent apps can benefit from such initiatives.

What Does UnitedTeleBot Do Exactly?

It is evident that Telegram has become a major and widely utilized app globally. It has garnered 700 million active users this year and has solidified its position among the top five most downloaded mobile applications. In addition to messaging, Telegram provides a secure and partially decentralized atmosphere for advanced automated tools, which is where the fascinating aspect comes into play.

United TeleBot aims to capitalize on this vast user base while providing numerous advantages to hundreds of million of users. was created by a team of AI and digital marketing experts to assist businesses of all scales and industries in optimizing their advertising budgets by employing the Telegram AI Bot to identify the most effective campaigns and channels, as well as pinpoint areas that require improvement.

However, without any concrete information on how it benefits users, all of this is meaningless. Therefore, it is an appropriate moment to delve into the specifics of United TeleBot.

A Number of Features are Available to Users

United TeleBot prioritizes stability for its users, emphasizing steady growth over time. It even promises users a daily growth rate of 1%, claiming that this objective is achievable through the use of Telegram traffic to sustain monetization and growth figures.

One of the noteworthy features of United TeleBot is the Daily Token Growth, which calculates the price of UTB tokens for a month in advance. The price is then divided by a statistical exponent, resulting in a minor daily income based on the projected future price.

The level of daily growth is influenced by a range of factors, such as the number of tokens held, the number of referrals with non-zero balances, daily overall activity, and the user’s contribution to the project’s growth.

Furthermore, the ecosystem involves a ranking system known as the Ladder Position, which allows users to view their current UTB rating. This rating is determined by various factors, including the number of users one has invited, the impact of their investments, and the number of tokens held.

United TeleBot can be considered a fully automated and instantaneous currency application that operates within the Telegram platform. The app allows the funds to grow through its own token, which serves as the base currency for the dapp. According to the team, this currency can be deployed on at least BEP and ERC networks.

In addition to the aforementioned features, United TeleBot also offers affiliate rewards and airdrops primarily aimed at increasing the platform’s exposure and providing additional opportunities. Each user receives a unique affiliate URL linked to their Telegram ID and receives a reward amounting to 5% of the first deposit made by the invited person.

What United TeleBot Has in Store for the Future

UTB’s team has extensive plans for the future, with the launch of UTB 2.0 set for March 23, which will bring in new mechanics and incorporate all the lessons learned so far. After that, the team will concentrate on introducing new payment methods, such as TON tokens and credit cards, and will also consider adding other tokens. Overall, their aim is to create a highly resilient and trustworthy system for executing its rewards mechanism.

There will of course be more ideas implemented in the future, but the team is concentrating on releasing the most critical features first. As such, 2023 will prove to be an exciting year for United TeleBot, and you can be sure to hear more about it within crypto communities.

A Project that Could Go Big

Decentralized technology is gradually being integrated into social media and the internet, but it’s still in its early stages. As teams start to work on the actual implementation of the tech, we can expect to see tangible benefits and real changes in how we engage online. United TeleBot is an exciting project in this respect, potentially leading the way in Web3. It’s worth keeping a close watch on its progress and following its communications to see how it develops in the coming years.

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